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Trip for one⇔ peter parker x reader

Iced latte⇔ mob!tom x barista!reader

Peter parker

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Work of art

Night in

Slowly in love pt2 pt3

It’s you

So hot yet so cold

owl and the spider pt 2

Dancing queen

Dancing king

it should be me


Drunken I love you

Not the same

Writers block

Not good enough

Timothée chalamet

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Tom holland

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London bookshop

Honeymoon avenue

Pretty thoughts



Sweet pea

Finally at ease




You take care of me I take care of you boxer!tom

Face mask

Newt (the maze runner)

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Dark paradise

It’s okay

I love him

Moments in love

Letters from newt


Bad days

Bucky Barnes

Only you

After the storm

Walls (Newtmas x reader)

Summary: Following a terrifying near-death experience out in the maze, your best friends come to a startling realisation as they scramble to keep you as close as possible.

Word count: 10k (buckle up bc i’m taking you on a ride)

Warnings: A threesome, including activities such as oral (fem and male receiving), female (fem receiving), missionary and cowgirl. 

A/N: Nothing brings out hidden feelings like a near-death experience :))) I didn’t write this as first-time smut, so in my head, the three of them have already had sex (not with each other tho). You can figure out how that’s possible lmao. Anyway! Earlier in the year I wrote a dylmas x reader oneshot, and people expressed the wish to see one with newtmas, so I decided to give into everyone’s whims and do it. This is the longest fic coming out this month and it also happens to be one of my favourites, so I hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist | Juicy July

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You were running out of time.

As your shoes dug into the sandy ground of the maze, you couldn’t help but feel tears prick your eyes. Your heart was beating at a million miles a second, and you weren’t quite sure whether that was a result of the sprinting you were doing or the fact that you were scarily close to missing the deadline. If you didn’t return back to the Glade in five minutes, the walls would close and you’d be left, alone, trapped outside to spend the night being hunted by a griever. It would surely result in your untimely death and, fuck, you really didn’t want to die.

The familiar grumbling of the walls began to fill the air around you and you felt your heart skip a beat. Your legs already felt like jelly but you tried your best to speed up as you rounded the final corner, the exit just within sight when-

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Never Let Her Go

Writer - @dammnimagines
Requested? - nope

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the characters or events/ ideas. All credit goes to the creators/producers of The Maze Runner series.

Pairing - Newt x Reader
Summary - (Y/N) and the rest of the group that escaped WCKD find themselves in a mall full of cranks

warnings - swearing, fluff, cranks

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She’s The Same (Newt)

Newt x Reader - 1,270 Words

Request; A Newt x Reader where Y/N is really struggling with living in the maze. (Much alike to Newt who did so a couple of years prior)

Y/N was somewhere in the glade and Newt knew it. The doors had already been closed for a three hours and she’d only been missing for about an hour. But that didn’t stop his heart from racing. “Minho, I need you help.”

Newt stumbled his way to the stocky runner who loomed over a pile of maps. Minho looked up to see Newt, broken and hyperventilating, eyes glassy and clouded with fright.

“What’s up with you shuckface?” Minho asked.

He furrowed his brows and slowly stood up tall. Deep in his gut, the runner felt sick. He hadn’t seen Newt as frantic as this in two years. Last time, things ended up in Newt nearly losing his life. “Newt, talk to me!”

Minho grabbed the second-in-command and caught his gaze. “Y-Y/N she’s gone and I can’t find her. S-She - and hour or so ago she just disappeared. A-And I can’t find her anywhere - and she didn’t talk to me all day-“ Newt’s words fell out in an unbroken stream, the storm in his mind refusing to give way.

“Newt! Calm down! We’ll find her!” Minho shook his friends shoulders and tried to knock him from the daze he was trapped in. He guided Newt out of the map room and into the light of the glade.

“I’ll run the perimeter and get Thomas looking too. You go to the homestead and check to see if she’s there.” Minho commanded.

“She never goes in the homestead!” Newt cried back.

“Just look!” The runner forced and Newt didn’t even have time to question it before Minho took off across the glade. Hopelessly, Newt ambled towards the wooden building. Inside, he checked the kitchen, bathroom and closets. No sign of her. Hesitantly, he made his way up the stairs that groaned displeasingly with every one of his steps. He peered into every room, yet again with no sign. But, at the very end of the hall one of the doors was shut and no light seeped from under the door.

Slowly, he made his way down the hall and was finally met with his bedroom door. He gently knocked on the old, chipped wood.

“Y/N…?” He muttered and no response came. He couldn’t recall having pulled the blinds over his window in the morning and it was enough of a sign for him push open the door. The room was cool and bleak, the very air sour, burning his lungs as it entered. All of the other rooms had been full of the golden light of the dying sun but his was like the dark side of the moon. Cautiously, he made his way into the centre of the room and quieted his breathing. Sure enough, within an instant Newt cold hear faint stifled breaths from the back corner of the room.

