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Pssttt, so I may have neglected to mention the exact nature of what I was working on when I asked you for Redamancy’s music the other day @opalescentgold.

Honestly, having your soulmate’s lover’s name appear all over your skin ranks as one of the top most heartbreaking haunting images ever

“Well, hello,” Kenny said, winking. “You come here often?”

Kyle frowned. “To…my locker?”

“Yeah,” Kenny said, waggling his eyebrows. “‘Cause if you hang out more in another hallway, I gotta change my route.”

Kyle blinked. “…What?”

I just finished reading @ikiiceland‘s fic, Gold Digger and i decided to sketch up a little bit of what i think kenny and kyle look like

this is one of the best fics i have read in a really long time, its so cute and charming and you should really read it ♥ ♥ ♥

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hello, I wanna know why are they calling Eren a rebel? thank you:(

Well, Eren has a rebel soul since the very beginning of the manga. We saw him rebelling to the peaceful life Walldians are living by calling them cattles. After learning about what First King wanted, he was right about it. I am gonna quote Levi here.

Chapter 25.

He never happily nodded and done what was told to him. At his own court, he shouted at judges to leave Mikasa out of this and entrust everything to him so that he can fight. He has been represented to us, reader, as a little child that hates to be caged behind walls and dreams of being fully free. I think that’s quite of a rebel spirit.

But his rebel side also causes him a lot of trouble as a soldier. He tried his best to be as obedient as he can, but he does have that side and it’s hard for one person to change suddenly when they decide. our most famous example here is syringebowl. It was humanly selfish yet understandable why he rebelled against the orders of his own squad captain, yet a rebellion is a rebellion and they got punished for it. He also kept the fact that Historia inheriting a Titan would help him using coordinate, all these moves are showing that he’s walking towards the way to rebel Survey Corps if they ask something he’s not so comfortable doing.

And now, we have this.

Chapter 99.

After finding out that Eren is indeed Amputee-kun, my first thought was that he has probably left Survey Corps and gone on a man-alone mission. To do what is still unknown, but I am pretty sure infamous EMA seperation happened and now Eren is working with Ymir knows who. So I didn’t gasp when Villi said the rebel’s name is Eren Jaeger. We’ve read 90 chapters about characters raising their voices, rebelling to government, making a coup or going against the fate that was written long before they have been born. This is also Eren’s spirit spreading like a fire. 

Isayama once mentioned Eren as the slave of story; so no matter how hard he tries to rebel against his fate, since he is the main character of the story, he can’t run away from what the writer has planned for him which makes me wonder what is that.

But I love Eren being that way a lot. I love him carrying the title of the series, Shingeki no Kyojin, this well. It gives this story an excitement and a movement not many main characters I have seen are capable of, which makes him so enjoyable in my opinion.

And just look at his new look, it looks like he has hit his hard metal phase. Give him a darker eyeliner, chains, those nailed wristbands and boots and you have yourself a dark metal soul that screams fuck you world. 15 year old short haired Eren was much prettier but this AmputeEren fits him so well it’s almost satisfying.

Hope this will clarify things! Thank you for the ask.

Nobu throws dirt, not shade