next is rei!

ok this is dumb and it’s late so it’s not gonna make sense BUT LIKE an au where kylo ren eventually just gets fed up with force shenanigans and goes off and does his own thing

and then rey and finn become jedi masters and have to search for ren bc u know, he still needs to make up for his crimes lmao

I hope in the next Star Wars Luke and Rey go to Tatooine because Luke is like (Clint Eastwood squint) “I have some unfinished business there." 

And they go to the hardware store at Tosche Station and he buys power converters.



“I feel the flames running through my body. This is the sensation I was craving. What was I wavering about?! I am the Soldier of Fire that swore loyalty to Princess Serenity! To protect the Princess, this planet and our friends… I will fight!! That is my dream and my life!”