LAND OF THE FREE video out now! ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADAS$$ on the way


Speedpaint of my last piece ! hope you guys enjoy it <3 I’m thinking of doing tutorials soon but I’m not very good at talking, I get very shy hahaha but I’m willing to at least try it and overcome my shyness, I’m just waiting until I upgrade my computer ! what kind of tutorials would you like to see ?


20/6-2017 Alexander Rybak on Instagram

Just wait when I reach 400.000 subscribers on YouTube. I will present you something only a true YouTuber could think of! 🤓 #FIFA #NewVideo

“I’m playing FIFA
when you kiss me,
FIFA when you hold me tight.
FIFA in the morning,
FIFA all through the night"😃😃😃
Are you ready to care and share?
#fifa #FIFAsong


This sounds like an interesting new project with lots of fun :)
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