the Revolution of 2017

Clearly, the population is becoming more educated, or at least involved. Human and environmental laws are being expanded, by those courageous enough to stand out. This can lead to a ‘one-nation system’; quite comparable to the 'New World Order’, if you will. But, not mutually exclusive at all: the world can turn into an environmentally friendly, clean and healthy place, with everything running on natural resources of energy, and that can be a static change to the peoples. Because, well, eventually… It will be expected of everyone to be politically, socially, environmentally, and totally 'correct’, whatever that may mean by then. Because of all the researches and, of course, the results of those, people know more and more each day. And we keep wanting more and more, creating expectations not only of ourselves, but also those around us.

More and more people today live to “make a change”, and “have a voice and be heard.” Just look at the empowering amounts of people who went to the quite recent Occupy protests, or even the amounts of people going to several Gay Pride events all over the world. And just look at all the 'almost famous’ bloggers, YouTube musicians, and Twitter birds! Everyone is expected to have opinions, and to know what they’re talking aboutSo it makes beyond sense that everyone is slowly coming to realise that, besides opinions, they have voices, too!

With a future environment that looks as static as it does, the population will turn more static again as well - just think about it: billions of people are developing their voices, right nowand billions of voices shouting all at once, each demanding individual attention, can turn quite messy to the authorities. We have already seen, rather recently, what happened to our 'freedom’ of speech on the mighty interweb; it’s like seeing a skyscraper falling down in slow-motion, without any sound besides the squeaking of half-dead mice.

The revolution that the world will need in +/- 40 (or maybe 50) years from now, will be the irrevocable consequence of the political and social oppression of our voices. Governments will have shown 'who’s boss’ by then, and they will have done so by acting hard; I expect hard violence to be their main tool to shut us up at protests, and we shall have considerably less freedom to step too far away from a norm that was not even standardised by ourselves.

People rightfully don’t like their voices to be muted by strangers who think they sound better than them. And so the next Revolution will rise, starting West, slowly expanding in Eastern direction. This Revolution will be commendable, and I will most probably be a part of it. But it is also carefully carved out recklessness- a wake up call, yes, but the government will win. And when it wins, static, uniform changes will be forced onto those least accepting of said changes, those who show most resistance to the mental straight jackets, before everyone else is forced to wear them as well.

Why wait 50 years to create something so passionate and so fertile, just for it to turn hostile and be pushed into Pandora’s box again? Avoid wasting time, energy, and your own peace of mind by whaling like a newborn when you find your voice, - instead, when you do: unite. Spread word, so we can form a worldwide group of friends who want a Revolution that matters in no less than 5 years from now. We together will speak as one passionate voice against censorship and all the other oppressive, static demands from our 'betters’, while we still have a chance of making everyone’s voice matter.

Be prepared; together we have the power to be deafening.