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Yoooo I absolutely love your fic COMH and I know you've probably answered this but I'm on mobile and can't check so did you have any specific inspiration for levi's gamer character and what are some of you favorite gamers if you have any. Mine are cryaotic (love him to death) markiplier and gamegrumps. Keep up the amazingness

You have great taste in YouTubers. ;P And Levi is a mix of many different YouTube gamers.

And there’s lots of different channels that inspired COMH and many people actually suggested some new YouTubers for me to check out as well. :) Click here if you wanna see more~

June, my character in Nexent RP (an original space op universe by ). She is extremely narrow-minded, haughty and tend to treat everyone scornfully. She has in fact very few self-esteem (since all her life, she lived with the implicit reproach that she was born a girl and not a man) and needs to prove the entire galaxy (including herself) that she is the best. But just can’t take on her own decisions lol.

(je la plaindrais presque x) )