“Y/N?” He questioned, staring into the dark abyss.

“N-Newt?” Her faded voice guided him closer to her. When he could almost feel the heat radiating off of her body, he slumped down onto the floor before her.

“What’s wrong, love?” Newt furrowed his brows and gently reached out into the darkness with his hands, luckily landing on hers which pulled her legs close into her chest.

“I don’t know…” Her voice caught and it struck Newt’s chest with a painful similarity. He’d heard the exact same words from himself just a couple of years ago. Beneath his hands, Newt could feel her body shaking, every muscle in her body atrophied. He cold feel the silence in her blood. She was sinking fast.

“Shh- it’s alright.” Newt shuffled beside the girl and sat up against the wall. He sympathetically pulled the girl into his lap and ran a hand over her hair, pulling her head close to his chest. Her body was curled in so tightly that she seemed no bigger than a child simply trying to shield herself from the world.

“It’ll pass…” Newt whispered as he hugged the girl tighter with every breath.

“Can you promise?” She whimpered, digging her nose into the crook of his arm.

“As long as you let me help you, yes.” With all of his endeavours, Newt knew the importance of human connection. He knew all a person needed was a simple smile from a friend time to time just to keep them sane. If Alby was able to keep Newt’s head above the waves of doubt, he knew he could do the same for Y/N too.

“Ok.” She muttered in a half-hearted response. Newt knew he entire conscience was clouded, not letting her think straight. Anything he said would either stick with her or diffuse through her mind.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, holding her even tighter. Y/N nodded between a sob that he could feel her stifle in her lungs.

With all of the strength he could muster, Newt lifted the frail girl off of the ground. Her body was lifeless and cold, the ache in her bones slowly diffusing into his own veins. He knew the pain all too well himself. Newt carried her across the room and set her down on his bed. The boy fell back onto the bed and pulled the girl down with him. He made sure her head rest on the pillow beside his and he stared into the darkness towards where he knew her face would be. Her body was still closed off so tightly, her knees were pressed against his chest as he tried to inch closer.

“If you’re going down, I’m coming with you.” His voice finally made it’s way into the girls head and suddenly everything came into focus. The doubt that blinded her faded away and she focused on his breath, following the pace he set with her own.

“That’s it, love.” Newt whispered. He knew she was a follower, and he knew that anything he set out before her she would take up. Even how fast he breathed.

The boy could feel her body soften beneath his arms, her legs releasing, stretching out and tangling with his own. He took his chance to pull her even closer to himself. She didn’t fight it. It wasn’t long before Newt could tell she had fallen asleep. He knew just how tiring living a reverse nightmare was. How horrible it was to be afraid to sleep, but also be afraid to be awake. He ran his hand over her face gently, brushing the hair he couldn’t even see in the dark away from her eyes. Not once had anyone in the glade shared his suffering. And how Y/N hid it for so long, he had no clue. But he saw her now for who she really was. An entire new picture painted before his eyes.

Light slowly crept into the room as the door was pushed open.

“Newt?” Minho squinted, trying to see into the dim room.

“Shhh-“ Newt whispered. The runners eyes finally adjusted and his mouth fell agape when he found the pair on the bed.

“What the shuck are you doing?!” Minho hissed and quietly made his way across the creaking floor.

“She’s the same.” Were the only words Newt could muster and Minho’s eyes went wide. He knew what Newt meant. Minho examined her frail body, her hair damp with tears. He’d never seen her look so vulnerable. The boy nodded.

“Dinner’s ready. I’ll tell Alby you guys are working on garden plans.” Minho said sympathetically and crept out of the room as swiftly as possible.

Newt knew they wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

Awkward Questions...
  • Everyone: *Eating dinner*
  • Chuck: Hey, Y/N? What's a hickey?
  • Newt: *Spits out his drink*
  • Thomas: *Falls off of chair*
  • Y/N: *Nearly chokes on food* W-What??
  • Chuck: I asked Minho, but he told me to ask either you or Newt.
  • Y/N, Newt, Thomas: *Glare at Minho*
  • Minho: ???
New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}

Part One  Part Two Part Three

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

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Note: Thank you all for being such amazing people and being patient with me! Thank you for loving my slow ass, and my stories, it means a lot that you guys stick with me!

It’s been a while since Y/n had seen him. Never had she thought the time would come that he’d be finally calling her phone, in such a long period of time. Six an a half years is a long time to wait. Especially for an ex. 

“I’m glad you had time to see me, Y/n. It’s been so long.” 

Y/n smiles politely, looking down at the cup of tea her company had ordered for her. 

