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It’s Marvin’s birthday today! So he’s the next addition to my “septic boys-sticker” series! Stayed up super late last night to finish this in time, it’s still his birthday where I am so…anyways! Hope you guys like it! (Tap for better resolution)@therealjacksepticeye


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

The sensational story of a ninja boy doesn’t let people calm down. 3 years have passed since the manga has finished and 1 month after anime but hot arguments in the Internet do not stop.

Strangely enough a stumbling block for fans are Pairings.
Recently fans of one of the most popular Pairings in Japan SasuSaku decided to release a newspaper about the wedding of their favorite characters.

They were followed by fans of SasuNaru who also agreed on a printed edition for their beloved couple. It will be a special newspaper of three weekly issues, where the details of the formation of SasuNaru as a married couple will be brought out.

A small alternative story tells about the events after 698 chapters, where Sasuke and Naruto together leave the village and for several years
search for traces of Kaguya.
Each part of the newspaper has its own heading associated with the history of pairing SNS. “Wind and fire,” “Sun and Moon,” “Yin and Yan.”

An epilogue of the story will be a small fanfiction application “Yours for an Hour” voiced earlier by seiyu Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama.

This will be presented as the reincarnation of their souls into the modern world, where, as Naruto promised in the original manga chapter 486, they will no longer be “dzhinchuuriki” and “Uchiha” and will be able to understand each other in the next life.

For an additional fee one can purchase sounded seiyu fanfiction on the disc.

 The authors agreed with Masashi Kishimoto on copyright and no claims on his part will follow.  

Planned release date - May 9, 2017

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Could you please write a one shot where Harry and y/n go on a vacation with their families together because their families are close friends, but their families don't know about harry and y/n's relationship. I really hope you can write this!!! Also I love you're writing xx

You tiptoed past your parents’ room before dashing towards the elevator, pressing the button too many times as you waited impatiently, looking left and right for any sign of yours or Harry’s family. You got inside the elevator, pressing the ground floor.
You peaked your head out first before walking outside. Just when you thought the coast was clear, you felt someone bump into your shoulder. You looked, your heart dropping. “Gemma, Gemma, hey,” You chuckled nervously.

“Hey, Y/N, couldn’t sleep?” Gemma asked before she yawned.

“Yeah,” You nodded, “Wanted to take a walk so I could.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” She chuckled, “I came to replace my kettle, the one I had wasn’t working. Anyway, I’m going now.” She nodded at you, giving you a smile before walking towards the elevator.
You watched her, waving at her awkwardly to make sure she got inside and left.
You released a sigh of relief before hurrying outside, running towards beach that was basically right in front of you.

You tiptoed towards a cave that was hid by bushes that you and Harry found, bending down to see him waiting there, his eyes lightening up when he saw you, opening his arms for you. You grinned, getting inside and sitting between his legs, your back pressed against his chest as he pecked your cheek.

“I ran into Gemma.” You giggled.

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The Library

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Uh the dark, being locked in a building, idk

Word Count: 1950ish

A/N: As I said before, I don’t write smut so sorry about that and sorry for the long wait but I just got out of school so I was taking a little break. I did deviate from the request a little bit but I hope I did your request justice!

Originally posted by starkquinzel

The library was utterly silent, nothing but the clicks of the computers and the crinkles of the pages turning in a book. It was the perfect place for you and Peter, your boyfriend, to study for the finals that were next week. An additional bonus was the corner that virtually no one knew about unless they really looked for it. It was tucked behind two bookcases that cut across a corner diagonally, leaving only a small gap to the right of them wide enough for a person to squeeze through. Rarely ever was there someone near that corner looking for books. And if they were looking, the only they would find are the textbooks that dated back to the 1990’s.

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Will’s first time presenting his work in the art show is in his junior year at Hawkins High School. He was leaps and bounds ahead of his art class in the previous year, and the department allowed him to try his hand at AP Studio Art this year. Will Byers beams with excitement for the entire week before the art show on Thursday. He worked tirelessly on deciding which pieces to display and how to arrange them, and he shyly reminded his friends at lunch (and his mom and Jonathan at home) that they could come check out all his year’s work in the auditorium after school later in the week. On Wednesday evening, though, Will sits alone at the kitchen table, picking at his dinner that he’s unable to stomach and leaving his posterboard of featured pieces sitting unfinished on the floor. The art show just had to fall on a night that his mom was working and couldn’t afford to take off, and Jonathan’s final presentation for his economics class just had to be due that same night. The icing on this cake, though, was the news that his best friends broke to him before heading home from school that day: Dustin had gotten asked out on a date with the cutest girl in their class for tomorrow night, Mike’s parents were having a night out and insisted that he stay at home to babysit Holly, El missed school and was running a fever so the chief wouldn’t let her leave the house, and Lucas had a huge AP US History exam on Friday that he had to study for. Part of Will didn’t even want to present in the art show anymore, if he’s completely honest with himself… He put his entire being into his work and is especially proud of what he completed this year. All he wanted was to share it with the people he loved most. His heart hurt, and he felt sick to his stomach 

