Tiger and Bunny Newtype Ace Omake Translations

Hey everyone, here is another set of translations of the omake from the new T&B chapter in Newtype Ace. As with the other translations, the translation is done by me and the source for the RAWs can be found at the T&B LJ community linked below.

Enjoy~! ^^

Omake: Gold-Silver- Copper, A Samurai, and etc.

Panel One:

Ivan: “Hmm~~~”

Karina: “All right, all right, what are you doing this time?”

Panel Two:

Ivan: “Our hero suits have to be ‘works of art.’”

Karina: “? What’s that?”

Panel Three:

Ivan: “’Armor’ has one thing: great appeal. Even when we are not wearing them, our suits must look like stylish pieces of art!”

Written Text (Karina? Pao-lin? Both?): “Does this also have to do with Japanese culture?”

Karina: “Yeah…wasn’t all of our [suits] planned with that in mind [though]?”

Panel Four:

Ivan: “EH!? Was Mister Rock Bison’s really easy to do!?”

Omake: Rotwang’s Assets

Panel One:

Tony: “Mister Wild Tiger!”

Panel Two:

Wild Tiger: “Oh, Tony! Have you been working hard on your community service?”

Tony: “Yep! This time I’ve made a lot of stone friends.”

Panel Three:

Tony: “Look, look, they are all the spitting image of you Mr. Tiger!”

Panel Four:

Tony: “They’ll all work really hard.”

Wild Tiger: “…What’s up with this ominous feeling? Is the cow being liberated, too?


CM for Newtype Ace Vol 7

Tiger and Bunny Newtype Ace Omake Translations

Hey there! Here are some more of the Newtype Ace omake, translations done by me. The RAWs can be found at the T&B LJ Community linked below! ^^

Omake: A Blue Rose’s Distress

Panel One:

Blue Rose: “Ahhh, that’s it, I’m mad—“

Panel Two:

Nathan: “Oh my, it appears she’s in a bad mood. That backstage thief that was impersonating Rose got caught, right?

Panel Three:

Nathan: “Isn’t the resolution of all that something to celebrate?”

Pao-lin: “About that—According to what I’ve heard from the investigation done on the criminal evidence…”

Panel Four:

Pao-lin:  “The fake outfit had a waist size that was two centimeters smaller [than the actual outifit].”

Nathan: “Oh…”

Omake: The Thing that Always Gives Him the Upper Hand

Panel One:

Kotetsu: “So, Maverick.”

Barnaby: “We’re going to stop you right here!”

Panel Two:

Maverick: “Kukuku…Is that right? Since it’s come to this, it appears I will have to use that, which I’ve kept hidden for so long…”

Panel Three:

Maverick: “My deadly Wart Beam!!”

Panel Four:

Maverick: “Wart Beam! Wart Beam!”

Box: Four hours later, Sternbild feel into the hands of Ouroboros.

Tiger and Bunny Omake Translations (Newtype Ace)

Since yesterday was my last day of classes and I don’t have any Finals until the 19th and 20th, I decided to do a quick and rough translation of the 4-koma in the back of the new Newtype Ace T&B chapter. Just click “Read More.”

Tiger and Lil’ Bunny

Kotetsu: “Uuuum, though it’s a bit early, have a Merry Christmas! Okay!” [Note: He actually says have a “warm Christmas”…but that just sounds a bit odd, so I changed it to merry.]

Handwriting (Barnaby): “How did you make a Christmas cake with fried rice? More than that though, if you do it, then you should do a much more thorough job of it!”

Text: Everyone, let’s get together and make a fried rice cake!!

Text in Black Bubble: Since X-MAS is nearly here, Lil’ Bunny is an extravagant double feature of 4-koma and a story!

Like a True Leader

LIoyds: “I see…So the time has finally come. I, Alexander Lloyds, as the official head of Hero operations, gathered behind the scenes information…Summon the Heroes right away! The time has come to destroy the source of evil!!”

