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I’m still upset that mnet made the voting only for Koreans. You want the group to succeed internationally, don’t you? So why not give international fans the chance to vote?
I mean, they’ll succeed regardless, and I’ll still support them no matter who gets in, but still.
It’s so frustrating to just sit and watch my boys suffer and not be able to help them at all. 3 of my favorites were already eliminated, and while I doubt that if I could vote it would have helped much, it will at least make me feel a bit better knowing that I did everything I could…
It makes me enjoy the show a lot less than I wanted. I still enjoy it, but it would have been so much easier to watch if I could actually support my boys…

Are we called fans because celebrities are hot?

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Im new to the shinee fandom and American so im kinda confused on who is who and whats going on, do you think you can help?


Hmm… I guess we’ll start with SHINee as a whole HAHA

SHINee is a 5-member contemporary South Korean boy group wow I sound like wiki Their debut was on the 25 of May, 2008 with the mini album Replay. They currently have 3 full length albums (+repackages), 5 mini albums, 9 Japanese Singles and 2 Full Japanese Albums. You can see all of their songs here and you should be able to find them all on Youtube :D And I made a playlist with all of their music videos here^^

Ahh.. SHINee…They’re a bunch of dorks, they are. Talented dorks though LOL They are really good live. And when I say really good, I mean really,  really,  really good. If you want to get to know them more you can check out the videos here and here. Watching Hello Baby would probably be the best place to start and after that you could watch SHINee’s One Fine Day. Other things that’d be worth watching are Maknae Rebellionradio show appearances, their Star King and Star Golden bell appearances, and pretty much anything that you can find just searching around youtube ;w; You’ll find that they’re ve~ry weird strange wtf? charming LMAO

NOWWW ONTO THE MEMBERS ;U; ~*\(^o^)/*~  

This is Onew (real name: Lee Jinki) He’s the oldest of the group born Dec. 14 1989 and he’s the leader of SHINee. He’s on lead vocals and he’s…well, let’s just say he’s very interesting HAHA. He makes a lot of corny jokes and does a lot of weird body gags /cries/ He’s known for his voice and for being polite LOL You’ll get to know his personality the longer you hang around^^ But you’ll love him, no doubt (as you will with the other members) Hm… He’s done two musicals in the past (Brothers Were Brave and Rock of the Ages) and he’s acted in a sitcong called Royal Villa. He also wrote the lyrics to ‘Your Name’ off the Lucifer album :D Oh and he’s sung OSTs (here and here). His fans are called MVPs, named after his line in Replay “Noona is my MVP.”

This is Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun). He was born on April 8 1990 and he’s the main vocal. He and Onew are often referred to as the “old men” of SHINee LOL Hmm… what to say about Jonghyun… He’s really dedicated to music and he’s contributed a lot in terms of the lyrics of SHINee’s music (Juliette, Quasimodo, Shout Out, Alarm Clock, Honesty, Spoiler, Selene 6.23, Better Off, Symptoms etc.) AND HE COMPOSES STUFF TOO. He composed and penned the lyrics of IU’s ‘Gloomy Clock’ and Son Dambi’s ‘Red Candle’. He also sings OSTs for dramas (here and here) Personality wise… he’s really sweet, he talks a alot, and about 80% of the time he’s an overexcited, hyperactive puppy and just jumps around like crazy LOL. His fans are called blingers, named after his self-intro “Hello, I am bling bling Jonghyun!” though he doesn’t really say it anymore… LOL

Now we have Key (real name: Kim Kibum). Born on Sept. 23 1991, I would say he’s the most well rounded member. He’s considered a vocal, dancer and rapper. A few of his nicknames would include Almighty Key, Kibummie, Bummie, Bommie, Bom and just a whole bunch of different variations of that LMAO Most people would say that he’s very blunt and straightforward but it’s his charm. He’s quite social, having a lot of friends from other groups and he’s one of the leaders of the “91 Line”, a group of idols/friends that were born in the year 1991. He’s also got a real knack for picking up and copying dances straight off the bat, which is why he’s kind of known for his girl group dances. Other than with SHINee, he does musicals. Up until now (Jan 2014) He’s starred in Catch Me if You Can, Bonnie and Clyde and The Three Musketeers. His fans are called lockets. Yeah, pretty self-explanatory LOL.

Next is Minho (Choi MInho). He’s the second youngest born on Dec. 9 1991 and he’s the main rapper and to some extent, the face of the group. About Minho… when they first debuted, he was supposed to be the ‘cool, quiet’ type so if you watch old shows, he really doesn’t talk much ;n; but in the past 2 years especially, he broke away from that image and it turns out that he’s a really big dork with a really big heart and he’s super adorable. He’s really athletic so he used to be on this show called Dream Team, but recently he’s been acting roles in dramas (To the Beautiful You and Medical Top Team) and he’s also an MC on Music Core. Also, as the rapper he writes most of his raps himself^^ His fans are called flames or flamers, idrk which one it really is x_x

And finally, we have Taemin (Lee Taemin). Taemin is the maknae (youngest) of the group born on July 18, 1993. He is the main dancer but over the years his improvement vocally is INSANE. Hmm.. I’m not really sure how to describe Taemin. He used to be the super, super cute, adorable, aegyo-everywhere maknae but these days, not so much. Sometimes he’s really quiet but other times he’s just a really big goofball haha. But he is still really cute, especially when he’s not trying LOL. But hmm.. I don’t know alksjd;lkjg I’ll let you discover his charms for yourself^^ But some of the solo stuff he’s done would include Immortal Song 2 (singing show), We Got Married (with APink’s Naeun) and acting roles in Taehee, Hyegyo and Jihyun and Cyrano Dating Agency. And like Jongyu, Taemin has sung OSTs as well (here and here). His fans are called taemints^^

PHEW THAT WAS LONG. I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of stuff but I hope I helped haha ^^;;;; If you want to know more about the fandom and the jokes, you can check this out^^ It’s got a lot of other stuff as well so you can look at that~ Again, Welcome to the SHINee World (~^O^)~ ♥ HAVE FUNNNN~ 

Also, when you see this, please tell me TTATT I just want to make sure you see it because this took a long time OTL But if you have anymore questions just come ask me again and I’ll do my best to answer them :DD