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This is part 1 of a comic I had only half finished up for the Reylo comic Anthology. I bit off way more than I could chew and didn’t meet the deadline but decided to keep working on it anyway. There are ten more pages to this story that are half done. I had really wanted to get them done before the new movie came out but I don’t think I’ll have the time. So hopefully I can get them finished up some time next week :)


There is so much pain in his eyes when he talks about thinking about saving the baby. I wonder what it must feel like to have saved her, protected her, and have her grow to despise him like he was any other Revenant. 

The Battle on Crait is NOT the Final Showdown -- Snoke’s Supremacy is the Climax of the Film


Synopsis from my Predictions Post on the Climax of the film:

In my Predictions Post released after the Official Trailer, I posited a timeline that proposed that the Battle of Crait happened in the 2nd Act [and perhaps a small part of the 3rd Act] in TLJ, while the events of the Supremacy occur in the climax of the film. While this was certainly not the popular theory amongst most speculators (most people placed Crait as the climax of the film), I proposed this theory mostly based on sensical writing structure and character narrative, and some evidence through the footage. Here are some excerpts from my original Predictions Post:

[After Rey and Kylo have spent significant time on Ahch-To together, Kylo is somehow unexpectedly returned to the First Order, while Rey and Luke have a bit of a spat over her newfound “alliance” with Kylo – she’s come to an understanding and realizes she needs his help. Rey leaves Luke behind, departing with Chewie on the Falcon and heading for Crait to talk with Leia and notify her that: 1 – Luke is not helping the Resistance and 2 – there is still hope for her son, but Rey needs help bringing him back.]

I believe it’s possible that once Rey arrives on Crait, there is still some battle going on. The Falcon appears to be engaged at some point in battle. Rey may also not be present for that battle, since we can’t see the pilot – it may be that Chewie is flying by himself or with someone else.

It might be that some minor action happens when Rey arrives on Crait, but I don’t think that’s the climax of the film at all. 

In my opinion, the climax should look like this: […] Finn fight[s] Phasma, Rey [is] captured by Snoke, and Kylo and Rey [fight] the Praetorian Guards together.

Things continue as follows:

[Sometime after, during, or right before Rey’s arrival] Finn and Rose go to infiltrate the F.O. somehow through (probably) D.J.’s help. […] Predictably, they get caught. […]  

My theory is[Finn, Rose, and DJ are] trying to take control of [the warship Dreadnaught – a ship described as raining down fire on its enemies in the SW Databank] and use it against the F.O. to take down Snoke’s ship. [Rose is an engineer and DJ is a hacker – their skills would be very useful in hacking into and reengineering the weaponry of a ship like the Dreadnaught to fire against Snoke’s Supremacy.]

Meanwhile, our favorite Emo Space Zuko is brooding on board a F.O. ship [after Ahch-To]. He’s basically taken captive at this point – even if he’s “playing along” he almost CERTAINLY doesn’t want to be there. I’ve speculated that he has been forced back into the F.O. and [he then receives news that] Rey has been captured.

I think Snoke will [then] call Kylo to his throne room [and] torture Rey in front of Kylo and force him to make a choice. That line in the trailer, “Fulfill your destiny” is said to KYLO, not Rey. He’s telling Kylo to kill Rey [because Snoke wants to maintain that control over his “possession” – Kylo Ren]. But, this backfires, of course, because this only pisses Kylo the FUCK off.

From there, both Rey and Kylo Ren fight the guards together in an epic battle. Snoke flees, probably much to both of their dismay. [And probably because the Dreadnaught begins shooting on the Supremacy after Rose {and possibly DJ} successfully hack into and reengineer the fire cannons to fire against the FO– it looks as if Snoke’s Throne Room is directly hit by the weaponry of the Dreadnaught].

Below is further evidence to support the above predictions for the climax of the film from the recent image of Rey in the Japanese trailers:

^Red = Fireball
Orange = [what appears to be] a fallen Praetorian Guard 
Green = Weird contraptions in Snoke’s Throne Room
Purple = Rey’s head wound status

^The contraption in Snoke’s Throne Room matches the one in the background of the image of Rey.

^Blue = Kylo’s scar – nearly completely healed
Red = Fireball

EDIT: I meant to mention, but the above picture probably happens after their epic fight against the Praetorian Guard, where he then reaches out his hand to her in some gesture of alliance. The flames have increased in intensity and the scene looks like he’s out of breath.

Ok, next!

Purple = Rey doesn’t have her head wound quite yet – looks like she gets that after fighting the guards. My guess is she gets walloped on the head in that fight. One of them has a mace-like blunt weapon.
Yellow = Kylo is holding his saber in his left hand.

Note: Kylo is behind Rey, facing Snoke. Rey does not look perturbed by Kylo’s presence, nor by being in the presence of Snoke. I’ve no idea why and it’s hard to extrapolate, to be honest. Maybe she chose to be there. But him being BEHIND her, implies (as I’ve guessed) that perhaps he is called into the throne room after Rey’s capture.

Blue = Kylo’s healed scar matches the above in the “Handgate” scene. He is consistently not wearing a cape in any of these scenes, and his hair matches, too.
Yellow = Kylo’s saber is not in its hilt, would be in his left hand, and if you look at his belt you can even see a reflection of his saber and the reflection of a shadowy figure of SNOKE. Look closely, and you can see the reflection pretty clearly. It’s pretty eerie to look at.

You might argue it looks like Kylo and Rey could be facing off against one another, but (1) look at Kylo’s belt there and that creepy, looming shape of a shadow of Snoke again, and (2) we have this footage from BTS:

Originally posted by mine-loves

(See my other post about the Praetorian Guard fight for proof that the guy Kylo is fighting is indeed a Praetorian Guard present in the throne room when Rey is there)

Here below, you can see Finn facing off with Phasma on what is definitely Snoke’s ship at the same time, as well. Finn is in his FO uniform, and the burning around them suggests the same destruction is happening as is occurring above with Rey and Kylo:

Finally, if Snoke’s ship is destroyed to this level, it implies that the Battle on Crait must be finished before this showdown, too, because Snoke’s Supremacy is the origin ship for their manufacturing of weaponry used on Crait, as we can see in this image:

^I believe this image precedes Rey showing up and being captured by Snoke [before Kylo would be called into the throne room], and this supports my theory that Kylo is ripped back to the FO after his time on Ahch-To, and Rey pursues him by seeking out Leia’s help on Crait. There’s no way this image comes after the showdown with Snoke and the guards – as evidenced by the destruction of the ship above. There is also evidence of that equipment being visible in the background of the scenes with Finn and Phasma, so it’s definitely STILL THERE during this fight on Snoke’s ship. The equipment Kylo looks at here in this image gets destroyed along with the ship, is what I assume.

It is true that after this Rey shows up on Crait and has [what appears to be] a reunion with Finn. My guess is that is the resolution of the film after the climax – much like we saw with Rey at the Resistance Base after the fight on Starkiller, and then her journey to Luke. Obviously, it’s not clear where Kylo is and what’s happened with him… My guess is he’s doing alright and that he and Rey will be implied allies in some capacity.