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Headcanon that the reason why the information in the three Journals wasn’t separated between them in any sort of chronological order is because Ford kept losing one or the other of them and just scribbling things down in whichever one came to hand first.

Honeymooners Pt 6

Haha, I lied, ideas were had.

A number of heads swiveled as you and Loki passed, hand in hand. You kept one arm over your chest, trying to maintain some modicum of decency but it really didn’t matter. You couldn’t tell, with your back to him, but Loki had his gaze fixated on you the entire time, watching the sway of your hips and just protectively scanning for any who might ogle too long.

“I don’t think I ever want to see another naked person after this.” You muttered softly, passing by a couple making out.

Loki chuckled, “Not the voyeur then, are you?”

You raised your eyebrow and glanced behind you, “Are you?”

Loki shook his head, “Not particularly, though still, your modesty amuses me.”

At long last, your feet hit the water’s edge and you smiled, pleased that it was warm. Immediately you heard someone calling your name, followed shortly by Loki’s, “Hey! Hey you guys!”

You scanned the water and finally spotted Clara and Toran a short distance away. “C’mon.” You muttered at Loki, tugging him closer.

The couple were standing a short distance in the water, about waist high depth, each waving at you and Loki.

“Hey Clara! Toran!” You called beaming at them, finally reaching them both in the water.

Clara giggled, as Toran wrapped his arms around her protectively. Loki’s eyes narrowed as Toran’s gaze lingered a moment too long on your bare breasts. Stepping forward, Loki pressed his chest to your back, arm wrapping around you as his forearm covered one breast, his large hand cupping the other and blocking you from view. You grit your teeth, trying not to gasp in shock but saw that Toran stood in a similar pose to Clara and figured Loki was merely mimicking him.

Loki rested his chin on your shoulder, staring imperiously down at Toran, eyes darkened as he tried to hide his scowl. Toran quickly looked away from you, turning his attention back to his wife.

As you and Clara talked, you could sense Loki growing bored with the conversation, his hands starting to fidget, apparently night even realizing where they rested. His right arm was wrapped around your chest, fingers idly moving along as he spaced out from the conversation, managing a supportive nod or grunt from time to time but mostly he seemed lost in thought. Unfortunately, this included his fingers sliding along the swell of your breast and you could feel your nipple growing hard at his touch. At one particular movement, he managed to find a sensitive spot and you had to grit your teeth, faking a cough to suppress the moan that threatened to draw from deep within you.

“This water is just lovely, isn’t it?” Clara asked, hands moving down to splash around.

Toran watched her hands move to the water, his gaze fixated on you. However, when Clara moved her hands back up to cup his arms, Toran’s gaze remained.

Loki’s eyes flashed, noting the clarity of the water and moved to rest protectively on your stomach, slowly easing down to block your womanhood. You gasped gently at his touch and Clara looked back at you concerned.

“I thought I saw a dolphin.” You managed to choke out.

Loki’s chin still rested on your shoulder, his long hair tickling you each time he drew breath.

“Really? I didn’t think there were dolphins this close to land?” Clara asked, scanning the surrounding waters.

“Must’ve been a trick of the waves, my bad.” You forced a smile, not entirely sure what Loki was playing at. Finally you saw Toran look away from you, his lascivious and wandering eye once more returning to his own wife.

“No look, I think I see a stingray over there!” Clara pointed at the water excitedly.

“You two wait here, we’re going to check it out.” You snaked out of Loki’s protective grip, realizing that if you didn’t move away soon, you wouldn’t be able to hide your growing arousal. Loki blinked, frowning as he felt you move away from him.

“Very well, love, do be careful.” He took your hand in his and placed a soft kiss on it.

You and Clara waded deeper into the water, the waves lapping at you as you moved.

Toran sighed, folding his arms as he watched you and Clara wade through the water. “How’d I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself the same.” Loki murmured, watching you.

“You know, Clara always said she was open to this, but never found a couple that I thought it would work on.” Loki jerked his head to the side, eyes darkened in annoyance as Toran continued, “I know it’s our honeymoon but like, you know what swinging is, right?”

