ron’s jealousy as a character trait really interest me because the narrative gives so many valid reasons why he might feel that way

i mean, just look at the yule ball robes thing as an example. ron gets shitty hand downs, while harry can afford proper ones, and ron kinda resents harry for that a bit

he’s jealous of harry because harry has the opportunity to have so many more things than he does, because harry is loaded and also has a newtork of adults who pity him and will give him things, and while ron might intellectually understand that, it wouldn’t stop him from feeling a little upset by it

and i just think that’s interesting

This newtork will be revamping. Members that still wish to be part of the network, resend their information please. I apologize for this, but most of the current members have changed blogs/deleted. So here we come again with a sort of revamp to have everything in order and organized again.

R U L E S:

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  • Reblog this post! (likes count too)
  • And send us an ask with your name/pro-nouns/age/timezone and which Face Claim you desire as a mascot and that’s it! (Obligatory)

What I’m looking for:

  • Friendly people to follow.
  • Be a roleplayer, it doesn’t matter what type of blog are you (rph/rp inspo/indie/rpt/fandom/multi-fandom) as long as you’re a roleplayer, you can join!

What you’ll get:

  • More people that understand whatever it is that you’re going through and won’t pressure you for replies.
  • New friends!
  • A tag for anything that you like to post like, plots ideas, find new partners, promo for your rp, a place where you can post your selfies or just for you to meet new people!
  • The tag will be #slowroleplayersnet

When accepted:

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  • You can start posting in the tag!
  • Please put a link to the page somewhere on your blog.
  • Track the tag #slowroleplayersnet
  • Follow us though is not mandatory


  • I don’t expect a lot of people to join but I’m hopeful!
  • If have any doubt, don’t hesitate to message us!
  • No-Hate will be tolerated. This is a safe place for everyone.
  • And yes, you can claim a face claim as your mascot even if it’s already being use! We don’t mind!
Our Bottega arrives in New York!

States finally!

Last April was opened our exhibition at the Roberto’s Winds shop, temple of the jazz music in New York and historical meeting point for musicians and fans of this genre.

Visiting our exhibition you can accidentally bump into Joe Lovano and David Liebman or wander around the legendary Mark VI Room with its Sax collection that leaves you speechless.

An excellent opportunity to strengthen the strong bond between painting and jazz that has always characterized our artistic production, almost to becomes our distinctive character.

**looking for new boho-tiful members**

☾☼☮☯☽ Welcome In The Breeze Network by coriie

You love the breeze? You are a serene/boho/pastel blog? Here is your place then :)

This network is special,followers counter doesn’t count ,we want quality,not quantity.

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If you are in:

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If you wanna check out the network and her members click here .

2015 People's Choice Awards Nominee Voting Open!

VOTE HERE - Tip: Use the tabbed category panels at the bottom to quickly jump to the categories you want to vote in.


  • Favorite Network SciFi/Fantasy Show: Arrow
  • Favorite Network SciFi/Fantasy Actor: Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow)

WRITE IN (Please note, in order to get the “Cast Vote” button to work/light up for Write Ins, you have to vote for 1 pre-nominated option as well)

  • Favorite Network SciFi/Fantasy Actress: Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow
  • Favorite TV Show: Arrow
  • Favorite TV Duo: Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

Okay well im going to point out the obvious, my editing skills are not greattheyre really shitty i get it  and another thing is that yes i do hate myself enough to call this follow forever a snollow snorever (snail follow forever).

So this follow forever is to celebrate my sixteenth birthday (!!) and also i sorta hit a huge goal, not that big but big for me. firstly i want to thank all my mutuals yall are so great, and secondly i want to thank all my followers that i dont follow back because i see yall and i appreciate all of you so much.

s/o to riley for doing like half of this ri p

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