“Well, I gotta admit, it was quite the surprise when you called, Newton.” 

“Newt. Please, call me Newt. You’re one of the very few that I allow to, and…I miss how it sounds coming from your mouth.” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck in nervousness. “S-Sorry, that um..sounded bloody creepy, but you get my point.”

Sighing heavily, her politeness was slowly starting to fade away. She knew what this was, she wasn’t stupid. In the past six years Y/n has gotten not one phone call or text message from this guy, and then all of sudden here he is acting all awkward and charming at the same time. Setting her cup down after taking a short gulp of it, she finally makes eye contact with the man before her.

“Look, Newton. Things didn’t work out between us because you loved your music more than I.” 

“That’s not true-”

“Let me finish,” She holds her hand up, silencing him. “I was understanding, I was fair and actually wanted you to be happy and let you go. I moved on. Which was a mistake, I’ll admit, but it helped my unhappiness turn into something else. I fell in love again. And now that I am once again heartbroken, you decide to turn up, saying sweet nothings to me as if all of what you put me through never happened. Now how is that fair to me? ” 

“Love, I came back for you because I realized my only dream was with you. You were my dream.” 

“Oh, cut the bullshit.” 

Newt’s eyes widen at her venomous tone. Last time he had spoken to Y/n, she had such a sweet demeanor about herself, everything about her was kind and gentle. Earlier on this little gathering she was calm and collected, but now she is speaking to him in such a way he had never heard her speak before. 

“What’s happened to you?” 

“Life, Newton. Life fucking happened to me. You wanna know what I’ve been through? You leave me for your stupid music career, not even returning my calls or emails or letters. Then, when I finally move on to another guy, I find out he’s cheating on me with some bitch for nearly half of the time we’ve been together, then trying to make me seem like the bad guy! And now that I’m somewhat over him, you show the fuck up! Out of nowhere!”

“Love, calm down-”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I deserve to be fucking mad! I put up with so much, sticking up for guys that don’t deserve it, and I wonder why I end up the same way! Heartbroken!” By now, she was starting to draw attention to their table, alarming a certain few while the others watched with anticipation. Newt stands up slowly with his hands up, trying not to provoke her any further. 

“Y/n, please, I didn’t mean to struck a nerve-”


“Can you please talk to me without cursing at me, for bloody sake?” 

“I just think it’s a coincidence how you show up, right when I start to get out of my funk and feel better about finally leaving that dickhead. Were you just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make your way back into my life? When I was at my most vulnerable? Well, news flash for you, buddy! The only thing you’re getting from me, are these hands!”

Y/n was about to jump right over the table and tackle the poor, confused, Brit. Luckily, someone was able to grab her by the waist at the right time before she could even cross the table. Holding her close to their chest, Newt was able to take a few steps back, while making eye contact with the person behind her. Y/n squirmed against their hold, until the familiar scent of pine clogged her nostrils. Her squirming ceased. For now.

“Who the bloody hell are you?” 

“Oh, you don’t remember me, Newtie? I’m hurt, I thought we had something special.” 

Once Newt’s eyes actually scanned his face, he glared. Lowering his hands from his self-defense stance, he crossed them over his chest. “Very funny, Pan. I see that you didn’t change at all. Except for getting uglier, of course.”

“And you’re still the same after all these years, as well. Except you’re still single.” 

Y/n pushes away from Peter with great force, nearly knocking him backwards. Straightening out her shirt, she huffs in anger. “What the hell are you doing here? Where’s your little sex toy?” 

Peter drew his attention to Y/n, the playful glint in his eyes turning melancholy. 

“Y/n, I know I am the last person you want to see right now, and I understand that. I was a completely asshole, and deserve to burn in hell for what I did behind your back. But, if you give me a moment to explain-”

“So it’s you.” Newt connects, as a grin started to form on his face. “You’re the one who cheated, while you were still in the relationship with Y/n. Did you honestly think you would get away with that?”

“Can we talk somewhere a little more private, love?” 

“No. And don’t call me that. We can settle this right here, right now. I’ve been waiting to actually kick your ass, now that the tears finally stopped. Do you realize how humiliated you made me feel after that night? How absolutely filthy you left me? And you had some nerve to try and blame me! The only person that saw good in you, cared for you, loved you!” Each word spoken was a shove to his chest, which he happily took. He was just glad that she was actually talking to him. 

“I understand that you are in pain-”

“Oh, you can’t even begin to understand! Giving your love to someone who you thought was the one, only to have it blow up in your face, you have no idea what that feels like!”

“I could’ve warned you in the first place, Y/n. It’s your own fault for thinking a bloke like Pan would ever-” Before he could finish his unneeded input, Y/n picked up his cup of tea and threw what was left of it into his face. It was just hot enough to prove a point: for him to shut the fuck up. “Ahh! Mother of fu-Jesus Christ! Shit, shit, shit, shit! Bloody, burning hell!” 