“I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the term.” Loki replied, his voice dangerously low.

Toran raised his eyebrow, missing the warning in Loki’s tone. “Really? Good looking guy like you, I’m surprised. Well, it’s when two married couples, you know… exchange spouses for the night. Your wife is smoking and Clara obviously finds you attractive.”

“Don’t insult me.” Loki snarled, “I would never do that to the woman I love, certainly not with the likes of you, as if that pathetic needle you call a cock could satisfy her, let alone your own wife.”

Toran’s mouth fell open, an angry flush rising on his cheeks, “What the hell man?”

Loki sneered, “Speak of this again and I’ll gut you like a pig.”

Toran sputtered for a response when you and Clara returned.

“Clara says the owner is really nice, and they ran into him at one of the shops.” You started to say but were interrupted as Loki’s hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you in for a deep and passionate kiss. You moaned softly as his lips moved along yours, mouth falling open as his tongue snaked inside. Loki dominated the kiss possessively as Clara looked on in awe, glancing back at Toran. Toran’s arms were crossed, fuming as he watched your eyes flutter shut as you sank into the kiss, reaching up to grip Loki’s shoulders.

“C’mon love, let’s put that enclosure to use.” Loki growled, picking you up and carrying you bridal style. “I’m not waiting to get back to the room to have you.”

You merely gasped, skin flushed as you wrapped your arms around Loki trying to steady yourself while he carried you off. “I’ll, err, see you around Clara!”

Clara laughed, waving as the two of you left, “We’ll be at the shops later today, if you’re up for it!”

“Sure thing!”

Loki stalked back in silence, still carrying you. You could tell he was angry, and figured it was not best to provoke him while you were in such a vulnerable state. In no time at all, the two of you were back on the enclosure and Loki had set you down gently, reaching for a towel to help pat you dry.

“Loki…” You started slowly, “what was that about?”

Loki focused on the task at hand, furiously intent on making sure you dried off. If he hadn’t been so angry looking, you might’ve felt embarrassed that you were still naked. As it was, he reminded you of a cat with its ears back flat on its head, ready to claw at the first person who provoked it.

“Loki, hey, look at me.” You gripped his cheeks and forced him to look at your face. Loki was kneeling down so you knew he had a good look of your breasts, and again, in normal circumstances you would have been embarrassed. But right now, this was your partner and he was clearly upset about something. “Talk to me, what happened?”

Loki finally sighed and straightened up, reaching for your bikini and handing it to you before pulling on his own trunks. “That wretched excuse for a man wanted me to trade you for his pathetic quim.”

You blinked in surprise. “Oh, I uh.”

“Offered to be ‘swingers’,” he sneered, shaking his head in disgust.

“Well, for swingers, it’s not permanent, just like a one night thing.”

Loki was adjusting his bottoms and looked at you in surprise, “You’re entertaining the thought?”

You quickly shook your head, “No of course not, I just didn’t know if you might because Clara is very pretty and I mean, we’re on a mission but like, if you found information from her somehow.”

“I would never do that to my wife on my honeymoon.” Loki growled, looking aghast. Slowly he sighed and looked away, “Even as it is, it seems wrong for the nature of the mission, you deserve better than being forced to spend time with that wretch.”

You smiled and touched his cheek gently, “Aren’t you the gentleman.”

Loki cupped your hand with his, tilting his head and sighed, “You are my partner, after all, I will keep you safe from any harm.”

You wrapped your arms around Loki and pulled him in for a gentle hug, “Thanks Loki, I appreciate it.”

You quickly finished dressing and replaced your wrap around your torso. Glancing at the sky, you noted that the sun was no longer directly overhead but slightly further past: probably around one.

“What do you say we soak up the sun some, say we had our afternoon roll in the hay and take a nap, you know, to kill some time.”

Loki nodded slowly, sinking down onto the pile of cushions. “Very well, apologies for my reaction.”

You chuckled and shook your head, “You’re protective, I appreciate it.”

