Non-binary Dr. Newton Geiszler, clad in the newest addition to his wardrobe, starts a party in the lab. Dr. Hermann Gottlieb is probably filling out a complaint form at this very moment.

A playlist full of positive, upbeat, dance-y songs by brilliant ladies (*cough* with one exception *cough* because someone couldn’t help himself *cough*) for totally rocking out, no matter what your gender is.

You can listen to it HERE.


“Hey hey Hermann hey Hermann Herrrrrrrms hey hey hey lookit hey!”

Newt, they may be miniature, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.

One DELIGHTFUL commission coming at you! Because Newt pulling off the Pratt/raptor move (Pratting? Pratt-keeping?) is so very fitting. And I love the triple event kaiju and just don’t draw them ever so this was perfect.