Welcome to New York (2.5 weeks ago...)

Welp, here I am. Sitting on the floor in my FIRST NYC APARTMENT. My first time living away from my hometown in Minnesota. My first place as a married individual. Oh and by the way, I’m married.

I suppose as this is my first blog post I should say a little diddly about myself. My name is Alexis (Walcome) Tillotson. I’m a Scorpio, obsessed with cats, and I’m not too fond of summer heat. Flipping through vinyl or comics gives me spine tingles and I am addicted to caffeine in the form of coffee. I enjoy writing little short stories, sketching anime-esque characters and most of all DESIGNING STUFF. 

Hmmmm…I have a lot of opinions which can make me come off as a snob I think but I just look at it as I am extremely passionate about most everything that I like or do. One could say it’s an all or nothing sort of thing. I’ll talk your ear off about the most oddly specific genre of movies/music/books and I don’t mean to make people feel stupid or uncomfortable; I just get REALLY excited.

Ryan Tillotson is my husband whom I met while I was still in high school (I’m 22 at the moment for reference). He is the gravity in my life keeping me down to earth, which I am sure is difficult sometimes. Any who, he works at Google which is why we came out to DA BIG APPLE even though it was on our list of places we would never live. Needless to say we are very much smitten here.

Currently I am freelancing it up in the ‘Design World’ and working on some personal projects while looking for more steady position. While freelancing is mega fun and cool because I can listen to music loudly, at this point in my career (being a new grad) I am craving something more. I want to learn from peers and not just the online courses I’ve been taking to challenge myself. 

Before I start to ramble on and on and on and on…I’ll end this with a list of my ten favorite movies of all time (as of today, naturally).


  • About A Boy
  • Constantine 
  • Billy Elliot
  • Princess Mononoke
  • MirrorMask
  • Hellboy Series
  • LOTR Series
  • Scott Piligrim VS The World
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Harry Potter Series
a week with no cash

I survived my first week in #newyork with no cash!

I survived my first week in NY without cash!!  This city is run by consumerism – spend, spend, spend – and they make it so easy.  You can pay everything by credit card, so that you have absolutely no idea how much you’re spending.  Till.  You get your monthly statement.  Which I haven’t received yet.

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On my quest to find #Gold in #NewYork I must get uncomfortable. I asked this random guy on the train could I take a picture with his shirt - super nervous #sheez glad he said yes bc it would have been a really awkward train ride if he said no. #AllGoldEverything #GoldenGirl #ScavengerHunt #NewToNewYork #MTA #NewYork #KidBlogger #CityKid #KidModel #KidYork

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