“Foolishly protective, trying to understand the finer parts of Midgard’s customs.” Loki shook his head, “And I thought I had most of them.”

“We always find new ways to trip you up, don’t we?”

“I fear you’re making them up as you go just to keep me perpetually confused.” Loki sighed.

You shook your head, “Not that one, it’s pretty old. We’ll take a quick nap, get some sun, then see if we can’t meet that elusive owner finally, it’d be neat to check out the shops, see if there’s any cute outfits to get.”

“If it pleases my wife.” Loki smirked.

“It pleases her, and your partner. This is my vacation after all.”

Loki laughed, “Very well, I will follow your lead.”

You laid down beside him, resting your head on his chest and listened to the steady beating of his heart. Slowly you closed your eyes, the rhythmic sound sending you off to sleep. Loki watched you for a moment longer, his hand stroking through your hair, toying with it before stroking your shoulders thoughtfully. He sighed sadly, then noticed you were completely asleep and a soft smile touched the corners of his mouth. You looked so peaceful, he noted, heart aching as he watched you, but this was a mission of course. He too, soon fell asleep.

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How would you feel about someone getting a bright sessions tattoo?? Like the logo or the phrase "I need you to keep me green" or anything from the show really ???? Would you be comfortable with that???

Oh boy, what a question! I am very much of the mind that people’s bodies are their own and no one has any business telling them what to do with it. So if you’re a sober adult, you tattoo whatever you want on your body. If you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable. 

On a broader, philosophical level, the thought of someone getting words that I wrote permanently put on their body is incredibly weird and surreal and also super flattering? If anyone does get a TBS tattoo, pls send pics because I literally cannot even conceptualize how I would react to that. Like: really? A thing from my brain???? On your body???? Forever???? Wild. 

More Yandere Family Au Headcanons...

After Knock Out disables Starscream’s wings for trying to take his Jack away from him, Starscream is left shaky and paranoid. He’s angry too, extremely angry, but underneath it all, he’s terrified. He can’t fly or even express himself, and of course Megatron doesn’t care about his safety as long as he can still be useful in some way.  Even if Megatron did bother to ask, Knock Out would just tell him Starcream’s injuries were do to work related stress

But underneath all the fear and the anger and the self pity, Starscream also feels just the tiniest smidgen of sympathy towards Jack. At first he blames the boy for his condition but then comes to realize just how much danger Jack really is in around his new “parents”. He’ll be lucky if he survives to adulthood at this rate

Starscream starts thinking about a way to get Jack off the ship. It’s not out of sympathy, not at all. He just really, really wants Knock Out to suffer for what he did, and letting his little pet human escape is the best thing he can think of.  So he starts secretly trying to convince Jack to leave.

Jack is honestly terrified of leaving at this point. He’s seen what Knock Out did to Starscream, he can’t even imagine what would happen to him if he got caught running away, not to mention what those monsters would do to his mother. Not only that, but it was because of him that Starscream was hurt in the first place. What if the seeker just wants revenge against him and his offers to help Jack escape are merely some cruel trick? 

Starscream gets increasingly frustrated trying to explain himself.  Fine.  Whatever.  Who cares? If the boy wants to stay with those monsters, let him. If Jack never wants to see his friends or family again, that’s his business.  It’s not Starscream’s problem. But there’s just that tiny shred of guilt that never leaves him whenever he sees Jack’s terrified, stricken face. Starscream can’t help but think of all the times he’s suffered at the hands of Megatron and it makes his energon boil.  Starscream eventually decides he’s had enough. Of Megatron, of Knock Out, of the Decepticons in general. So he leaves. But not before grabbing Jack and fleeing out through the ground bridge

His wings still won’t work, so it makes getting around difficult, but he eventually finds an abandoned Deception wreck in the middle of the woods and decides to make himself at home. Jack has no idea how to react. He hasn’t said a word to Starscream since the con snatched him from his bed in the middle of the night. He thinks he’s just been thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Starscream for the most part ignores him, or just sort of talks out loud at him. He’d never admit it, not in a million years, but it’s far less lonely having someone else there with him. He has no idea what he’s doing, but at least he has someone. Even if that someone is just a human.

