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Guillermo Del Toro on Silent Hills
  • Guillermo Del Toro: Did you all enjoy that demo of Silent Hills? Well apparently Konami didn't and decided to cancel the entire game! Boy are you all missing out.
  • Everybody: *stares at Konami*
  • Guillermo Del Toro: That teaser was merely scratching the surface of what the whole game was like! If you enjoyed that, just think of what the whole game would have been like, had it not been cancelled. I guess you'll never know.
  • Everybody: *stares at Konami*
  • Guillermo Del Toro: Did you know we collaborated with Junji Ito for this? His work in horror is some the best I've ever seen. Too bad you'll never get to see his work in Silent Hills... You know... What with it being cancelled and all...
  • Everybody: *stares at Konami*
  • Guillermo Del Toro: Did you know the gameplay was actually very similar to the Last of Us? I bet you're wondering how that would have tied into the game. Tied in really well, actually. But, it's too bad you'll never experience that now.
  • Everybody: *stares at Konami*
31 Horror Films for Feminists

31 scary movies written by women, directed by women, or with a decidedly feminist slant for your viewing and screaming pleasure this October. (* indicates the title is streaming on Netflix)

1. Teeth *

2. Jennifer’s Body 

3. The Babadook *

4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night *

5. American Psycho *

6. Pet Cemetery 

7. Ginger Snaps 

8. ABC’s of Death *

9. The Silent House 

10. Lyle

11. The Woman 

12. American Mary *

13. I Spit On Your Grave 

14. The Invitation 

15. Honeymoon *

16.  Slumber Party Massacre 

17. Dark Touch *

18. In Their Sleep 

19. The Countess 

20. The Moth Diaries 

21. The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears *

22. Silent Hill 

23. Hard Candy 

24. You’re Next 

25. Susperia 

26. Hellraiser 1 & 2*

27. Black Christmas (the original, stay away from the remake)

28. The Den*

29. May 

30. The Craft 

31.  Halloween

I don’t think theres a piece of media that is as misunderstood as the Silent Hill series.
Its been so spread out out of its element and its been turned into something completely different than what it was initially, it baffles me. The sad part is that the newer audience getting into the series now, will never know the genuine Silent Hill experience as it was when there were no hand-held Silent Hill games, or such an inconsistent experience across the games, or cringe worthy movie adaptations. When the games were top quality psychological horror at its finest, with a consistent aesthetic and mood. Now its all a clutter of things that make no sense.
Back in the day, you would impatiently wait for the next Silent Hill trailer or announcement because even these were top of the line experiences. When the trailers were 6 minutes long and they were shrouded in mystery and you couldn’t wait to get your hands on the game to discover everything behind these secrets, its an experience that has been lost long ago and that i wish any real fan of the series that didn’t get to experience it, had the chance to. I think this played a major role in birthing the fan base of the series, and why the newer fans are so radically different from long term fans. And i don’t want to get into the fanboy wars or anything of the sorts, but you simply cannot deny all the factors that make someone a fan of something, and Silent Hill is very different today than what it was 12 years ago. This difference translates into different audiences as well, this is undeniable.