newt scamander icons

Newt Scamander icons, kinda

For @fantasticnewtimagines I hope I surprised you in a good way;) 

I’m in love with this one ^

Awe, look at that cutie☺️😍

I wish I was that kitten 

His eyes stare into my soul, I’m a-okay with that 

So. Beautiful. ❤️

newt scamander
  • below the cut are 68 icons of eddie redmayne as newt scamander 
  • they are made for roleplaying purposes, but anyone can use them !! 
  • no editing/psd besides lightening and sharpening 
  • you don’t have to credit me, but please give this a like / reblog if you’re using them so i can see them in action !! 

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