He makes it very clear to Jack that he’s not a prisoner. Believe him, having a annoying human pet around is the last thing he’d want. But neither of them really know where they are. And Knock Out and Megatron will be searching for both of them relentlessly so they might as well stay together. Jack is able to sneak around the woods far more easily, so he’s able to get food for himself as well as energon scraps for Starscream from an abandoned mine, while Starscream works on getting the ship back online. He also helps disable Jack’s tracking collar. (Can’t have anyone following them can they?)

Megatron is of course angry, but then he always is at Starscream. Knock Out is furious but takes comfort in the fact that Starscream never got his wings fixed.  But his satisfaction quickly turns again to fury once he realizes the collar has been disabled.

Meanwhile, Jack starts to notice that Starscream seems much more personable than he once did. He’s still a sarcastic aft, but he seems like deep down he actually wants Jack to be impressed with him. It’s odd, Jack thinks, but then again, Starscream thrives on attention. Having a human look up to him is like a huge stroke to his ego, especially since he’s all alone now. Jack finds himself slowly starting to trust the runaway seeker, maybe even befriend him. Arcee is going to be pissed, he thinks with a small smile.

One day, several weeks into his and Starcream’s odd partnership, Jack returns to the ship, after a day of foraging, to find the place strangely deserted.  Thinking Starscream must have just gone out to stretch his legs, he enters but can’t shake the sinking feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. He nearly screams as he’s suddenly lifted into the air and met with the piercing red glow of Knock Out’s optics. From over the con’s shoulder Jack can see Starscream’s bloodied and battered frame hanging limply in Breakdown’s grasp. 

“Jack,” Knock Out begins with a menacing, knowing smirk, “We’re so glad we found you.  You had us worried." 

Jack breaks down into chest racking sobs.

Vkaz Week Prompt 02: ‘Forgiveness’

Sometimes we just have to accept we won’t ever be enough..

Waking alone to a cold bed was nothing new to Kaz; not seeing V anywhere in the room once he’d sat up, however, was somewhat disconcerting. Sliding out from under the covers and off the bedside, Kaz rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand and suppressed a yawn. The bionic leg he pulled from beneath the bed went into place with little trouble and with a few carefully practiced motions he secured its straps around him with one hand, not even bothering with his arm. Didn’t need it, he just wanted to be able to move freely as he searched for his missing husband. The man had a habit of not quite waking from dreams and walking off in the middle of the night. At rare times it would happen during the day, a full episode; but at least then it was usually easier to keep track of him so he didn’t wind up coming back around alone and somewhere completely new.

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The tension at the heart of “Halt” was seen in every business failure and even their occasional successes. For any of the gang’s ventures to succeed, they had to put their hearts and souls into them — but they also had to know when to cut their losses so as not to be dragged down by the failures. Comet was a going concern, until it was over, just like that; same with Mutiny, same with just about everything else they tried. Each character was capable of the kind of coldness that would allow him or her to kill off a business that had meant a lot to a lot of people. But the core four were not — could not be — ruled by that kind of unforgiving and brutal logic all the time. Or else how could they put their hearts and souls into the next big idea?

It’s a riddle that could never be resolved, recursion without end. There is no answer; there is no thing that gets you to the final, concluding thing. They were so different, but they all realized that what Donna (Kerry Bishé) said was true: The people remain the constant. And I will miss these characters. I will miss a show that, in so many subtle ways, made it matter so much that Donna actually finished Cameron’s game. People who tried the meditative “Pilgrim” thought it was a repetitive riddle, but Donna understood; she got what Cam was trying to say with this deeply personal work of return and recursion.

It’s easy to identify with the feeling that flitted across Cameron’s face when she found out Donna finished the game: She felt known. Many of us have been there: Maybe only one person understands the thing you made — but if it’s the right person, that can be everything.

Halt and Catch Fire Finale Recap - Maureen Ryan (Variety)


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Unsure if my next J2 fic should be 

Psych based au with Jared as the adorable fake psychic who helps the police solve crimes and usually ends up working with the gruff detective Jensen who doesn’t believe for one second that Jared is psychic but that still doesn’t stop him from wanting Jared.


