nex evolution

a-big-fucking-tyrantrum  asked:

Clarke@Gwen: "Ahhm-oh! Uhm, I'h-it's you again! Ha-ha, ah-uhm. So, i'h-erm. I-I was wondering ah-about, well. Ah-about your k'ih-kin' again, ah-heh-eh. Uhm, i'h-is it true th'ih-that th'stars ah-are really th-the source of your strength ah-and all? Oh! Uh-uhm. I'h-is it also true th'ih-that your nex' evolution allows you to-uh, see through th'stars ah-an'all? Ah-as well as other-erm, places b'ih-beyon' our world'n'such? Oh-or is it all simply-uhm, well-erm. K'ih-Conjecture?"

Gwen sighed, as Clarke stuttered and fumbled his words to try and get to the point. “Clarke. Breathe. Collect your thoughts man.” Contrary to her usual rough personality, Gwen sounded calm, even gentle when talking to the giant.

“It depends on where in the genetic spectrum when it comes to abilities. My dad was a lucario and my mom was a hybrid of some kind and that shaped my psychic abilities. Both leaned towards energy construction and projection so star reading is not in my wheel house.”

Shuffling could be seen from her bed as Gwen tried to get herself in a new comfortable position. “I cannot even use telepathy due to my folks never teaching it to me.”