Color Me Vegan is a beautiful cookbook that consists of healthy, vibrant recipes inspired by the color spectrum. There are over 150 antioxiadan-rich, fiber-packed and colorful recipes to maximize nutrient intake and optimize health (their words, not mine). The chapters are dedicated to specific colors, and contain helpful information about what nutrients are found in foods of specific hues. The recipes are easy to prepare, wholesome, healthful, encourage your palate to experience new and unique flavor combinations and textures. The recipes are not typical and you will not find instructions on how to make common, everyday vegetable based vegan meals… but that is what makes this collection of recipes so special. I love to use this particular cookbook when cooking for company, because when you choose items from each chapter, you can present a truly remarkable looking and tasting meal that shows how exciting vegan eating can be. Some of my loves so far include:

  • Carrot Puree - A simple purred carrot dish with a touch of cloves that remind me of a sweet potato mash. A wonderful accompaniment to a meal or if you are me, you can eat all 4 servings as a meal. God, I love carrots.
  • Curried Cauliflower Soup - I think this is my favorite so far. It is a creamy, spicy soup that consists of cauliflower, onion and apple, providing a unique and satisfying soup that is crazy-low in calories and oh, so filling!
  • Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pecans - The name basically explains the dish, but this is a great way to enjoy the not-so-popular brussels sprouts. Warm, wholesome, and unique, this melange of flavors makes a great vacation from a boring salad.
  • Walnut Basil Pesto - I love basil, I love walnuts. I knew this recipe would be a win-win before I even tried it. This pesto makes a great pasta sauce substitution, sandwich spread, or pizza sauce. You can make it in bulk, freeze it, and enjoy often.
  • Edamame Soup - This is a beautiful olive colored, potato based soup that has a hidden source of protein from the edamame. I tend to make this often for company, because it just looks so damn beautiful. The recommended drizzling of toasted sesame oil is a MUST when garnishing, it truly makes the soup even more delicious.

If you are looking for new and exciting recipes that don’t include typical, boring meals, Color Me Vegan is highly recommended. You can learn more about this amazing cookbook and even try out several recipes here.


Being a vegan isn’t hard, you just stop eating animals. But, if you are looking for killer ways to not eat our furry friends, then Vegan With a Vengeance is a great place to start.

Author Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a goddess. If you don’t already know this, you will soon learn. She has created a collection of recipes that are neither time consuming nor complicated, consist of common ingredients, & are absolutely freaking, drop-dead delicious. VWaV is can attractive for new and wanna-be vegans, because amongst the recipes are: tips and tricks, basic pantry stocking suggestions, vegan substitutions and variation ideas. But do not fret, experienced vegan chef, this recipe collection will still be exciting and appeal to you as well.

Vegan With a Vengeance was one of my first vegan cookbooks and it is still one of the most frequently used cookbooks I own. Recipes cover a little bit of everything, including: brunch, muffins and scones, soups, sandwiches, pizza, pastas, tofu, seitan, cookies, and pies, & everything that I have made thus far has made my stomach satisfied, heart happy, & my meat-eating friends swoon. True stories.

These are some of the recipes I absolutely love & frequently make:

  • Chickpea Broccoli Casserole - A creamy, omnivore approved, veggie-packed casserole that proves that cheese isn’t necessary to succeed when making a casserole. This is probably my favorite recipe from VWaV that I have made thus far.
  • Basic Pancakes - You don’t need eggs & dairy to produce amazing fluffy golden pancakes. This easy and adaptable recipe will prove that and help make mornings worth waking up for.
  • Black Bean, Mushroom, & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers - I used to love stuffed peppers as a kid & this recipe helped me reconnect with wonderful childhood memories of home cooked dinners. This is a great and “meaty” dish that will satisfy your palate and fill your belly.
  • Basic Maranated Tofu - A basic baked tofu recipe that I make often. A balsamic, garlic, & thyme marinade makes a flavorful tofu base for salads, sandwiches, & stir frys. It’s super easy to prepare too.

So hey slackers, if you don’t already have this cookbook, you should. Order VWAV here & start cooking for your carnivorous, doubter friends. They will be amazed by your newly found awesomeness.