Rockstar and alpha Jensen never planned on settling down with a mate, why should he when he could have his pick of willingly and eager betas and omegas until he meets shy flower shop owner Jared and knew the omega was his true mate. 


Jensen and Stephen had been rivals since they were children now they are business rivals neither stopping until they beat the other when Stephen starts dating Jared Padalecki Jensen is gone and he knows that Jared belongs at his side and sets out to seduce Jared to his bed and make him his. 

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Stronger Together prompt. How about the first time Alex and Maggie are hanging out at an apartment without makeup? That can be a rather self-conscience thing, depending on the woman.

A/N: Big thank you to my girlfriend for her help with this prompt! I’ve never really gotten into makeup (I think the last time I wore it was on Halloween, and that probably doesn’t count), but hopefully with her input I was able to get to something that sounds/feels realistic.

A/N 2: I’ll post this on AO3 either tonight or tomorrow to pair with @thebiwisebrownkid‘s prompt about Maggie’s deep red lipstick in the S3 promo ads when I finish writing it.

“Surprise!” Maggie announced with a grin, stepping back subtly as she noticed Alex slipping her gun back into the drawer in the table next to the front door.

“Did we, uh, did we have a date?” Alex asked, looking slightly panicked. This was all so new, and the last thing she wanted to do was have Maggie think she was already forgetting about her.

“Nope, just thought I’d surprise you with some coffee. If you’re busy, that’s totally cool! I don’t want to intrude. Just figured, I was in the neighborhood…” Well, she was in the neighborhood because she drove out here, but it still counted.

“No, no, that’s really sweet. Come in!” Alex finally said, stepping back and allowing Maggie into the apartment. “Excuse the, uh, outfit,” she added with a nervous chuckle, realizing she was in a ratty old t-shirt and gym shorts she was fairly certain still had pizza grease stains on them from last sisters night.

“I see nothing wrong with it. You look cute, Danvers.”

“Yeah, well,” Alex shrugged, looking altogether unconvinced.

“I promise,” Maggie whispered, stepping closer and kissing Alex’s cheek softly.

It was then that Alex realized that she hadn’t bothered putting on makeup, had stepped out of the shower after her morning run, thrown on some ratty clothes, and gotten ready to clean (before Maggie knocked, of course; now she was ready to spend however long Maggie was willing to stay hanging out with her girlfriend…and, god, did she like the sound of that). “Shit,” she muttered. “Um, let me just, freshen up, okay?”

“I promise, I really don’t mind the attire,” Maggie assured Alex, tugging at the Barenaked Ladies shirt that had long since faded from too many washes. “You’re still cute on laundry day. And, if your laundry day outfits are like mine, I bet even the granny panties you’ve got on under those shorts are cute too. I mean, better on the floor, but…”

Blushing, Alex swatted at a laughing Maggie, feeling a little too embarrassed at the moment to correct Maggie and tell her she actually wasn’t wearing any—she’d let her laundry go that long. “Yeah, but just, I’ll only be a minute, okay?”

“Are you okay? I really, I don’t have to stay! I’m sure you had other plans. I’ll leave your coffee and pastry here and catch you later this week?”

“No! I want you to stay,” Alex insisted.

“But I don’t want you to feel like you have to get dressed up for me. I mean, hell, I know on weekend mornings I’m in clothes a lot grungier than those,” Maggie laughed.

“It’s not just the clothes,” Alex added with a shrug, refusing to make eye contact as she picked at the hem of her shorts. When Maggie still looked confused—and rather adorably so, Alex had to add—she took a deep breath before she spoke again. “I’m not wearing any makeup, either.”

Her words tumbled out so quickly it took Maggie a moment to understand them, but once she did, she took Alex’s hand in hers. “Hey, Alex? I mean, first of all, you’re beautiful no matter what. But second of all, I’m not just dating you ’cause you’re hot. I mean, you are. But I fell for you because you’re brave and smart and you’re willing to fight anyone to protect the people closest to you. And all of that matters so much more than whether or not you had a chance to get your eyeliner perfect before seeing me.”

