Imagine being a Hufflepuff and being best friends with Scorpius and Albus, following their adventures through the cursed child.

…………….*TAKES PLACE DURING THE CURSED CHILD*………………. “Hey (Y/N)!” Two heads pop out of a compartment. “Scorpius! Albus!” You head towards them and jump inside the small area sitting across from both of them. “How’s our favourite Hufflepuff?” Scorpius asks. “I’m the only Hufflepuff you know. Oh and better now that I’m with you two again.” You smile kindly. “Reunited at last.” At Hogwarts, you three were known as the golden trio 2.0. Even though Albus feels like he is too different to be Harry Potter’s son, he is more like him than he realizes. The trolley lady comes by and Scorpius gets a load of candy for you and Albus. “This year is going to be awesome!” Scorpius states. Albus smirks. “Hey (Y/N). What kind of pranks do you want to play this year?” “All of them.” You reply.

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“Who knew a Hufflepuff could be so feisty.” Scorpius lets out. “Who knew a Slytherin could be such a goody goody.” You retort. “Boom! Shots fired.” Albus stands up to make a dramatic clap.


James got in trouble alot for breaking the rules and always laughed it off. But after he´d stolen the Marauders Map, his father made him give it back and was really angry with him, James noticed that this time he had crossed a line and there was no laughing it off. He was truely sorry.


The new generation when they were 17-18 years! ( 14-15 for Himawari and 21-22 for Mirai ^^ )
I enjoyed inventing the daughter of Kiba and Tamaki .♥
I update the status as someone asking me to make an outfit for Mirai. So I added , hoping that you like (I had trouble imagining clothes that would suit her best ^^ )

I hope you like it ! ♥♥

Ask me if you want to use this picture for a few things.

Teddy Lupin’s hair was always Bubblegum Pink

From the first time Teddy ever saw a color photo of his mom, he’d kept it that way.
For the first couple of months after that, his whole head looked like he’d stuck it in a cotton candy machine. Some people tried to say something about it (mostly muggles who couldn’t believe someone would let their seven year old do that with their hair), Harry and Ginny ‘politely’ ignored them.
Even after he started experimenting with different colors to find something he liked and that felt like him, there was always some part of his hair (roots, tips, one whole half of his head, or even just a single little strip somewhere only really he knew about) that stayed bright pink in his mother’s memory.

(McGonagall nearly broke down in tears his seventh year when Teddy walked in sporting light brown hair. The only way you could tell it wasn’t Remus was the random bits of pink streaked everywhere.)

honestly i think that the next generation will be the most positive self-loving respecting and accepting one because the current one is full of teenagers that are depressed and feel like shit and when we become parents we will teach our kids to love and accept themselves and each other no matter of what color they are or what their sexuality is because we know what it is to feel useless

  • Harry:Oh Ginny, can we name him James Sirius Potter?
  • Ginny:*smiles kindly with a tear in her eye* Of course, love.
  • *one year or so later*
  • Harry:Ginny *puppy dog eyes* I want to honour two good men by naming him Albus Severus Potter.
  • Ginny:Um, well........ Okay?
  • *couple more years*
  • Ginny:I was thinking—
  • Harry:Lily Luna Potter, after my mum, Merlin bless her soul.
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny:You win this time, Potter.
  • *after an appropriate time period*
  • Harry:Oh, Ginny, I was thinking—
  • Ginny:Nymphadora Molly Potter.
  • Harry:Are you sure—
  • Ginny:Nymphadora. Molly. Potter.
  • *next time*
  • Ginny:
  • Harry:
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny:*opens mouth*
  • Harry:REMUS FRED POTTER!!!!!
  • *twenty years later, the Potter's are sitting around their dinner table and the youngest weaves through his various sibling to come before his father*
  • Harry:What is it, child?
  • Fawkes Sorting-Hat Potter:Why, Dad? Why?
  • Harry:That was a brave hat, Fawkes, you should be proud.
  • Ginny:*in the background* Hufflepuff! You leave Horcrux and Aberforth alone!
When writing HP next gen fanfic keep in mind:
  • Teddy Lupin is a metamorphagus but not a werewolf
  • With all the Weasley grandkids, at least one is probably a squib
  • Angelina Johnson is black, so Fred II and Roxanne should at least look like her a little
  • Lorcan and Lysander are younger than all of the Weasley grandkids
  • Victoire, Dominique, and Louis are probably fluent in both French and English. They probably could have gone to Hogwarts or Beauxbatons.
  • The Marauder’s Map and the invisibility cloak.
  • they aren’t all Gryffindors let’s be real
  • some of them have to be queer. Though, that’s probs the point of the fic.
  • Neville is their professor 
  • George and Ron own a Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes definitely in Diagon Alley and possibly a second in Hogsmeade
  • poor poor Minerva McGonagall
Headcanon over here

McGonagall made it so that dogs were allowed at Hogwarts after the war. She herself was known to keep a dog by her side. Most didn’t understand why though – the large black dog was possibly the most playful and unruly one around. And for Merlin’s sake, what kind of a name was Marauder?

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