Next stop, the beyond by OmarKaulitzLanza
No matter where you are if you’re coming or going Life is a path to walk a path If there is something you hiding or something decis A friend will always be the first to know That will always be in my Those good times spent without knowing .. A friend is ua light shining in the darkness Always be my friend nothing else matters … ♫ ♪ ♫

“TenTen’s story is not sad... in fact, she is the only main kunoichi with no problems. Such a boring character”

You kidding, right?

Welcome to reality Mr./Mrs. Hater. TenTen may not have a sad childhood or a lover in the dark side but her story (as a whole) is really depressive:

> Little girl’s only dream is to become like her heroine Tsunade.

> Becomes a kunoichi for that purposse and to point out that males and females are equal in combat.

> Finds out she is unable to do medical ninjutsu because that’s just something you’re born with. Instead she is capable of doing summoning/transportation justu, but never gets a contract with an animal. (Talent > Hard work)

> Both her team-mates are better than her in close combat because of stamina and all she can do is to take the support role. (Males > Females)

> Has no inherited special jutsus as she doesn’t belong to a clan. (Inherited talent > Hard work)

> Thanks to Rock Lee she decides to work really hard for a whole year to perfectionate her knowledge in weapons.

> Starts falling in love with Lee because of this.

> Lee falls in love with Sakura instead. (NTR)

> There’s only one f%cking wind user in the chuunin exams

> The wind user is the one who ends up fighting against TenTen.

> TenTen gets humilliated by Temari and kicked out of the exams because of this. (Hard-work achieves nothing)

> Tsunade accepts Sakura as a student out of nowhere (Sakura has stolen by now both TenTen’s love interest and dream)

> TenTen is “saved” again from giving up by Lee’s determination (good thing this character exists)

> TenTen’s lungs can’t save air underwater as much as Neji’s/Lee’s because she is a girl (Males > females)

> Finds a weapon at war that can increase her opportunities of becoming a high-ranked warrior.

> That very weapon steals her chakra and nearly kills her after destroying Kakuzu’s masks.

> Darui is the one getting the medal because he sealed Kakuzu instead of TenTen in the end.

> TenTen’s best friend and confident dies in war.

> He doesn’t remember her in his final moments (she wasn’t important for him)

> She is now alone with two hot-blooded shinobis she can’t control.

> Finds legendary weapons that can seal Madara and finally give her some credit

> Never uses them because Madara puts her under genjutsu.

> TenTen’s dreams change into something more “realistic”. She just wants her friend back and Lee/Gai to be cooler and change their hairdo into one that she finds great.

> Lee doesn’t even dream with TenTen but with Sakura (NTR)

> Neji remains death

> Her sensei (example of hard-work) ends up as an useless being that gets no credit or fame after war. His rival, Kakashi, becomes hokage instead because he did something in the end with the magic eyes a ghost gave him (Talents acquired with magic > Hard work)

> War ends and peaceful times come.

> There are no new high-ranked missions for her so she remains a chuunin and unable to use her new legendary tools in a real fight.

> She is the one who changes her hairdo in the end to look cooler according to Gai/Lee (youthful fringe)

> Marries Lee (only good thing that has ever happened to her)

> Opens a shop (like Ino’s mother)

> In that shop, she sells her own tools. (Symbolizes the end of her career and dreams)

> The Legendary weapons are never used.

> She can’t sell a thing because of peace


God!, now I want to cry. Being TenTen is suffering.

Kishi, you better make one of my headcanons/theories true in the Gaiden. Because you’ve been really unfair with this character. The only good thing in her story is that she married the guy she liked and gave birth to the cutest next-gen boy.

The Weeknd

listening to this guy gets me so focused. 

he gets me thinking all these deep ass thoughts. 

he just takes me to a whole ‘nother world.

his lyrics can be either relevant or irrelevant.

but that’s not even why i love him so much.

the beat of his songs are mystifying. 

i feel like im the only one who feels this… is there something wrong with me? do we listen to the same The Weeknd?