Newt rushes to find the nearest bathroom, a few workers following behind him, as others just stare in shock or gaze in amusement. Placing the cup back on the table, Y/n turns back to Peter, with rage darkening her eyes. 

“Y/n, I-”

“I thought I told you to stay the hell away from me. How did you even know I was here?” 

“That’s not important, what’s important is us fixing this problem that we have-”

We don’t have a problem! You do, and only you! I was perfectly happy being with you, I didn’t care what people said about your past relationships because none of that mattered, it’s in the past for a reason! I didn’t care when they called you bad news, I didn’t care that my parents didn’t approve of you, and I didn’t care how much we argued over stupid shit! What I cared about was you, and how much I loved you. You were there when Newt left, you were my friend, someone I could talk to when I needed it. You listened, you cared…And when you asked me out, I thought moving on was too good to be true, but you changed that. And look where it got us! Five fucking years I gave to you, and this whole time that was just a game to you.”

“It wasn’t a game-” 

“Hearing a lot of bullshit today, you know. You knew exactly what you were doing, Peter. And you knew the person you did it with I despised, yet you still did it anyway.” Tears were starting to form in her eyes, as the heat of the moment was dying down and reality was coming back to her. The man that broke her already bruised heart was standing right there, with the guts to say that he didn’t mean what he did. What does he take her for, a fool? 

“Y/n, what I did was unforgivable, we both know that. But, love, I regret it.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better? Three words that don’t matter at all to me? I regret giving you my time, mind, body and soul. I regret thinking that scum like you could ever change. I regret loving you, Peter Pan. So I’ll say it again, since you obviously didn’t listen the first time. Stay. The hell. Away. From me.” 

With that said, Y/n left money on the table and took her leave. Storming outside the door, she roughly wiped the single tear that escaped her eye before anyone could see. 

She was so over crying.

But, the sound of the door chimes made her stop only for a second. He seriously could not be trying to chase after her, could he? The rapid footsteps confirmed that prediction, making her bite the inside of her cheek, to stop herself from doing anything she’ll regret. Again. 

“Y/n, please! You gotta listen to me, love-”

“I don’t want anything to do with you, Peter. Just crawl back to wherever you came from, and forget we ever existed. Let me move on! Live your own life, so I can get on with mine!”

“Y/n, baby, I’m begging you!”

“Nothing you can say or do will change my mind, Peter-!” 

“ M A R R Y   M E ! ” 

In that moment…everything just stops.

From the noisy traffic, to the beating of her own heart. 

It was silent.

With her covered mouth agape, Y/n stands there in complete and utter disbelief. Seeing that he now had her attention, Peter slowly descended to one knee, staring up at her with eyes that were filling with tears. 

“Y/n L/n. Will you marry me?”  

Lockers’ room (requested)

Maze Runner Imagine – requested by anon

Title: Lockers’ room

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Reader Insert: Yes;

Raiting: T; M-ish;

Warnings: Make out session a little touchy;

Prompt: Omg. I love you. Could you do a imagine where your the new girl an Newt goes to your school and you like him and he stares at you a lot and one day your talking to him and a girl walks up to him and like flirts hardcore. And you get super jealous and run to a locker room to calm down and a couple minutes later he come in and you go to say something but he pushes you against the wall and kisses you hard then you guys talk?? Pleaseeeee❤️☺️

A/N: Soooooo. I had fun writing this. A lot of fun. It was kinda cute at first, then I let my passionate mind to write whatever it felt like, yeah. I tried to put the “hard kiss”, sweet anon. Tell me what do you think of course! Opinions are welcomes everytime!

Don’t be nervous, it’s gonna be fine and absolutely average like every day.

But she was nervous, like every day.

Y/N was a normal girl, with a normal life, normal tastes, normal everything. Only one thing wasn’t normal in her world: her crush.

She had been in love with Newt since the first day, when she looked at him subtly trying to not get caught staring, finding in that guy the perfect subject for her arts. She liked drawing, she’d fall in love with everything that was art, and Newt was perfect in his imperfections.

She liked the way he smiled, sometimes with his tongue between his lips or others open-mouthed, with the happyness reaching his dark brown eyes like they were stars in chocolate. Thing was, Y/N loved also the little private smiles he had for himself when he got well on a test, or those sarcastic grins he reserved for his friends in the football fields. The girl had noticed his limp, even if he was great at hiding it and she could notice it just when he was in a bad mood, but she loved it the same. It was one of Newt’s imperfections, and she loved him so much that those imperfections made him even more majestic at her eyes. His waist was thin, his shoulders weren’t large, but she liked his built. The way the veins popped up on the skin of his arms or the weird grace he had in his movements, which made him look casual yet elegant, with a new kind of charm that got Y/N like a spell.

