next gen graphics


harry potter next generation | relationships | teddy lupin and victoire weasley

“the good news is, both of them seem to have invented a way of breathing through their ears”


“They both had the questionable lopsided smiles of their fathers, yet they both hid the welcoming kindness of their mothers. They were strength, they were loyalty and they were love, all muddled together in one big mess.” 

This art is for kkumri and these are her OC next gens for the Fairy Tail children. The top being Nova Dreyar and the bottom being Gale Redfox. I ship them hard. 

There are a few mistakes, and I suck at backgrounds, but I did my best. Enjoy. 

Equipment: Procreate & Adonit Jot Pro

Time: Couple of days

  • Me: honestly it's so wierd to debate the sexuality of like, real life people. like that seems, really creepy?
  • Hideo Kojima: *uses next-gen graphics rendering technology to simulate snake's dick showing through his pants*
  • Me: there is no way that man is straight