In my recent book review for Hiramatsu Tadashi SketchBook, I said that I would do another post focusing on the Yuri!!! on Ice content from that publication, so here it is! This book is a collection of pencil sketches by Tadashi Hiramatsu, an artist who has done work for many titles, including character designs and animation direction for Yuri!!! on Ice. Out of the 248 pages, 10 of them are devoted to the lovely skating anime. Some of the drawings in this book have a bit of color in them, however most of them are in black-and-white. In the case of the Yuri!!! on Ice pics, they’re all black-and-white character design sketches, starting with two pages of facial expressions for Yuri Katsuki. Want a sample? The image shown above is a piece of one of those pages… I made the scan of the picture a bit bigger than it actually appears in the book, because Yuri’s adorable grin deserves it. ^_^

After that, there are two pages containing drawings of Victor. Here is a fragment of one of those pages, showing Victor looking very dramatic and pretty:

Keep reading for more information, plus a few additional pictures!

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Kingdom Hearts: Why are the Remixes Good?

I see people bashing the Kingdom Hearts development team for “buying time” and “making a quick buck” with re-releasing the Kingdom Hearts games on the PlayStation 3 (and later the PlayStation 4). “They only did it because they needed to sate your hunger with mildly new stuff in each collection, only trying to buy time for Nomura’s ignorance to the final installment.”


The ORIGINAL Kingdom Hearts, made for the PlayStation 2 way back in 2002 (I was literally a babe when that game came out, can you believe that) is probably the most cherished game in the series, but… also the most annoying to play. Platforming was a little jumpy then and the way the combat rolled out was sorta messy. Nevertheless, the game proved to be fun and full of good story. 

The original developers lost the assets to the game and took the collective decision to remake it from the ground-up. This let them fix a LOT of issues the game had with it’s camera work and select cutscenes, including the installation of new bosses, weapons, abilities, and an easier-to-use reaction command system, or as people call it in KH2, “PRESS TRIANGLE TO WIN.”

In addition to fixing the mechanical issues, the in-game models were updated to their HD versions, Yoko Shimomura re-composed the soundtrack for the game, and many cutscenes and textures were upgraded to match the stunning HD of the PS3. 

This was only the beginning. Since 358/2 Days came out originally on the Nintendo DS, cutscenes were limited in this game. The story was told through, dare I say, poor quality in-game dialogue with hardly any voice acting to back it. This did make the characters in the game feel a little less like themselves. The HD Remaster of 358 really helps to bring back that tie. It completely scrapped the combat system used in Days, but did well to keep up it’s heart-wrenching story. While there is no gameplay, it was a touching movie that I still shed a few tears over. 

Albeit, nothing much changed in Chain of Memories aside from the final boss having a remastered soundtrack, it was nice to see the cutscenes in HD. And if you’re like me, that sweet 60 fps on the PS4.

“Storm, this isn’t selling me. It still sounds like a cash-grab. ”

UNDERSTANDABLE! I honestly thought the same thing a long time ago! Allow me to inform you more on the next addition: Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

Kingdom Hearts II is, arguably, the best game in the franchise via gameplay. The combat system is much less punishing if you get hammered, and very cinematic. You thought Ars Arcanum was a cool way to finish off an enemy? Try having the scripted event be throwing the enemy INTO THE AIR and SMACKING IT IN THE CHEST SEVERAL TIMES, then having it LAND ON THE FLOOR BEHIND YOU AS YOU STRIKE A POSE.

Vertigo Toss is the coolest shit ever and I don’t know how to top it.

How do you make it better in the Remix? Anyone knows, compared to Kingdom Hearts I, this “much better” installment was very lacking in secret bosses and bonus content to do after completing the game. So that’s exactly what the developers added: extra areas to explore, more bosses to fight, new abilities to abuse, cool content to have fun with, AND A HELLISH SECRET BOSS THAT TIES INTO THE LORE.

The game also added in new cutscenes to help explain what’s going on within the Organization, as well as Roxas’ motivation behind fighting Sora, and Sora’s resolve to thank Naminé for what she’d done for him. On top of very beautiful HD graphics and a new soundtrack, the game was enjoyable for the viewer and a challenge for the player.

