newt's tattoos

AU Most people attribute the snarling dragon morphing on Newt’s arm to be a testament of his dedication towards magical creatures, even the most deadly of them all. Some were privileged enough to be told that the tattoo is a memory of his days in the dragon corps in WWI. But only Newt knows that it is a gift from an old line of kings diminished in the days of men.

Percival Graves is a man that commands respect not just due to his imposing presence but also his steadfast belief that he has one clear path and it is the protection of his city. The Percival Graves after Grindelwald does not share that belief anymore. Newt thinks differently.

Lookie a headcanon/drabble plus illustration for it! In all seriousness though I have no idea what said gift should be and if its not already apparent from the picture Newt is able to share it with Graves so *digging the hole deeper*

Getting a Tattoo Headcannon: Fantastic Beasts Characters


his original plan was to get a nature-related tattoo, because newt wanted to symbolize that he cared about animals and protecting them, but he also wanted to protect their environment and everything else. that why none of them would go extinct.

but whenever newt thought of his animals, he was reminded of how much travelling it had involved to rescue them, and how much he did like travelling, and how it brought him to tina, jacob, queenie. so it turns out that travelling is meaningful to him.


“You’re the Cream in My Coffee” by Ruth Etting was playing on the radio when he and newt met the goldstein sisters for the first time. or, more specifically: the first time jacob met queenie.

it’s one of the most important things to ever happen to jacob, and he wanted a tattoo that would symbolize that without it being overly corny/cheesy or what have you. so he settled on a cup of coffee right near his ear.


this how queenie and their parents used to describe tina. she is little and fierce and she is determined. she will fight for what she believes in. she is unstoppable. she is a tsunami of brains and power.


nobody expects queenie to get a damn white stallion tattoo. everybody always thought she’d get something small and cute, like a bee or a little flower - maybe an anchor with tina’s name in it.

the truth is that her patronus is a white stallion, and she just likes to feel protected all the time by having it on her skin. it makes her feel safe to see her patronus in ink form when she has to pass a man or woman thinking nasty thoughts about her.


i know this doesn’t line up chronologically given when things actually happened in history. BUT. i have a headcannon that credence read “Caged Bird” by Maya Angelou at some point in his life.

he cried.

he was the caged bird once. he knew why the caged bird sang (because of magic), and why it stopped (mary lou). but now he was free. now he had just to get out of his cage and leave it behind forever.

on one hand i love when people draw newt entirely tattooed to the point he could honestly walk around naked and it would take a second glance to notice the lack of clothes

but it also makes me laugh to the point of hysteria to see the totally tatted up torso and then the “im german and these legs havent seen the sun for ten years” sickly white legs. thats never going to stop being funny.


Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them. Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!

(Pacific Rim + Gravity Falls)

things i want for pacific rim 2

- ace lesbian mako mori with a girlfriend in j-tech
- more of raleigh’s old man sweaters
- herc & mako bonding through their grief & developing a father/daughter relationship
- mako inheriting chuck’s jacket & treasuring it
-confirmation that mako & chuck grew up together & were military brats that did stupid shit together
- hannibal punching newt for taking his shoe
- hermann getting a kaiju tattoo
- newt making dog/kaiju hybrids & having a small hoard of dog sized kaijus following him around
- max getting belly rubs & dog treats because the dog deserves all the love


♥♥♥ Hey guys! ♥♥♥
The past SDCC, my friend and I cosplayed as Hermann and Newt and My job was to do Newt tattoos to print them in tattoo paper.

I decided to upload them for all the Newt cosplayers out there to use!
The ONLY CONDITION IS, To take a picture or tag me here or in instagram
ALSO! In the pack of tattoos, you are going to find Tendo Tattoos and Desmond Miles Tattoo~♥

Have fun cosplaying!


I think about Newt with sleeves way to much.

Tattoo artist!Newt that spends the slow hours smoking in front of the building and flipping through magazines and generally looking like a model if you ask Thomas. Thomas who works across the street at the flower shop as he goes to college.

Brenda is the other artist, and like maybe Newt borrowed the money to star his business from her dad or something idc

And Gally comes in like three days a week to do piercings much too Thomas’ new found bisexual dismay.

Teresa has heard all about this hot-probably-a-murderer guy that punches holes in people. She isn’t impressed.

Minho hangs around the shop a lot. Probably steals kisses from newt when they aren’t bickering lets be real. And he’s always like “that doe eyed kid is creeping from the flower shop again” and newt and Brenda are just like “that loser he seems harmless”

And aris comes in a lot because he and minho went to school together and he’s like “this really sweet guy works at my aunt’s flower shop but guys he’s fine but he’s so simple sometimes.”

So finally newt is like “invite him over we’ll go for drinks”

I mean I just like thinking about newt all inked up but I’d kill for this to be a fic


Okay, hopefully this works this time.  Doubt how actually helpful this is going to be but I hope it’s at least somewhat informative. 

Let me know if there are any problems.  If you click on the photos you’ll see some of the captions I added.  Not all photos have a caption, but many of them do (detailing what your looking at. re: left or right and top or bottom)

thegoodshipotp  asked:

A quick message to say that I LOVE your tattoo sleeves that you did for Newt <3 They're so detailed! However, I was also wondering - you mentioned the 'print-out tattoo' method. Do you know anywhere that has his tattoo sleeves in a printable format at all? I haven't got an artistic bone in my body but I really want to complete my fem!Newt cosplay with a tattoo sleeve :) If you can't help, don't worry, it's just a sideline to my loving your drawn-on tattoos!

Aw, thank you so much! :D I have not used the print-out tattoo method myself but I know a few cosplayers for whom it’s worked very well. Definitely try looking at crowtoed or so-i-did-this-thing’s blogs; those two have used a design to print and it’s worked really really well for them! I hope you don’t mind me replying publicly but this way it could help others who are wondering about the technique! :D 

Their blogs also have detailed notes on the prep involved (i.e. shaving skin). 


How the tattoos turned out. Yamarashi’s ink ran badly for some reason down round his feet, which you can see in the bottom picture. The issues on both were massive air bubbles that I had a hard time getting rid of. But they were still good enough to surprise people. I’m thinking of segmenting them next time, though I’m worried about seams.

Also, the satisfaction of peeling it off. 

And so-i-did-this-thing, once again, thank you for the wonderful templates to make these tattoos! An Imperator Furiosa cosplayer recognized your designs! :D