Anyway, she never talked to him. He was quiet cool, not the most popular but not one of the “crowd”, and she was way too shy to make the first step. Y/N was in the most of his classes since three months, yet she never found a drop of bravery. Her best friend Teresa tried to force her to introduce herself because since the two of them were in the same art class and Teresa knew Newt very well, she forced Y/N to hang out with her group. Y/N never felt more embarassed in her life, but Newt acted kindly and gently towards the girl, making her heart losing several beats only for it to recover in a double speed.

And today she had chemistry, and the teacher said there would have been new labor couple. She could have the chance to be in couple with Newt. During that hang out they barely spoke to each other and since then Y/N only heard his voice from the distance, so that could be a great change.

She entered in the classroom slowly, looking around to find those familiar dark brown eyes, and then went to sit down at her place. Suddenly, a strange sensation gave her goose bumps. Y/N felt like someone was staring at her with the sun’s intensity, burning the skin of her exposed neck, but turning around she couldn’t find anyone staring at her that way. Maybe she pictured everything in her head, maybe daydreaming. But the second time she looked back, she saw someone quickly looking away. Someone who she found out was Newt.

Newt was staring at Y/N? Impossible. It couldn’t be possible.

Y/N blushed violently, suddenly finding her notebook very interesting, and didn’t glance anywhere until the teacher entered the class and started the calling. After that, she moved the places.

Unfortunately, she didn’t end in couple with Newt, but they were “neighbors”. And during the whole lesson, Y/N could say that Newt stared at her. A lot. She had her face constantly red and hot because of that, but sometimes she stared back at the guy making him smile. So she turned again at him, subtly, and there was it again. That small private smile that Newt reserved only to himself. A brief curling up of his lips behind his hand, too wonderful for her to ignore it.

Y/N didn’t notice that now their eyes were locked and it was impossible for the two of them to look away, and she couldn’t say for how much they stayed like that when she basically jumped on her place because of the bell ringing.

-I-I have to g-go- Y/N stood up quickly and took all her things, blinking in confusion when she looked away from those dark brown wells. Running through the hallway, she stopped at her locker and put the books inside it quickly, still dumbfounded. What was that? What happened in class? Why was Newt… like that?

For the rest of the day, she tried to avoid him, or ignore him, even if she knew he was staring at her with so much intensity she felt her skin burning. During art, the only lesson not in common with Newt this day, she found herself doodling his face on her notebook. Y/N blinked seeing how gorgeous was his smile even on paper in ink, but couldn’t help but keep thinking about him. Finally, during lunch break, she decided to speak to him.

The blond was also searching for her, so they stopped at his locker. -Why did you keep avoiding me all day?- asked Newt, frowning.

-I didn’t avoid you all day- Y/N replied, looking down. -I was just in my own world, y'know. I like to daydream.

-Good that. So you were avoiding me while daydreaming.

Y/N pointed her Y/E/C eyes on him with anger. -I was not avoiding you!- she also probably blushed, because Newt giggled sweetly at her sight and nodded carefully.

-Okay, okay, not doubting anymore- he assured her. -But… Listen… I wanted to ask you something.

-Huh?- the heart in Y/N’s ribcage started racing like crazy, trying to escape from her own body to run to him. -What is it?

Newt seemed hesitating. Was he unsure about something? Was he self-conscious and nervous? For what? For her? -I… Uhm…- he started stuttering, until someone interrupted them.

-Newton!- a high pitched voice bothered Y/N’s ears, but she didn’t know who that girl was. Well, not that she liked to: high heels, miniskirt, top who revealed more than cover, and a lot of make up on her face. Not the kind of girl she used to befriend with. -There you are! I searched for you everywhere.

-What do you want, Trixie?- Newt definitely knew her, but even if his expression seemed bothered, he kept his voice kind as always. And the other girl became an octopus. She hugged him tightly and took his arm, smiling and basically flirting with him with her eyes.

-I was just remindind you of our meetings. How about…- she lowered her voice in a hoarse, “hot” whisper. -Today at 4 pm at my place?

The conclusion hit Y/N like a ton of bricks. Trixie was his girlfriend. They were a couple. And she was inviting him at her place that afternoon to do God knew what. Y/N blushed violently and then turned completely pale in a rapid succession, zapping from Trixie to Newt so quickly she barely saw the both of them.

She opened her mouth to say something, but Newt arrived at her same conclusion and tried to keep her in place. -No, Y/N, wait, it’s not like…

-Don’t tell me “it’s not like it looks like”- Y/N snapped him coldly, trying to hide the hurt in her voice. But according to his expression, her eyes told him everything. -Because I think I got it perfectly right.

