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keep your mind on the mission; an instrumental mix for the ghost assassin who kills in the shadows | listen here

i. helevator (fx only) - two steps from hell / ii. fever dream - brian tyler / iii. great bird of prey - trent reznor & atticus ross / iv. the hollywood droid - two steps from hell / v. the moors - thomas newman / vi. chase across dc - james newton howard / vii. nj mart - marco beltrami / viii. death knell - audiomachine


The Most Educated Places In America In 2015

For the third year in a row, the 100 most educated places in America have been ranked. Given that only about a third of Americans has a college degree, the top of the list is striking. In all ten spots, from Bethesda, MD to Newton, MA to Cupertino, CA, at least 94% of residents hold a high school diploma or associate’s degree. Far fewer people hold bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s, but the top of the list was impressive on those scores as well, with 76% the lowest percentage of people holding bachelor’s degrees.