Rexann Doorsen of Leven,

Very proud and pragmatic of nature, Rexann is a hevrar to the core. Quite radical in her youth, she will go thought events that will soften her character, and will make her think on several things.

Keen on order and administration, she enjoys being surrounded by office work while alterning with social evenings.


System of Aster,

veil Dana


Serafina Nowâc,

Serafina grew up in one of the merchant district of Drastrov Capital helping her parents tending their inn. That actually is her ambition for the future: take over papa and mama’s inn . 

She spends her childhood with the group of the merchants offsprings from her district. Most of them will stay friends until the K'nojs ( later for the explanations ) come to claim boys to serve in their army.

- Drastov,

System of Nenaà

Basin of Eslerté -