Trixie looked at her in that moment like if she had noticed her right now, and snorted in derision with an evil gleam in her eyes. Newt tried to escape from her grip, but before that Y/N turned on her heels and ran away from the hallway.

Y/N ran in the lockers’ room without hesitations. She didn’t even know why, maybe she just knew it was empty and she needed somewhere to hide.

She lost the track of time as she pressed her back against a locker until sitting down, tear coming slowing down her cheeks. That’s why she avoided him. Nothing could break her heart more than hope, hope that he gave her after reaching her.

-Y/N?!- a voice startled her and she stopped immediately sobbing. Y/N knew that voice too well in this moment. It was Newt. Newt came to search for her. -Y/N, c'mon, bloody answer me!

-Go away!- she replied, wiping her tears from her face.

Newt stormed right in front of her at the sound of her voice, concerned and pale. -Love, what are you doing here?- he asked kindly, propping himself on his heels. Y/N didn’t answer for several minutes, until he cupped her face in his soft hands. -Give me some bloody explanations, for fuck’s sake.

-Leave me alone- Y/N stood up quickly, but again he stopped her.

Newt frowned visibly. -What’s the problem?

-You tell me what’s the problem- she snapped. -Or should you tell me the name of it.

-The name…?- Newt bursted out laughing, making the girl blush. -You mean Trixie, right? God, love, she’s not who she seemed.

-She seemed your girlfriend- Y/N mumbled. -Is she or isn’t she?

-Trixie isn’t my girlfriend- Newt brushed his thumbs on Y/N’s cheekbones, smiling sweetly. -She’s just one girl I have to tutor. She has to pass some failed exams.

The girl was shocked. A tutor? He was only her tutor, huh? -Then why on earth did you let her–

Newt had enough. Y/N was about to scold him like a mother with his son, and he couldn’t bear it. Not when he was waiting to kiss her since the first moment he saw her this morning. He had to act, and he had to act fast. That was the reason why he just pushed Y/N against the locker behind her back and kissed her, cutting off her words.

Y/N forgot about them immediately. The kiss, which she returned, was hungry, passionate, just a war of want and need. They kept fighting against one another; no, they kept devouring each other with so much hunger they asked themselves how could they resist for so long. Newt pushed away from Y/N only when he was about to black out because of the needing of air; he even forgot to breathe as well as Y/N, too focus on the kiss that burned the two of them. They kept swallowing oxigen like drowning men, then kissed again even more eagerly.

Y/N scraped her nails on Newt’s nape, pulling gently his hair and playing with them, while his hands where on her hips. Then, she let her fingers grab his shoulders in a death grip, pulling him even closer to her, and the boy grabber her thighs to let her jump and lock her legs around his thin waist.

-Y/N- Newt tried finally to speak, pulling slowly away, but Y/N cut him off by kissing him for the third time. -Y/N, plea-mmhhh. Lemme talk. Mhh.

-Shut up- she didn’t want to hear anything. That moment was perfect that way.

But Newt was stubborn, and she found it out soon. -Y/N, listen to me- he whispered, panting like he was drowning, his lips red and sensitive from the attack. -I want to bloody clarify it. I was about to ask you out before, ‘cause I can’t stay away from you since you first introduced to me and…

-Shut up- Y/N said again. Yet, this time her eyes were shining by his words. -Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up.

Newt shutted, looking at her in expectation. She was leading. She had to say what to do now.

And she did. -Kiss me again.

-Bloody hell I will- he whispered.

And when they kissed again, everything vanished, and the whole world focused just on the two of them, bodies pressed against each other as well as their mouths in a war of want and need that had the both of them as winners.

Imagine Helping Newt out with his creatures

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Newt:”She’s not going to harm you just toss the food” 

(Y/N): “Newt this is a creature that takes a hundred wizards to handle”

Newt:”oh she’s a gentle soul” *you toss the food* “look see she’s really happy”

(Y/N): “So what next” 

Newt: “Next we need to take care of Frank, come on I’ve been talking a lot about you to them” 

(Y/N): “You are such a weird person, but I’m glad we’re friends”

Newt? Newt. (Newt Imagine/Newt x Reader)

Imagine getting sent to the Glade with your pet, which is a newt-typed lizard/salamander named Newt which was very overprotective to you and couldn’t get along with human-Newt.

You tried blinking your eyes to adapt to the sudden light. The ringing in your ears still hadn’t fade, and it only got worse with people crowding and talking. You couldn’t seem to remember what happened and where had you heard those voices. You were sure that you heard same people talking amongst each other like that before.

“Where am I?” You muttered to yourself.

