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Code: Sugar baby

Agent: Rosa Lee

Okay, so when they said fly to Barcelona I was all in for it. That was until I realized I was scared of heights. The limo my Godparents hired was so nice I forgot about my silly little fear, that was until I was in the air staring at clouds and the guy next to me was snoring his ass off with no remorse for my poor ears. What the hell was I thinking? Maybe I am being a little melodramatic. The trip itself was little over eight hours with 2 plane swaps. I am just freaking out because the kid behind me on the second plane was yelling “but mommy I told you in my dream we’re going to crash and die! I don’t wanna fly!!”) followed by his very loud and obnoxious tears. It would be one thing if this was a little, little kid, but this looked to be a 15 year old and it was clear he was only doing it to piss his mom off; because he calmed down when she bribed him with a twenty dollar bill and anything that he wanted from his shop of choice when we landed. If it was up to me he’d be looking for a new pair of pants after I beat his off of him.

So by the time we landed in Barcelona it was safe to say I had jet lag, I hated airplanes and I was scared as all hell that Marco was going to be some woman killer with great hair. As I waited to claim my bag I felt someone press against me and wrap his arms around my waist. “What the fu—!” I stiffened up and turned around to see the prettiest brown eyes staring into mine. I mean I felt my panties turn to mush as this tall, sexy man smiled down at me. “I take it you’re Rosa Lee then?” He said with a bit of an Hispanic accent. I nearly came in my pants if I didn’t think he’d feel me shudder. The only thing I could do was nod as he chuckled. He released me and leaned down into my ear, “I am Marco and I am very pleased to meet you.”

Pleased my ass, this man was one step from me bending over this conveyor belt and begging for him to do things to me I have never heard of. I mean, I thought he would be attractive but I didn’t expect this man to look like he belong on mount Olympus next to Zeus drinking coffee with a toga on. I mean Marco was just like I took my coffee, dark with a splash of creamer and piping hot. Marco asked me what bags were mine and I couldn’t talk, my whole fucking mouth felt like it was filled with sandpaper and I just could point to it when it rolled to us. He grabbed that and my bags and ushered me out front where he had a Renault Megane waiting for us. He put my bags in the car’s back seat and opened my door for me. As I slid into the car all I could think about was, “wow this man is just so different from his file.”

As he drove, we did not speak nor did Marco turn on the radio. I was so immersed in the city around me I wouldn’t have needed any of those things anyways. It was like I was reading a book and imagining all the colors around me. Everything looked so beautiful, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was not a dream.  Then he pulls in front of this gigantic building and I felt my mouth drop. “This place must have a 100 floors.”

“Unfortunately not, sweetheart it only has forty-four floors. But I hear the forty-third  floor offers an spa, so maybe we can check that out.”

At that point I didn’t even know I had spoken, but it was like I was  being pulled toward him more and more. I know that the point of being a sugar baby wasn’t to fall in love so no it wasn’t love at first sight with me. It was like I want to screw his brains out for being so nice to me, even though he doesn’t have to.  As I look up at the building he pulls over and climbs out the car. I was astonished when he opened my door. “Are we staying here?”

“Yes, we will be staying at Hotel Arts Barcelona. My mama always told me a beautiful woman will always want to be surrounded with beautiful things.”

With that he took my hand and went to the valet and placed the car keys in his hand and told him he wants the bags in the back seat sent up to the presidential suite. I almost double looked at him but I could already feel him struggling not to laugh at my doe like expression at all of this beauty. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, minus the prostitution…Well hopefully this doesn’t count as prostitution.. and that bad wig in the beginning. As we traveled through the lobby, I realized this had to be some architects wet dream, like from the floor to chandelier couldn’t even be described without someone thinking I was lying. It was like walking into the royal palace for me and all around me people were talking and laughing, dressed in clothes by people I couldn’t even pronounce and I just felt plain. Seeing the look on my face Marco walked me over to the front desk where this woman was speaking spanish like she was a word ninja or something.

I felt like she kicked me in the face with words when she was on the phone. I mean how the heck was the person she was on the phone with supposed to talk to her when she sounded as if she were at an auction house. But when she saw Marco she instantly excused herself from the conversation, and hung up and looked up at Marco like he was something good to eat.

“How may I help you Senyor Harris?” She said with an accent so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“Anais, my girlfriend just arrived from the states and she will be staying with me, can you please get her a key card.”

“Of course, Senyor Harris. She is..How do you say it? És una ballarina? Em pregunto perquè ella es veu tan elegant.”

He shook his head and laughed as she made my key. My cheeks burned because I had no idea what was said and I felt as if I didn’t belong here because of it. Marco leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Anais wanted to know if you were a dancer, it seems I am not the only one who thinks you look graceful my dear.” If I was blushing before, now I was as red as a tomato. I looked at Anais and mumbled out an embarrassed thank you. She looked back at me curiously before handing me a key card and Marco ushering me away to the elevators. As he pushed the up arrow on the side of the gold doors I turned to him and smiled. “Which floor are we?”  

