next con Anime Expo!!

A close up of my last drawing, Storm Inside.

I’m finally back from Fanime and I got super sick with Con Plague and spent the past few days in bed orz. It was still amazing to meet everyone at the con and sorry if I was really out of it when you saw me Q_Q

In other news, I got 3 more cons coming up, Anime Next, Akon, and Anime Expo. After that, I’ll finally have some time to start making Fisheye Placebo and Knite. The 3D models are 99% done at this point. Just need some final touch ups before we begin production :D


Some sketches I did at C2E2 this year! (I wasn’t in Artist Alley, but I did speak on a panel, which was great.)

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Okay, Anime North 2017! All general photos are now up on my facebook page! (Since tumblr is being really dumb about links, please click on the source of this post, or go to the sidebar on my blog proper!)

I’m still in awe over the turnout this year, and would like to thank everyone who let me stop them for a minute or two!! ❤ ❤ ❤  Now I can focus on finishing up shoots and already start to dream about next year! ♡

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As promised here’s some pics from the expo guys! I decided just to post the My Hero pics since…this is a My Hero blog, and I didn’t wanna’ overload it lol. I had to hop in a couple myself. The awesome Midoriya I took a pic with is @starryeyed-wonder  btw. She’s super sweet, and you guys should check her out! @c-jay321 @happycloude-91 @rex101111 @hatefilledpoptarts  @zakamore1 @thathilomgirl sorry if I missed anyone, but yeeeeeah. My first con was a huge success. Definitely gonna’ head back next year 

anonymous asked:

Do you guys plan on going to the next Comic-con or Anime Expo?? (I might be going to those two and you guys are my favorite cosplayers--)

Not sure which Comic-Con you mean. There are a ton of them. The Conventions we are planning on going to are on our Convention Schedule.

For sure we are going to San Japan and Ikkicon for the rest of 2017. All others listed are in debate.


Con-nichiwa 2015

This past weekend I was in Tucson, AZ at Con-nichiwa in the artist alley, & I just wanted to share some of the sketches I did while I was there. Some of them were commissions, others were for fun, & the last one was a gift for my friend Emi. I had fun, but I didn’t sell as well as I did last year. My next con will be Anime Expo in LA in July, since I STILL haven’t heard back from Fanimecon about their artist alley, & at this point I don’t think I could go even if they did pick me.

Here is the Anime Expo haul! This is everything we got from the con this year and most of this stuff was all gifts Q uQ)!! Thank you so much for making this con the best one I have been to. Im sorry if I didn’t get to meet you! There was soo many people, maybe next con?


Ahhhh I’m finally back from Anime Expo!! I must say, it was terribly exhausting but also a very rewarding experience! It’s only my second time in Artist Alley, and I was MUCH more prepared this year in terms of merch - I printed thousands of postcards (you can see the stacks in the first photo - that was me picking them up from the print shop) and also had an ACTUAL DISPLAY this year (bottom photo is me at my booth with my helper Nori!) ANYWAY there’s just so much to talk about that I couldn’t possibly cover here, I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who came to my table - you guys seriously remind me why I do and share art - you guys are great!! (Plenty more of my con photos and thoughts at my Instagram!)


Really sad michiitama and I didn’t really get to walk around in these cosplays because I love these two goobs. owo

Ahh, long time no see, Tumblr! I’ve been preparing for my next con, which is Anime Expo in Los Angeles, July 1-4! Here are some Sailor Moon keychains I’ve prepared. I’m still working on adding others (like SAILOR SATURN! And perhaps Luna, Artemis, and Tuxedo Mask).

If there’s interest, I can upload these individually! I’m also thinking of making the lineart into coloring sheets. Still trying to decide whether I want to sell them or just give them out with purchase. Hm, much to consider…

I hope you’ve all been well, and have been enjoying the new season of Sailor Moon: Crystal!