“It’s just…” Alex paused, trying to figure out why it bothered her so much. She thought back to the way her mother had praised her for “actually making an effort to look nice” on the holidays when she’d shown up with her makeup done flawlessly, though that sentiment was never extended to her when she had on darker makeup on her way out to the bars—a desperate need after long hours spent with her family. She remembered long afternoons spent with Vicky hanging out at the local mall and shopping for lipstick and mascara that they didn’t really have any use for, since they weren’t allowed to wear makeup at school, but they would go back to Vicky’s house and practice on each other for hours. And it was fun, getting to feel like they were adults, like they needed to be all dressed up for some formal gala. Plus, with Vicky it always turned into some kind of adventure—as soon as the eyeliner went out too far or the eyeshadow looked a bit garish, Vicky was ready to turn it into her next great big idea for a Halloween costume.

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Alex,” Maggie chimed in. “I mean, I wear makeup most days too. I don’t know, it just felt like a rite of passage.”

“Yeah,” Alex sighed, looking thoughtful. “I mean, it was a nice way to bond with Kara and even with my mom.” She figured now wasn’t the time to talk about how oblivious she had been to her infatuation with Vicky. “Like, my mom helped me find colors that looked nice with my skin and hair, then I helped to teach Kara. It was…nice. Helped her to feel like family, you know?”

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, smiling softly at Alex. She’d never gotten that with her own mother, had been too much of a tomboy to want to spend time in makeup stores and malls, but as she got older, she found she liked the contrast she could create, the way her red lipstick paired with a sleek motorcycle and a worn leather jacket and boots, the way people didn’t always know quite what to do with her. “Well, how about I wash mine off too so you don’t have to feel like I’m all dressed up when you’re not? And we can hang out here and drink coffee. If you need help dragging your laundry downstairs, I can help with that too,” she offered.

“You’d give up your Sunday to help me do my least favorite chores?”

“Yeah, why not?” She didn’t add that nothing could feel like a “least favorite” if it meant spending more time with Alex.

“It’s just…I don’t know,” Alex shrugged. “I don’t know that I’ve ever been with someone who would give up all that time without wanting something in return.”

“Oh, I obviously expect lots of kisses,” Maggie teased.

“Maybe a little under-the-shirt action?” Alex joked back.

“Only if you’re offering…” Maggie replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows. “Now, point me in the direction of your facewash!”

A few minutes later, Maggie returned, her face a little pink from a slightly over-vigorous drying and her jacket slung over her arm, leaving her in just a white v-neck t-shirt.

“You look cute,” Alex complimented her, and she found that she meant it. Of course, Maggie could be wearing a burlap sack, and she’d likely find her gorgeous.

“So you’re not noticing the giant stress pimple on my 30-year-old cheek?” Maggie laughed, though, truth be told, it still made her feel a little nervous.

“Nope. Too distracted by your big brown eyes and that perfect smile.”

“Mm, very smooth, Danvers.”

“Yeah? I probably deserve a kiss for the effort.” With a smile, she leaned over, pulling Maggie in close by her shirt. “Yeah, definitely deserve a few more kisses.”

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How do you make your graphics, gifs,and colorings? I'm trying to learn and I haven't found a single source so I came here and I fell in love with your edits. It's perfection. ❤️❤️❤️

Hey there! Thank you for loving my edits ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ I’m really happy to hear that you are trying to learn, because with a heart to learn, you’ve already made that first step. 


I don’t exactly have a “formula” for my graphics, but I do have advice if you are trying to learn, and that is to put in effort. You’re really not going to get anything done if you don’t give your 100%. Next is to be open-minded. Never stop looking for inspiration. Sometimes, I plough through the internet to look at other people’s portfolio so that I can gain some insights/inspiration on my next idea. A big mistake is to be jealous of other people’s creations because you’ll never learn. Lastly, is to find a unique style. This is the hardest step. There are several brilliant designers whom I follow (check my follow forever for a complete list) who’ve developed their own style, to the point where with just one look, I can tell the edit was done by them. Try to look through their portfolios and gain some inspiration on creating your own style. 

