Kathy, 61

“My style is inspired by Africa. I buy clothing from designers in my community. I like unique styles that are not mass produced. I do buy from major stores and mix them with what’s in my wardrobe. I wear clothes that are comfortable. I don’t buy my clothes based on what’s in or out.”

Apr 8, 2017 ∙ Chelsea

The 175th Street Station on the A Line.


An old picture of a fire escape in the Financial District, Manhattan.

Stephanie, 40

“I’m wearing a pair of WW2 pants, vintage tops and Doc Martens. My style is inspired by everything that’s from the beginning of the last century in men’s and boys’ fashion; I’m in love with the newspaper boys’ and The little rascals’ attire. I love what Jeanne Moreau wears when she dresses as a man on “Jules et Jim”. Anything that’s from the past is more worthy to me than contemporary garments. I hate anything mainstream such as H&M, GAP, Zara and the likes.”

Apr 23, 2017 ∙ Dumbo