Birth by Sleep didn’t receive much change aside from the new graphics and a few remastered soundtracks. However, the Mirage Arena was modified for single-player use, new bosses were added, and a new Secret Episode was included in the game after finishing the Final Episode. This Secret Episode would tie into the later release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 on the PS4. 

It’s well-known to hardly affect the plot, but some of my theories say otherwise. Coded was a fun, side-game that delved into the data world of Jiminy’s Journal. While not a whole lot happened there, it was a fun game that did hint towards new releases for the future. The Remastered movie pulled a 358 and completely scrapped the gameplay part of the game. It became a 3-hour movie, mostly for viewing pleasure and not exactly designed to move the plot of the franchise. But there were a few-tear jerking cutscenes in there. It was well-worth the remake.

“Okay, but I’m not seeing the point. This still feels like a time-staller for KH3.”

Patience, my reader. We’re on our latest Remix: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

yeah, i know, it’s a ridiculous name, but this is Kingdom Hearts, we all thought Goofy was dead for 2 minutes

Dream Drop Distance is infamous for being a mind-fuck to the viewer. While it has it’s flashy gameplay and interesting mechanics, the game is best known for it’s sudden exceleration in the plot with the introduction of time travel.

Yes, because things weren’t confusing enough. Plot aside, the gameplay didn’t change all that much. A few new Dream Eaters were added into the game, but aside from revamping the touch-screen commands, nothing really changed. 

Here’s the real reason everyone bought 2.8: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage


Kingdom Hearts 0.2 was a completely new experience in the franchise. It had only been touched on in the Secret Episode of Birth by Sleep and this short game was only a fraction of what was initially planned. I look at this game to be a demo for Kingdom Hearts III, as it uses the finalized graphics, mechanics, and game engine that is to be used in the final installment, as well as having a final cutscene that connects to the beginning of KH3, as confirmed by developers. 

The game should only take the average player about 2 to 3 hours to finish this game. It is VERY short, but very amusing. Featuring absolutely stunning graphics, beautifully orchestrated music, fun gameplay, and an immersive world, I find people replaying this small demo all the time. Not only for it’s fun gameplay, but also the character development and story.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Cover is an HD recreation of the cutscenes in the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. It’s best understood by watching and/or playing the mobile platform, as the story may not make sense without its guiding game. The remaster touches on the 5 Union Leaders and how they intend to fight the impending darkness, as well as introducing the 6th Apprentice and what his role just might be.

“I can see why that LAST one wasn’t a cash-grab, but it definitely felt like a stall… Storm, where are you going with this?”

I admit, I do believe somewhere in my heart that the Remixes were a way to keep us busy while Kingdom Hearts III was being developed. But in no way or form do I think they were meant to just earn money. Granted, they certainly did, but I doubt that was the goal that the team was going for.

Kingdom Hearts has received MANY new fans since the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. And what with how spread out every game is onto different consoles, it’s hard to actually play them all. Tetsuya Nomura, game director and developer, stated in an interview himself that the main reason the Remixes were made was to allow Kingdom Hearts fans new and old to visit and revisit the series without having to dig up old consoles. 

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 released onto the PS4, along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the soon-coming Kingdom Hearts III places each and every game onto the PlayStation 4. Albeit pricey even now, every single game is accessible on a single console. Unchained X, or Union Cross, is still a phone game, but I do think they intend to recreate the story cutscenes and release them onto the PS4 in a potential DLC package. 

“So… they made it easier for the fans?”

Not just easier, but they made this series mean even MORE to the fans. The recreation of 358/2 Days and Coded as movies, and the addition of new story content and gameplay material would not have been added if it wasn’t for the fans to enjoy. I don’t think I could love Roxas as much as I do if I didn’t get to see that HD Remaster of Days. 

And with the release of Back Cover, it’s proof that they intend to bring Union Cross to the console players in some form or another. I can’t play Union Cross simply because I have a phone that doesn’t allow it to work properly. So being able to watch the “important” cutscenes in stunning HD feels like a privilege that I’m entirely thankful for.

And most important to me was the release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2, a practical demo for Kingdom Hearts III. It was a proof-check for the developers, so they could make sure that we knew their development was coming along just fine, so they could make sure that we LIKED what they were making and to see how they could perfect it for the grand title they’ve been working on for over 7 years. It was a reassurance that Kingdom Hearts III was on it’s way and that we would ENJOY it.

The Remixes were meant to tide us over, yes, but they were meant to make us fall in love with this game even MORE. So it would be beloved by our hearts and enjoyed by new ones. The Remixes, in all honesty, just made the Kingdom Hearts series better. I can say that as a fact.

