next generation in amber


Dylan Sprayberry in Vanished: Left behind - next generation - icons with psd

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g i r l ,
with an accent of blood
who speaks in foreign tongues
whose vowels are the sound of metal clashing.

w a r r i o r ,
with fire in her veins
and armor beneath her skin
who crushes the earth beneath her feet.

i m m o r t a l ,
hair streaked with daggers
and iron filling her lungs
each breath invitingly toxic.

p r i n c e s s ,
with lips made of glass
and a voice cut from steel
features born from thunder and battle.

he r o i n e ,
a grin made for war
and eyes flecked with ash
striding, powerful, into the arms of death.


Next Gen aesthetics// Amber Heard as Victoire Weasley 

If there’s one thing Victoire learnt from her mother, it’s self-confidence. Victoire’s a girl who knows her own worth, and the extent of her abilities. Ambitious and determined, once she decides she wants something she’ll damn sure get it. She’s still deciding what she wants to do with her life: Minister for Magic, a world-class Quidditch star, a Healer or anything really. Whatever she decides she’s sure to do it, and do it well.