He started to laugh again and this time I looked at him confused, obviously he was enjoying his own joke and I haven’t seem to catch on yet, so of course I repeated my question, which made him laugh harder. When he finally calmed down and he finished with his inside joke he cleared his throat and said “the 42nd floor” As the elevators opened and I looked at him like he grew a second head.

“The 42nd floor is where we’re staying, why that far up?”

He looked at me like he was about to start laughing again and on my first day as a sugar baby, it was taking every ounce of energy not to slap the fuck out of Marco.

“Because that’s where the presidential suites are.” He said in all seriousness. Fuck it if my panties just didn’t start getting wet again.
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Earn ranked emblems starting today

Earn ranked emblems starting today

Emblems help you show off how you work with others to win games. In dynamic ranked, crack 25 nexii to earn a new emblem for your Profile and Leagues pages. Whether you win as a lone wolf, with a premade friend or two, or alongside fully-stacked teams, there’s an emblem for you.

Win counts are retroactive from 6.12, not the start of the season. Check your profile page to see how many more wins you need to earn an emblem. Here’s how they break down:

  • To earn and keep a solo emblem, the vast majority of your last 25 wins must come from queuing alone
  • Claim a dynamic emblem by winning with a mix of premade sizes
  • Unlock and keep a team emblem by winning a majority of your last 25 games with a premade size of four or five
  • Your emblem can change over time, reflecting your last 25 dynamic ranked wins




Emblems are an early effort, we’re exploring updates to the system based on your feedback, so let us know!


TLDR: Later this summer, we’ll launch our next event called Bilgewater: Burning Tides. As part of the event, the temporary Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map brings Bilgewater to life for the first time in game. Read on to learn more about the new map and the creative storm at Riot inspired by the possibilities in the teeming port city.

Bilgewater: Burning Tides sails into port later this summer, but content from the event starts hitting PBE over the next few weeks. Consider this article a spoiler-free sneak peek, but you may want to avoid Bilgewater-related news until the event kicks off if you want to follow along with the story.

Bilgewater anchors the latest lore-inspired event after the Shadow Isles, the Freljord, and Shurima. Teams all over Riot felt it was pretty obvious the bustling port would make an awesome setting for an event for a while now. Narrative and world-building teams laid groundwork for an overlap of cultures and styles that’d scuff up the image of the place, and help the gritty black market come alive.


We ended up choosing Bilgewater when a dev team built a Bilgewater-style ARAM map from scratch during one of our Thunderdome hackathons. Everyone’s enthusiasm at seeing Bilgewater realized in-game drove the overarching thematic of the event. After the jolt of creativity sparked by Thunderdome, tons of teams across Riot banded together to deliver a Bilgewater experience with a wide swath of content–including a re-imagined evolution of that Thunderdome map.


Butcher’s Bridge brings Bilgewater to life in game. In the new map, the original native culture of Bilgewater and the outside influence from across Runeterra meld together, showing off the stratified melting pot of races, cultures, and creeds.

We’ve incorporated blends of ancient and modern Bilgewater imagery on inhibitors, nexii, towers, and scattered around the bases. On one side, boat houses flank a temple door, and on the other side a giant ship hull sits ensconced, ringed by temple carvings on the sides of the cliffs. Rotating cannon turrets launch heavy artillery fire along with other small details designed to put you inside the pirate bay.

We’re focusing on the visuals in this blog because the gameplay for ARAM isn’t changing at all; you’ll still experience the same frenetic all-random action. It’s just that now, given the nature of the slaughter-docks, you’ll be fighting on what is quite literally a murder bridge.


With the overall event goal to deliver an in-depth exploration of the world, we had to rethink exactly what it means to be a denizen of Bilgewater. Our explorations into the pirates, smugglers, and shanty-dwellers led us to an indigenous island society when it became clear the city had existed for centuries.

From those suggestions, artists evolved the architecture of the islands with vibrant colors, uniquely textured shapes, and decorative motifs. The native culture took on a bigger role in shaping the look of the environment, emphasizing the hunting and harvesting trade the indigenous peoples had made of sea monsters.


Sea monster hunting and harvesting is a common way of life in Bilgewater, and seeing behemoths rise from the deep is just part of a normal day for grizzled veterans of the criminal haven. As a result, you’ll see sea monster iconography all over the event, as part and parcel of Bilgewater’s unique appearance.

The bustle and grind of a busy port betrays the wide variety of influences on the city. Between inverted Freljordian longships against the carved cliff-faces and the slow evolution of indigenous carvings and hints at other regions of the world, the depth in the narrative behind the streets and the culture finds new forms of expression.


We named the new map after the massive dilapidated bridge looming above the slaughter-docks. Once an ancient stone bridge that led to a temple entrance, it’s been kept up haphazardly and now makes the perfect battleground for an all-random fray.

As Runeterra’s biggest black market, keep your eyes peeled for clandestine, coded messages, illicit hextech pilfered from Piltover, and other easter eggs hidden amongst the shopkeepers’ wares and the assorted scattered items around the scene.


We’re putting Butcher’s Bridge through the wringer on PBE, and it’ll be moored up there just a little while since we still have some work left to make her seaworthy. One last note on the map: while Butcher’s Bridge is replacing Howling Abyss as your go-to destination for all-random assault during Bilgewater: Burning Tides, we’re still exploring post-event options.

