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Can you do a HC about trying to win Newt's attention with neck kisses and little things that drive him crazy and totally turn him on (like you wearing just his shirt), but he's really trying to focus on his work?

Haha! Don’t we all want to annoy/turn him on this way. Done and done!!!

Master list

-Newt had been absent a lot lately, for good reasons though. He had his manuscript to work on, potions to research, and endless trouble with stopping unnecessary breeding of magical creatures.
-But, you were growing bored of no attention, and whenever you tried to talk to your boyfriend he only smiled at you, and half listened to your stories.
-And so here you were, standing against the door frame as you whistled over at the wizard, who was currently looking over some books. You were clad in nothing but his shirt, the first few buttons open to show off just enough of your breasts to entice him.
-“Good morning, my love, I’m a little-” His words instantly stopped when he turned to see you, and damn if his heart didn’t just stop at the sight.
-“Newttt…” You sang out his name, swaying your hips as you strode over to him. You ran your hands up his back, massaging his shoulders as you tried to gain his affections.
-“Darling…” His voice was heavy with arousal, and you knew he was trying hard to keep up with his work.
-“Oh come, honey. Take a break.” You kissed at his neck, pressing down with just enough force to make him shudder against you.
-You wrapped your arms around his waist, pressing your Breasts into his back.
-Newt just chuckled, rolling his eyes at your childish behavior. But, it was definitely working. With every little kiss you planted on him, and the way you rubbed up against him, it was getting harder to focus.
-“Give me a minute, and I’ll give you all the attention you need, love.” His words did nothing though, and he reached for his papers only to clench them hard in his fist when you bit down on his ear.
-You licked around the shell of it, giggling and whispering a bunch of dirty words that made him melt into you.
-“But, I want attention now.”
-Newt was struggling now, closing his eyes and trying to steady his breathing as you continued being a little brat about everything. But, he adored it.
-And just when you thought he’d remain strong, he quickly turned on his heel. His arm wrapped around your waist and he picked you up and carried you off into the bedroom.

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Newt losing control is my sexuality. ❤️