Lunatic’s Thoughts: ‘…Though I imagined a development such as that from that one scene in the second opening…It appears that I was wrong.’

Because It’s Sunrise

Ivan: Ho—!

Karina + Pao-lin: ?

Ivan: “When we’re in a pinch, the Goddess Statue and the pieces of art on the rooftops of the businesses…will join together to create an eight bodied Hy—per Sternbild Robot!!!!”


Ivan: “Or, that’s what would happen if this was Japan.”

Karina: “What should we do with him? I mean, where in Japan would you find that?”

*This manga is fiction. All people, businesses, and events have no connection to anything in the real world.


Kotetsu: “The sigh is a bit different, isn’t it?”

Barnaby: “Of course, it’s a special made-to-order product.”

Handwriting (Barnaby): “Nathan is an owner of a business, after all.”

Barnaby: “Especially that cape…”

Kotetsu: “And Nathan has such a refined appearance when he is using his fire.”

*Crackle, crackle*

Kotetsu + Barnaby: “……”

*Crackle, crackle*

Handwritten Text (Barnaby and Kotetsu): “We are not worthy, Fire Emblem-sama—“

[Note: Kotetsu and Barnaby are saying something closer to, “you are indispensable, Fire Emblem-sama,” but I went for the translation that I did because it seemed a bit more fitting and still had the same feel/connotation to it.]

Nathan: “Ufufu! Don’t fixedly stare at me like that…Haha.”

Memories of a Birthday

Kotetsu: “It must be a pain to go patrolling every night.”

Barnaby: “Does he request overtime?”

Handwriting (Keith): “I am home and I have returned…”

Barnaby: “You mustn’t be a nuisance for someone like this.”

Kotetsu: “Huh, what’d I do?”

Barnaby: “Like, for instance, that time with my birthday surprise!”

Handwriting (Keith): “Haa—“

Barnaby: “He was all alone in that alleyway for such a long time.”

Kotetsu: “Ah—“



Keith: “……Even now, I sometimes have dreams about that time…”

*Cry, cry*

Barnaby: “Has it gone so far as to be a trauma!?

Kotetsu: “I’m sorry! I’m *so* sorry!!”

Emergency Rations of the Heroes


*Nom, nom*

Pao-lin: “Tastes like curry.”

Handwriting (Pao-lin): “Want some?”

Pao-lin: “And it has a springy texture to it—“

Handwriting (pointing to Kotetsu and Barnaby): They don’t know how to deal with this.

What was the Connection in the First Place?

Ivan: “Haa…”

Karina: “What is it this time?”

Ivan: “Since there’s the Tiger and Bunny…as well as the Bison and Dragon, I got all excited thinking that it could be applicable to us all, but…”

Karina: “What’s this? The ‘Hero’s 12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac Plan’!!”

Handwriting (Pao-lin): “There’s also the bird.”

Ivan: “If you think about it, there aren’t enough people to begin with…”

Handwriting (Karina): “Notice it, already!”

Karina: “No, your love for Japanese culture is just nearly all encompassing.”

Pao-line: “But, I mean, Chinese astrology originally came from Ancient China—“

Karina: “Heee!”

Ivan: !

Hypnotism Part Two

Antonio: “Ku—! Of course, it’s been set that I’ll be in last place this season, too…”

Kotetsu: “Cheer up! This isn’t like you.”

Barnaby: “As they say, ‘some gods may let you down, but another will pick you up.’”

Handwriting (Anotonio): “You guys…”

Kotetsu: “That’s right. In this situation that god would be Fire Emblem-sama.”

Barnaby: “You should have Fire Emblem assist you. Give him everything.”

Barnaby: “Now, you too, become memorized by his cape.”

Antonio: “W…Wai…!”

*Stopping mid-step*

Kotetsu: “Quickly, it’ll make you feel at ease—“

Anotonio: “Stooooooop!”

*Crackle, crackle*

Text along the side of the page: Oh, Origami-senpai’s love for Japan is the beginning of that disaster!! [This is referring back to the second to last 4-koma.]