For e.g. Jenny @mewchim makes very classy, clean edits that have a lovely dim-effect to them. This is her niche and i’ve not seen anyone pull off the same effect as she can. Jess @mangaetteok makes perfect use of bright, vibrant colours to create her gfx. She is also very skilled with colour gradients. Jess @yoongsins is basically an all-rounded designer. She can do illustrations, art, animations etc, and she’s also very skilled with textures. Cassie @comeherejimin is very, very skilled with animations and extremely good in creating exposure graphics, layering and adjusting the layer styles for each layer. You’ll get it if you check out her graphics. Andi @ceiste is extremely good at using contrasting and vibrant colours against a black canvas. She’s also really skilled with fonts and font spatial arrangements etc.

Developing a style takes you the longest and typically is the last step in the whole process. It took me really long on this (I am still trying to find a style! I haven’t found one yet!!!!) so don’t rush this step. You should try to explore what kind of graphics you like to do, and what kind of graphics are you good at. Ofc, if you are as versatile as @yoongsins then that’s awesome, but it’s a level that is hard to achieve, so try to find something niche that you are good at and then just keep practising that ^^


Gifs are a different ball game all together. This is a pretty good tutorial, but I would advice you to limit gif frames to 2 and typically, each frame i’d set it to about 0.08 to 0.13 seconds depending on how the gif looks like! 


I’ve done a colour tutorial here, which basically forms the basis of ALL my colourings. I reuse the steps (and add alterations if necessary) but the tutorial has almost all necessary steps! Colouring is really 100% trial and error because how well the colour turns out also depends on the extent of your greyscale image. My advise would be always go back to the base photo and change the lighting, shadows of the greyscale photo before going back to doing your colourings! It’s a never-ending process of trials so don’t ever give up!

Hope this helps you ! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Aquarius is a very futuristic, revolutionary, innovative sign that belongs to the Air element and Fixed modality. Aquarius can be described as a conversationalist, a futuristic idealist, a scientific programmer. Aquarius spends diligent time gathering their ideas in order, manifesting over time in order to reach their final conclusion based on lengthy research. Aquarius is a very open minded sign, it possesses great curiosity for the world around it. Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, though it is an Air sign. The Water Bearer archetype wishes to pour his knowledge into society, to lead others on a new path rather than be a follower. Aquarius encourages us to be a leader, to encourage others to be a leader most of all. Aquarius is co-ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn. The Uranian energy crackling within Aquarius encourages us to shake up our own life path to set us on an entirely new trail. Saturn provides us with the structure and rigid formation of ideas Uranus bolts down to us; without Saturn, Aquarius would be just as scattered as Gemini. Aquarius operates on a higher level of thinking entirely, it represents intuitive intelligence. The mental operation of Aquarius seems to appear out of thin air, lightning bolts of intuitive insight hit down suddenly, giving the individual the next big idea to get started on. The Aquarius archetype is also the humanitarian; Aquarius feels great responsibility for the well being of the collective consciousness and society as a whole. It can be overly concerned with others rather than with themselves; they are primarily concerned with bettering the ones around them.


excerpt from a reading I’m working on

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Wellllll. Weakness-anon, and Opponent- anon, it is I... "Defeation-storytime anon!" What would be the most likely final chapter, in the alternate timeline where the Markisonas, and Jackabois get defeated? What would it be like? Would Anti Refuse to die without taking their enimy with them? would Darkiplier be the bigger Villain, and except his defeat with grace? sO mAnY pOsIbIlIties! What'd'ya think? And for the extra angst... And real world Sean, and Mark defeat story!!!??!!?

Calm down everyone. I wait ages for some asks and suddenly team angst shows up!