Suddenly, a boy jumped down to that rectangular metal place you sat on. You felt movements on your shoulder, hidden by your hair. Oddly enough, you weren’t shocked. You weren’t shocked about not remembering anything and being in a weird place. You weren’t shocked about that move on your shoulder. In fact, if there was anything you remembered, it was that something you had. That thing that was moving uncomfortably behind your hair.

“Hey there, you okay?” The boy asked gently.

“I’m fine, I guess. Who are you? Where am I?” You asked.

“Let’s get out of this box first, okay?”

You nodded and he helped you climb out. Once your feet were on the grass, you looked around and noticed that you had gigantic walls surrounding you. Still oddly enough, you weren’t fazed or scared. Why was it? You should have, since you were at an unfamiliar place with no memory, except for something irrelevant. The movements on your shoulder ceased and replaced by erratic breathing. Blankly, you put one hand on that part and rubbed it as the breathing slowed. “Take it easy, we’re going to be fine.” You whispered.

“So? Where am I?” You asked again.

The boy who got you out smiled. “This is what we call the Glade. We’re Gladers, as you will be. Also as you can see, you’re the only girl here, but don’t worry, you’ll be just fine.” He said. “Do you remember your name?”

“Yeah, it’s (y/n). What about you?”

“My name’s Newt.”


You frowned as your rubbing continued. “Why your name-”


Your question was cut short when the thing on your shoulder jumped and attacked Newt. “NEWT!”


All Gladers and you shouted at the same time. But you weren’t shouting for human Newt, you were shouting for salamander Newt.

Oh yes, that thing on your shoulder was a newt. A bright orange salamander that you made pet a few months back, and you named Newt just like its biological name. Salamander-Newt had gotten attached to you after first few weeks being with you and it was very protective. If it saw something or someone ‘threatening’ you, it would jump and attacked said threat.

Although, why would salamander-Newt see human-Newt as a threat?

After a few pulling and scream, you managed to pull your Newt away from human-Newt. “What the bloody hell is that?!” Human-Newt yelled.

“(Y/n)! Drop that dangerous thing!” A black skinned guy shouted.

“Kill that thing already!”

“No! He doesn’t mean any harm!” You protested as you pulled your Newt closer to your chest. Salamander-Newt nuzzled comfortably to you, seeming proud that it had 'protected’ you from 'threat’.

“What is that anyway?!”

You scoffed. “What? You’ve never seen a newt before?”


“This is my pet! I’ve had him for months! He’s a Salamander, a newt to be exact! I didn’t want to find hard names so I just call him by his type, and that is Newt! That’s why I was confused when you say your name is Newt! What are you, a Salamander?!”

=͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛ =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛ =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛ =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛ =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛

Many Gladers made sure they never got too close to your Newt. You got along with everyone, but no one dared mention or even look at your Newt. You didn’t know if they were disgusted or scared, but it sure bothered you some times. You didn’t want to be their enemy, but if they avoided your Newt, it might be hard to raise Newt here. Your Newt liked meeting new friends as long as they weren’t dangerous, after all.

“Hey, Newt, what do you want to eat today?” You asked with a smile.

“Are you talking to me or to your pet?”

“Oh, Newt!” You turned around in surprise. Even after 2 months being in the Glade, your Newt and human-Newt couldn’t get along with each other. Geez, they were both Newt, why couldn’t they just be friends?

Your Newt hissed when it saw human-Newt, and human-Newt flinched. He still hadn’t got over the fact that someone as gentle as you had a vicious pet named just like him. “What was on your mind when you picked… Uh, Newt… to be your pet?” He asked uncomfortably.

“Well… I have a thing for lizards and such, I guess. Although there’s another reason that I don’t remember. When I got here for the first time, Newt calmed me by being with me so I didn’t really got overwhelmed with all these situations, and I’m really thankful that whoever put us here let me keep my Newt with me.”

Newt coughed awkwardly as he looked away with red face. You may not realize it, but the way you say my Newt made him giddy and happy. Yes, he knew you meant your beloved pet, but since their names were the same it felt like you were actually calling human-Newt as yours.

Did he have a crush on you?

Of course he did! You were the only girl after all! All boys liked you, that was why they tolerate your salamander-Newt. And only human-Newt got the privilege of being (feeling) called (Y/n)’s Newt, and it made him happy.

Maybe he should thank that over-protective orange lizard thing of yours.


…Then again, he shouldn’t.

Find Her. (Winston x Reader)

Request: Winston is dying/infected and tells the group to abandon him before he can turn into a crank. Y/N is separated from them and is not able to see Winston ever again, so he begs Thomas to find Y/N and keep her safe from WICKED, the cranks, and whatever is worse out there. His last words are his love for Y/N.

Tags: spoilers, death/suicide, guns, infection

A gunshot fires, cutting off the tension between Thomas and Teresa on the sand dune. It brought the entire group into panic and what they found out what happened made them run towards the cause.

