Is that what we'd call meta?

As often happens with the best things in life, it started with The Great Gatsby and Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s soothing voice narrated my first ever audiobook this summer, and since then I became obsessed with having people read me things instead of having to read them myself. It’s weird, I know. 

But in comes Audible to save the day. I get a credit per month to buy audiobooks and listen to people read to me. I’ve discovered that the voice is all that matters, and they’re waaaay better when the author does the reading. Two I’ve really liked (besides Jake, of course) were Tina Fey’s Bossypants and Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade

At the moment, I’m deep into Patti Smith’s Just Kids. It really is a fascinating story, and you learn as much about Patti and Robert as you do about New York City. Her descriptions are so raw and real that I often wonder if I could expose such personal things or even allow myself to remember them. 

The other day I was telling my friend about it and told her how it’s sometimes difficult to understand Patti’s accent, because she says Mondy instead of Monday, and drawlings instead of drawings and I didn’t know if that was a word or if she actually meant drawings but was just saying it in a funny way. 

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24 YC: Be friendly to a stranger in the elevator...24 times

Dear Jules definitely struck a cord with her challenge. Being friendly to a stranger in the elevator is not the easiest thing to do- besides the limited time window, the general disinterest, the complexity of opening lines and the very real possibility of failure- I AM HORRIBLE WHEN IT COMES TO HUMAN INTERACTION. Seriously, I’m just too weird to pull it off properly. 


My mother put it best when she said I’m more of an acquired taste. It takes a long time for me to warm up to people enough to have a decent conversation with them and even longer for them to understand my humor. So being friendly to 24 strangers ain’t gonna be easy. But of course, I’ll try. Here goes:

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24th Year Challenge: 25 restaurants in Brooklyn (#2) Nitehawk Cinema

I don’t want to hear it. Yes, technically its a movie theater, but technically they have a restaurant, and I did have dinner there. Fries and wine make a good a dinner as any, so for the 25 restaurants in BK challenge my #2 choice is Nitehawk Cinema.

I’d heard along the grapevine that this was a movie theater where they play cool indie films and create a customized menu for each movie which is then served by ninja waiters throughout the film, and wanted to verify.

Well, that’s exactly what it was.

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