next gen glee

Just imagine Daniel Finn Schuester going with his parents to a New Directions reunion and meeting older Beth Corcoran. And over the years they fall in love.

(Its a yearly event and all the different versions of ND are invited, Beth is there because her mother sometimes goes, Rachel sees herself as a mentor/older sister to Beth, she knows Quinn and Puck are her bio parents but she just sees them as a cool Aunt and Uncle.)

Why am I suddenly shipping Next Gen Glee? And will it get worse if, like Harry Potter, the show ends with a flashforward and gives me more Glee babies?


Jasmine Pierce-Lopez and Daphne Hudson || Japhne

Never wanna stand up for myself

Never wanna get in the way, I said

I don’t know what the plan is but you can share with me

‘cause I’ll be listening here, to everything you say, I won’t turn away

And I will listen, open up my heart and I must say that I love you, so

Oh lala, I’ve fallen in love and it’s better this time than ever before