Because all the Hip Youths are making Dril mashups these days, I decided to do one for Pacific Rim. 

Also, I would pay an extra semester of tuition to hear Idris Elba recite a bunch of @dril tweets.

Also also, Herc seems to have the same relationship to Chuck as Dril has to his Big Sons.

Also (x3), I’m pretty sure Robert Kazinsky actually goes around calling random 4-legged animals dogs.

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“Hey hey Hermann hey Hermann Herrrrrrrms hey hey hey lookit hey!”

Newt, they may be miniature, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.

One DELIGHTFUL commission coming at you! Because Newt pulling off the Pratt/raptor move (Pratting? Pratt-keeping?) is so very fitting. And I love the triple event kaiju and just don’t draw them ever so this was perfect.