next generation in amber


Dylan Sprayberry in Vanished: Left behind - next generation - icons with psd

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g i r l ,
with an accent of blood
who speaks in foreign tongues
whose vowels are the sound of metal clashing.

w a r r i o r ,
with fire in her veins
and armor beneath her skin
who crushes the earth beneath her feet.

i m m o r t a l ,
hair streaked with daggers
and iron filling her lungs
each breath invitingly toxic.

p r i n c e s s ,
with lips made of glass
and a voice cut from steel
features born from thunder and battle.

he r o i n e ,
a grin made for war
and eyes flecked with ash
striding, powerful, into the arms of death.

Some head canons I’ve come up with regarding Mob Boss!Bog - 

- Has to wear glasses sometimes when he’s going over paperwork. The combination of him wearing these whilst also having his sleeves rolled up is an extremely dangerous one, Chanteuse!Marianne finds out. Never mind if his tie is loosened…
- Sings to himself when he’s alone and working late - he prefers it that no one else knows about this, and seems to have no idea just what an incredible voice he has. 
- He prefers the music of Frank Sinatra, and his favorite song is “Witchcraft.
- Plays the piano extremely well. Mostly self-taught.  
- Rolls his own cigarettes.
- Guilty pleasure is reading pulps.  
- Standard drink order is bourbon neat, but will also go for scotch on the rocks. 
- Thinks dancing is a big waste of time. But he can do it. 
- Will use a gun most of the time, but is absolutely lethal in a knife fight. His preferred method of interrogation is with a crowbar. 
- Doesn’t give a damn about fashion, but still has surprising loyalty to certain brands, and has stuck with the same suit style and cologne for ages. He calls it a signature. Griselda calls it lazy
- Refuses to do business with brothel owners, unlike Roland, but will offer protection to girls in that line of work who run into trouble.   
- Griselda taught him to cook and bake at an early age. When he has business to attend to at the diner she works at, she often will pull him into helping out in the kitchen. New waitresses there are thrown by the sight of one of the most fearsome Mob Bosses in the city in their midst, grimly kneading dough. 
- His father was in the Mob as well. Griselda’s family was involved in brewing and bootlegging. They had to elope since Griselda was Jewish and he was Scotch Protestant. Griselda likes to sigh over how romantic it was. 
- Fell desperately in love with the daughter of a Mob Boss when he was just getting started in the criminal world. Unfortunately for him, she was already secretly engaged to someone else. No one knows what exactly went down, but Bog was left with multiple scars and the vow that he would become the most infamous Mob Boss there ever was. And that he would never fall in love again.  
- Will curse in both Gaelic (“Blaigeard!” “Mo Chreach!” ) and Yiddish (“That buggerin’ shlemiel!” “Du farkirtst mir di yorn, Thang!”). Griselda sometimes wishes she had watched her mouth more around Bog when he was just a sprout.  
- With Marianne, he lapse only into Gaelic, especially in their more…passionate moments. His nicknames for her include “pearraid” (mouthy girl) and “cruaidh rìbhinn” (roughly translated, tough girl). In their most tenderest moments he calls her “bràmair” (sweetheart). 
- There’s a certain family heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to the next, a beautiful ring set with precious amber that each man in his family has used to propose with. Bog thought he would never have any use for it…