I saw Andrew McMahon for the first time ever today and got to meet him. He is pretty much my hero. His music helped me get through all of the pain and suffering that I had from my migraines and brain tumor throughout high school and I just really look up to him and respect him a lot for who he is and what he has been through. I told him this very briefly today when I got to meet him and he smiled at me and gave me a squeeze.

I looked a hot mess, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from meeting my hero and thanking him for being him.

Reason #1 why you should read SLA: Meira

Reason #2 why you should read SLA: THERON

Reason #3 why you should read SLA: The whole book is awesome

Reason #4 why you should read SLA: Sara Raasch is freaking amazing and awesome and lovely

Reason #5 why you should read SLA: Just go read it. Just do it. I promise it’s good, like, really, really good

Winterians, I have a serious topic that I need to discuss about SLA

Okay so this may be a bit SPOILER-y so proceed no further, close your eyes and hit the spacebar if you have not read it completely. I will tag this with spoiler, spoilers, sla spoilers, and snow like ashes spoilers so blacklist that. If you do proceed to read this I will bold and all caps SPOILER before I say anything in the least bit spoiler-y because I am one of those people who needs more reminders when I do not blacklist certain things and I hate spoilers myself so I don’t like to contribute to spoiling anyone else. I will try to make it as non-spoiler-y as I can, but I might slip up so I’m taking precautions.

Also, the topic is not that serious, but anyways, I am seriously conflicted about ships in SLA. Mather and Theron are both some seriously good bachelors so, I want a little bit of input on this from others and how you guys feel about it.

In the beginning of the book I was all for Mather and I thought he was the best, not perfect, but pretty great. Like when he did that really nice thing for Meira that Sir didn’t want her to do, but you know what happened. That was where I was mostly sold on Mather. Like I totally ship it, it’s going to happen. I know it. I know it. 


And when he gave her that kiss before they left the Rania Planes I honestly flailed.

But then we get to Cordell and all of that crazy, super crazy deal making goes on where Meira has to you know what Theron because King Noam is a jerky jerk. And Meira is pretty ticked off at Mather and Sir for making the arrangement without her consent and she’s pretty pissed off at both of them so it kind of affected my original perception of Mather and I was mad at him too, so there I was obviously like NO YOU JERK HOW COULD YOU

Then we meet and get to know Theron, the prince who doesn’t necessarily want to become a king and has this passion for art and literature (I was sold when we found out he wrote the poem) and he’s just this really great, really awesome guy. (My dream guy tbh) and everything from there on out I was just getting more and more enamored by his character. AND WHEN THEY KISS and the way that Meira describes it I was just like THIS IS IT. 

But after everything happens and Meira and Mather at the end are talking, my Mather love came back. I mean I love Theron, but Mather was in my heart first after he faked being hurt, so nevertheless I am very, very conflicted about how I feel and who I ship.

ALSO, I need to talk about you know what the ship names are going to be bc we just have to have those. 

SO Meira + Theron = Meiron or Theira

and Meira + Mather = Meirer or Mathra

I don’t know what I’m doing I have never thought up ship names myself, so help a sister out please.

Last thing, I do not mean to be all team this or team that as far as shipping goes, I just really want to know what people think. AND I think it would be cool if Meira didn’t end up with anyone and everyone was just friends in the end bc that’s okay too, Meira is strong and badass and awesome and she could rule Winter all by herself if she wanted to. I’m not trying to make it all a love story either, because SLA is about a lot more than that, it’s about a war that’s happening between the kingdoms of Primoria and how one of the Seasons is trying to stay alive and keep their culture alive while being oppressed by an evil king. It’s so much deeper than love between a person and another person, it’s about the love that someone has for their home, their kingdom, where they come from and wanting to get it back, wanting to preserve what is left and help save their people.

This was longer than I expected it to be, but yes, let me know what you think, I would enjoy hearing it.

It's 11:23 here and I haven't made my obligatory December 21st post

I like making a post every 12/21 because it a day that I hold dear to my heart.

Four years ago today I went into the UCSF Medical Center with a brain tumor and returned home without one.

In my freshman year of high school, I started to get terrible terrible migraines and I didn’t know why. One day it got so bad that I had to go to the ER and there they took a CT scan that showed a mass in my pituitary gland. Needless to say, I was one scared fourteen year old.

I went to see a lot of doctors, specialists, who gave me a lot of different medications and none of them would work properly. They always gave me problems, so I was set to have surgery on 12/21/10.

I was depressed, I felt alone, it was tough, really, really tough, but it worked out in the end. I feel like that always happens, things always get better after they’re at their worst.

I just wanted to make this post, as I do every year, because this day is one day that truly changed my life and made me become a stronger person.

So one of the professors I will be tutoring for wanted to meet today and I said yeah okay I can, so I asked her where she wanted to meet because that’s a good thing to know right? So I get up early and drive to school, spend half an hour scavenging for a parking spot and run all the way to the English Department so I won’t be late. I sit there, waiting, thinking that maybe she was running late from the class that she had, then I check my clock, she’s twenty minutes late, wait a bit longer, thirty minutes, forty, and then it was inching towards the hour mark, so I said yeah she’s not coming. I texted her, emailed her, trying to figure out where she was bc I had never met her before and I talked to my supervisor about it and she tells me that the professor stopped by twenty minutes before, then left. SO I’m here like OKAY I’VE BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST AN HOUR WHAT DO I DO and she just told me that she would let her know that I was there and to go home. So I left and when I get home two hours after we were supposed to meet, she texts me and says “I met with the other tutors at the classroom and dropped by the English department, but didn’t see you so I left.” And I’m here like I don’t know if I should be angry or frustrated like I am bc hey she didn’t know what I looked like, but really? We were set to meet and I was there, but she was busy talking to the other tutors in another place like THIS IS WHY I ASKED WHERE YOU WANTED ME TO MEET YOU i don’t know i’m mad, angry, and frustrated right now because I wasted gas and time to go meet her and she didn’t even look for me, she just left

So, my sister and I were talking about bridal parties and the shirts that we were making for one of them because her friend is a maid of honor in one and she saw some other shirts we made and wanted to get some made for their party. Mid-conversation, while I was peeling some vinyl, I got a thought and spoke it aloud. My sister was kind of confused when I said it, but it was just a thought that kind of made me feel like shit.

I kind of just stated, “I wonder if I’m good enough to be someone’s maid of honor.”

And I said this because I feel like I’m good friends with some (really only just a few, maybe less) people, but that they have someone that they are better friends with and would most likely pick that other person over me.

Obviously this thought was a put-down to me and I don’t know. It kind of just sucks feeling insignificant, especially when it comes to friendships. I guess I just have shit luck when it comes to friendships, keeping friendships, making friends and all of that.