The final chapter of Mizuki Sakakibara’s Tiger & Bunny manga, serialised by Newtype Ace was published today online. The manga adaptation began its serialisation in 2012 and ran up to chapter 38, concluding with the end of the Jake arc. The final chapter can be viewed here

Even though this has ended, there was a little note on the final page that mentioned of a new T&B related project that will debut in the future. Details to what this new project will be have not been revealed yet, so stayed tuned.

Tiger & Bunny: Newtype Ace Manga, Chapter 03

Slight delay on this as per usual, but thank you so much those who chipped in last minute to help me get this out! The 4komas and omakes are not included, sadly. I am only one person ;-; so I cannot get those done on top of the group’s other projects. If someone else wants to chip in as a translator, please let me know! 

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I don’t follow the Macross fandom very closely, but I guess there’s a manga called Macross Fortissimo running in Newtype Ace. It has some really nice art! Here’s a shot of Minmei looking pretty and a 2-page spread of Alto carrying Sheryl with his Valkyrie.