tails & talons - oldtime friends and newtime lovers

Sorry for the lack of updates! I had an absolutely amazing time in Ireland!:> This chapter’s a little short, but I’ll make up for it soon. *hint* x)

Part (18) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
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“Time for a break, guys!”

Whenever Lucy stepped into a room, a weird sensation overcame Natsu. Or everyone, probably. It seemed just a little brighter, a little happier than before, as if the sun had decided to give it its all just for her.

Today it was no different. With her loose red silk blouse tugged into a leather miniskirt (no he was not staring, thankyou) and her golden hair tied into two pigtails, she looked positively glowing as she entered Iron Dragon Ink, bringing with her the scent of flowers and hot summer air. 

A powerful gust of wind played with her top and shook one of the lids on the three cups of coffee that apparently hadn’t been fixed properly.

He watched her mouth shape a perfect ‘O’ as the lid lifted and sailed to the ground before she could snatch it. 

“No worries, at least you didn’t spill the coffee. Gihi.”

Both Natsu and Lucy looked at Gajeel in surprise. Sure, Natsu had noticed his boss had been more cheerful lately, but this took things to yet another level. Him greeting her first, reassuring her even, and then making this sound - it was so uncharacteristically cheerful and dorky, Natsu almost wanted to ask him to make it again. He exchanged an amused glance with Lucy, not missing the colour on her cheeks.

Quickly, she looked away, marching towards his boss instead, determination in her steps.

Natsu tried to surpress his grin as he watched her hand Gajeel the coffee, recalling the face she had made at him when he had come by yesterday evening to get back his best friend.

She had not approved.

When she had opened the door for the second time, with a pout and Happy still pressed against her chest protectively, Natsu had burst into laughter, forgetting the weekend’s agitating events for the first time.

Then, like now, her face had been enough to lift his spirits in a heartbeat.

Not to mention her lips. He wouldn’t even start thinking about her lips - or he’d not get much work done today.

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