How To Make A Writer Cry

TITLE OF STORY: How To Make A Writer Cry

CHAPTER NUMBER/TITLE/ONE SHOT: A series of one-shots

AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

STORY SUMMARY: This is a one shot for my series called ‘How To Love A Writer’ starting with ‘How To Seduce A Writer’. What happens when a struggling virginal historical romance writer and the God of Mischief are thrown together, locked in a mansion and agree to a game of love and seduction? After almost 2 months of being lovers, what happens when a past secret comes out?


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Picking off where the last one stopped, what happens when our little writer has to come to terms with just how much she’s grown to care for our roguish Prince? 

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Hope you enjoy this next addition - and please do let me know what you think! I would so love to hear from you <3 Tagging @devikafernando @nuggsmum @queen-sands

Masterpost of How To Love A Writer

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Novel Writing Tools: The Draft Notebook

The best advice I can give for finishing a first draft is this: find the motivation to keep moving forward. Three easy ways to this are to give yourself a deadline, keep track of your daily word count, and save the editing for later. This means that the most useful tool you can arm yourself with to get through a first draft is a simple draft notebook. 

There are only two components to a draft notebook: the productivity tracker and the idea diary. 

The Productivity Tracker

In the first two page spread of your notebook, sketch a 4-week calendar. Depending on your personal deadline, you may want to use the next few spreads for additional months. A three-month timeline is a wonderful goal, if you have no NaNoWriMo plans. 

Give yourself a daily word count goal, based on the estimated length of your novel and your deadline. You can also mark out days where you know you won’t be writing, and adjust your daily wc goal accordingly. (Have super busy Saturdays? Plan on taking those days off from the start.)  

Write your daily goal somewhere to the side of your calendar, just so you have it. 

Make tracking your daily goals fun. 

  • Use stars to log your writing progress. (ex. One star equals 500 words, with a daily goal of 1500 words.) 
  • Fill in the squares of days you’ve reached your goal with pretty colors. 
  • Put scratch and sniff stickers on the days you’ve reached your goal. Whatever works for you. 

You can also use a bar-graph tracker, using your total word goal as the y-axis, the date as the x-axis, and your daily goal as a line to hit each day. 

If you want advice for sketching out your own calendar, check out bullet journal inspiration Tumblrs or scour Pinterest. Bullet journalists have that on a lock. 

The Idea Diary 

On the first blank page after your productivity tracker, write the date and everything you know about your new novel. This may be a four-page synopsis or a character’s name and age.

As you draft, update this section like a diary. Each day, write every new thing you discover about the story, everything you’re changing, you’re removing, you’re pondering. Write down all of the ideas that aren’t going into your draft that day. Keep it with you so you can jot down an idea that strikes you while you’re falling asleep at 1am or in the middle of cooking dinner. 

Use this to keep yourself from returning to an old chapter and editing everything. Let it give you solace that all of your brilliant ideas for the second draft are safely recorded. 

What happens once you finish the first draft?

Once you’re ready to start thinking about your next draft, you can read your diary section, and use all of those ideas to start planning your second draft. 

While working on your second draft, you can even keep adding to your notebook. Make a little “Draft Two” cover page, sketch a new calendar, and start a new diary section. 

The diary section will probably remain the same, with notes for future changes, except you might want to use your new first entry for a synopses, and a few main character profiles. The productivity tracker can be updated with goals for pages/chapters revised instead of words. 

If you need additional help making your way through a first draft, take a look at my other posts:

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Can you explain what burstsexual(ity) is?

My dear lgbt+ child, 

The term is new to me but I did some research for you: 

Burstsexuality is on the asexuality spectrum (grey-asexual). People use it to describe that they feel “bursts” of sexual attraction that fade quickly. 

While we usually think of asexual as “feels no sexual attraction ever at all”, it’s not that black and white: some people feel attraction but very rarely or very weakly. They may use additional labels next to asexual to describe their individual experiences. 

Burstsexual is one of those “grey” labels, it specifies further how the person experiences their asexuality. “I’m asexual, so i usually do not feel sexual attraction but sometimes I feel bursts of attraction that fade away quickly.”

With all my love, 

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Hi Mr. Gaiman, Once again the good folks at "Feast of Laughter, an Appreciation of R. A. Lafferty" are requesting submissions for our next volume. In addition to our usual essays, reviews, and Lafferty-inspired works, we are asking for short reminiscences of how people discovered Lafferty's work. Details are at our feastoflaughter website. Would you mind mentioning it? Thank you very much! -Kevin, Editor of Feast of Laughter.

Consider it mentioned.