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I was tagged by absolutely nobody, I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun even though I have about 50 tag games in my drafts but alas here I am carrying out bad decisions as always. And got half way through my url and realised that this is gonna be all too difficult and long… So it took a while but I did it. Every song means something special to me and holds significance in my life. 

I’d like to tag @weltraumheldin @taetaesbandana @toplite @literally-just-yoongi-trash @jijagi @bae-jagiya @pocketofyoonmin @pocketofjeonbunny @bts-lxt @im-an-eh-sayer @imagination-of-a-melted-bitch @woozi-doozy @joshooji @joohoneydrop @oursparklinghearts @aninternationalemo @mytaerminology @whaaattheflower @rensjun @shimmie-shimmie-kokobop @the-lions-and-the-llamas @allofmylovelove @tasteless-ratatouille @mauloveskpop @taehyung-the-baehyung @peachy-mari @seventeenteenteen @kookielife @nemogirl02 (remember you can ignore this if you want to) and anyone else that would like to do this please feel free to consider yourselves tagged by me.

c - clap by seventeen
o - o sole mio by sf9
n - newton by monsta x 
f - fxxk it by big bang 
e - error by vixx
s - shall we dance by block b 
s - sorry by the rose 
i - island by winner 
o - overdose by exo
n - no make up by zion t 
s - serendipity by bts 

o - okey dokey by mino and zico
f - fire truck by nct 127

a - amazin’ by taeyang 

s - sherlock by shinee
h - home by ailee 
y - yanghwa brdg by zion t

f - flame of love by taemin 
a - alien by bobby 
n - never ever by got7
g - gee by snsd
i - i was able to eat by homme 
r - rollin’ by brave girls
l - let’s not fall in love by big bang