Share your first impressions of the newest ARAM map and the upcoming event in the comments below or over on the boards. We’re excited to hear what you think, and can’t wait to join you for Bilgewater: Burning Tides, the next League of Legends event!

Back now with a review of the Nexus 4, which I received last Thursday. I was really excited to receive this smart phone and move on from the iPhone 4. I decided to get the 8GB version. The smartphone is by far the nicest Android Smartphone I’ve seen, the superb build quality reminds me of something Apple products always boast. The software side (Android 4.2) is a nice addition to the Android 4.1 update, and quick toggles being the most useful and helpful.

So without further delay, here comes the full on review.

Build Quality & Looks

External image

Let me start off by saying that the build quality is superb. This isn’t something you find from most Android phones. The Nexus 4 is a fast device, and the premium sleek finish really adds that profile to it. The phone is rock solid with some exceptions, the Nexus 4 doesn’t creak from bending and twisting the device. The only creaking you’ll find (which doesn’t have much to do with how the phone was put together, but how the buttons were places) is in the volume rocker and power buttons. The rubberized band aligned around the phone’s edge is helpful, keeping a nice grip in your hand, and protects itself from falls to the corner; I dropped my phone a few days ago and the phone hit the corner, the rubberized edge undid itself, and it took a bit of pushing to get it back into place but none the less, no scratching or cracked screens.

Software, Android 4.2

External image

The software update isn’t much from Jellybean Android 4.1, but it adds a few things and replaces a few things. Chrome is now the main browser (my favorite!) and the regular “browser” has been removed. Photosphere and a QuickToggle system has been added. Photosphere is a cool panoramic picture taking mode that takes pictures similar to the ones from Google Map’s Streetview. The QuickToggles are convienent, but lacking. For starters, there isn’t a GPS toggle or a Auto-Rotation toggle, they also missed a Silent/Loud mode toggle, which would’ve been really helpful. Lockscreen widgets have also been added, and although most apps don’t support them, the few basic Gmail, Messaging, Clock and Camera are around. I find them cool, but I rarely use em’ (except for Camera). They’re really useful, because all it takes is a swipe to get to where you need to go.


The Nexus 4 comes equipped with the Qualcomm S4 Pro, Quad-Core Next-Gen A15 Architecture (Dubbed Krait) processor @ 1.5Ghz. For graphical purposes, it also has the Adreno 320, which is also a next gen GPU. The phone almost never lags, and when it does it seems to be because of software issues (Chrome!). The graphical processing is phenomonal, hitting 60 FPS for most games (although they are old). The Nexus 4 is known to have thermal throttling “issues”, which throttles the processor to 1.1Ghz after 60C. This usually happens with benchmarking (Quadrant, GLBenchmark). None the less, a beast.


External image

Quick and brief, I believe this should be noted and is really important. Although the information listed doesn’t officially support LTE, the phone has LTE capabilities. I was able to grab LTE on Fido’s network in Toronto, downloading at 4600 KB’s and uploading at 3600 KB’s. The phone has a penta-band 3G radio and is considered a world phone, and is also equipped with HSPA+ with a theoretical download of 42mbps.

Sound Quality, Screen Quality, Cameras

External image

External image

The camera is an 8MP shooter with an LED flash, f/2.4 aperture, and a Sony BSI Image Processing Unit. It snips nice photos in the day and has decent low-light photo capabilities. The camera software equipped with Android 4.2 is a simplistic look, but keeps all the things you’d need for a camera like exposure, white balance, and more.

External image

The sound quality of the Nexus 4 speaker is decent, sometimes a bit quiet when laid down, but enough to hear it. The speakers don’t have the bass I would prefer like the iPhone 4/4S has but it will do. Through the headphone jack, the sound is great. I’ve yet to have any issues with noise. I listen to my music with PowerAmp, which allows me to configure things like treble and bass, as well as a few other advanced details like buffering.

External image

The screen quality of the Nexus 4 is brilliant. At first, the colors were hard to get used to because I was used to the over saturation of an AMOLED screen, but after a bit of usage I adjusted and the colors are pretty accurate. Only issue I had is the screen being tinted too blue, but after rooting and installing the Faux’s Enhancement Project App, I was able to calibrate the screens color to my liking (RGB, 255 for each). Storage -insert ss of storage screen- The one drawback the Nexus 4 has is that the storage capacity is small. There are two models, the 8GB and the 16GB. I find that the 8GB is enough for me, as I don’t play many 3D high-graphically demanding games. I did have to shrink my music library by a bit, and convert my music to 96-128 kbit variable bit-rate music to save space– and I guess the lack of SD card is even more heart wrenching. The storage was my number one drawback. With the 8GB model, you get 5.5GB’s of room for your own stuff, and with the 16GB you get 13.5GB’s of room.

I think this sums up my review. If you’re looking into the pure Android experience, look no further, the Nexus 4 is the go-to device, even with it’s few drawbacks.

Author’s Note: I’m running AOKP, and changed the dpi.  So the phone looks a bit different.