You have no idea what you’ve done, defeation-storytime anon.
Take the idea of an ego killing Mark and an ego killing Jack, for what reason we don’t know. Their deaths causes egos to lose power, but the community starts to fight back against the characters they loved, destroying them. Some egos will not go down without a fight, wanting to take as many people with them as possible, whilst others are too weak to fight or even choose not to. Wait until there’s only a few left, arguing about who’s to blame, before inevitably fading into nothing. Add some more emotion, angst, death and just general story line and you have yourself the next thing I will be writing.

Stay tuned.
This may take me a while because writer’s block is a pain right now, I want this to be good and there’s a few other things I need to actually finish writing, but I will write this into a full story and I can guarantee it will be written and posted before Halloween (I hope you don’t mind the wait).
For those who’ve followed for a while, this will be worse than It All Ends With Him


Title: Extraterrestrial 

Pairing: jongtae

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: aliens

Summary: AU where Taemin is a fallen star and Jonghyun is really confused

Notes: I was super inspired by this picture of taemin (below) and i just had to write something aoehgiosfgn

he was completely naked from head to toe, bare skin glowing just slightly in the pale light where the dirt wasn’t speckled over it. and his hair. his hair was an obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink. jonghyun edged toward the rubble hesitantly, prepared to bail if the naked kid in the hole gave him any trouble. his thumb was pressed against the smooth surface of his phone, ready to dial an emergency hotline at any moment.

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Poetry 151

It’s hard knowing what to write about. My mind spins with ideas yet nothing gets done. I sit here and try to come up with my next big idea for a poem or story. It’s stressful not knowing what to do with words. I love writing but hate coming up with something to write about.

I’m suppose to be writing a story since I got a new computer but I’m afraid to. I also can’t come up with a good enough idea. No one wants to read what I’ve got to offer. I have so little. So many writers are so much better.

I would write about my friends if I had any. I would write about my adventures if I had any. I live such a normal 8-5 life. I get up and go to work while my brain suffers from lack of use. I try to think of new ideas for writing but I get so overwhelmed so I eventually quit trying. When I’m away from my computer I have withdrawals, yet when I’m in front of it I go blank.

What is this life?

Does anyone else struggle with this reality? I’m so tired of it. I just want to do what I love. Write.

Have you ever really thought about the idea of Modern Gods? And I’m not just talking about Zeus and Poseidon and Hades screwing around in a bar playing pranks on people. No.

Give me a new Big Three.

Give me the goddess of Revolution, wandering around rallies and spreading her ideas to her subjects. She taps someone on the shoulder, and that someone steps forward and climbs a flag pole to remove the Confederate Flag from its perch. Revolution smiles as brightly as her chosen one as she is carted off to jail, and she gives someone else a light shove so they will defend her champion, call for her release.

Give me the goddess of Socialization, whom Revolution contacts with a request for help while she supports her freedom fighters in the Middle East. And Socialization takes up her older sister’s cause and adds her own thoughts and ideals. She hangs out over the shoulder of a blogger enraged by the treatment they receive simply because they are different. Socialization loosens her grip on one of her social media projects to throw her support behind Revolution and the bloggers who seek out Social Justice, and she uses her subjects, those who could convince an Eskimo to buy ice, to spread their ideals.

Give me the god, sometimes the goddess, of Identity, forever changing themselves. They know exactly who they are one day and are clueless the next. Their gender and sexual orientation are not your business, but it is their business when you insult one of their followers for their identity. They will join their sisters to fight for their rights. They will choose their champions to speak for the group, who will inform people when they need to be informed and call them out when they need to be called out.

Watch as they struggle to stamp out the still-burning ashes of their father, the god of Prejudice. Watch as they try to keep his spirit from seeping into the next generation and be reborn. Watch as the new Olympians fight off the Titans, claiming it is their time to rule.

And the minor gods and goddesses. Innovation, who hangs out at coffee shops near universities, looking for the person with the Next Big Idea who just needs a spark. Wisdom and Courage, who are as old as time itself but choose to let their descendants have their shot. Tradition, who is learning what is okay to keep and what needs to disappear. Demigods, who don’t even know it but carry the spirit of their parents within them.

Give me Modern Gods, fighting for a better world just as their disciples are.