next dimention


I miss you.

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so who remembers peacock Shiva

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the first to wear the peacock ‘cloth, yes the guy disciple of Shaka 'the one with the face’

me:…yeah sure

so i sit here dashboard full of a very tan Hyoga, seriously love what have you been doing, well that is off the topic…ah yes so i sat here and wander. “is it possible to see a past Amazon as a Saint and visa-versa?” then i recall this guy, i kind of like him…i mean come on just look

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 (3 tails ends up with 100s of them ^v^)

but now his cloth belongs to an Amazon 

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so could it be possible that, in NEXT DIMENTION, we might encounter a Saint of Aquila instead of an Amazon, same goes with the Ophiuchus cloth.