It was Winston, who had the gun a few inches away from his head, dust and sand covering the barrel.

Thomas went into hysterics. ‘What happened? What happened?”

Frypan answered him, “I don’t know, Winston had the gun and he tried to shoot himself!”

“It’s growing … inside of me!” he croaks out to make out words he can speak. Thomas and the others paid attention as Winston lifts his shirt, revealing the swollen and horrifying pus, blood and scratches spreading across his stomach up to his diaphragm. 

He was only able to breathe through his mouth, but not normally.

“I’m not gonna make it. Please … please,” he held a hand out towards the gun in Fry’s hand. “Don’t let me turn into one of those things.”

The group stands but doesn’t budge, terrified and devastated to let their dear friend take his life- only to save him. Teresa looks at Thomas, depending on him to do something about it.

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part VIII of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”


Summary: “Crash and burn, Pan!” 

The weekend finally passed, and another week of school started. Peter was ready to tell you, after two days of arguing with himself, he had finally come to a conclusion that he was going to tell you how he felt.

He parked his car in the student lot, grabbing the rose he had gotten for you out of the cup-holder. With a deep breath, he exited the car, making his way to the building. On the way there he saw a group of kids, gathered around each other, snickering at their phones for some odd reason, while others just shook their heads in disappointment. 

When Peter came into view, the group stopped and looked at him, their expressions never faltering. “You should be ashamed, you know.” A girl spoke up, making him raise an eyebrow.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh don’t act like you don’t know, you filthy animal.” Another girl spat back, shocking Peter from the sudden insult. 

With the shrug of his shoulders, he decided to just ignore whatever they were bitching about, deciding it was not his problem. It’s not the first time he’s been called that before, but it is the first time he was confused on why. 

The same looks, mixed with disapproval and amusement, is what Peter got in the hallways as he stalked to find your locker. Confusion was definite on his face, as the people around him started to whisper among themselves, eyeing him intensely. He had made eye contact with two of his ‘friends’, Thomas and Newt, and they were also whispering, but watching him closely. He had a feeling something went down, and he must have missed it. 

Once Peter saw you at your locker, a small smile appeared on his face, as his grip on the rose in his hand tightened slightly. But, the smile quickly faded when he saw Henry talking to you. And you were…crying. 

An impulse came from his brain, straight down to his legs, as he rushed over, determined to beat the hell out of anyone who made you upset. But, he had yet to understand the cause of your tears. 

“Y/n! What happened, what’s wrong?” He asked once he reached you, but Henry spoke for you while you refused eye contact.

“Get away from her!” Henry pushed the taller boy, making him stumble just a tad. His eyebrows furrowed in anger, as he looked down at the younger boy.

“What is your deal-?”

“You are the most shallow, self-centered, low life I have ever met! How do you even live with yourself?!” Henry shouted, but could see the confusion still on Peter’s face. “Wow. You haven’t even seen the video, have you?”

“What video?!” Peter was starting to lose his patience, until you finally spoke up.

This video.” You glared through your tears, showing him the video on your phone.

“What? What are you chuckling at?”

“Don’t tell me you’re catching feelings for this chick, dude.”

“What? Fuck no, I could give two shits about her. Why are you asking?”

“I don’t know, I think I might have to agree with Thomas’s theory. Never in the years I’ve known you have you been this protective over some broad. Especially one with zero interest in you.”

“That’s not true, I’m only trying this hard to get her to trust me. I said I wanted a challenge, and you guys flirting with her is getting in the way of that. I don’t care about her feelings, or her in general. My only goal is for that purity of hers to belong to me.”

The video ended, and Peter’s stomach dropped so far to the floor, that he was sure he was about to throw up. As of now, there was a crowd around you, Henry, and Peter. Gulping, he tried to reach out to you with his free hand, the rose still in his other hand, behind his back.

“Y-Y/n, listen-”

“No!” You shoved his arm away from you, the tears starting up yet again, as you stared at the boy in pure hatred. “Was it all just a lie? How you wanted to get to know me, how innocent you acted just so I could trust you, so you could get in bed with me? That was your plan all along, wasn’t it?!”

“Y/n it’s not like that!” 

“Oh ho! It’s not? Would you like to see the second video?” You held the phone yet again, Peter’s eyes widening. There’s another one?

“You used the ‘Alexandra’ story again? Works like a charm, doesn’t it? You even got in a few tears I’m impressed in you, mate.”

“Y-Yeah…works every time.”

When that video stopped, Peter felt betrayal start to build up in his stomach. They recorded him…they set him up just in-case something like this were to happen.  Shame covered Peter’s face, as he saw the hurt and broken look you gave him, while everyone who was in the crowd watched.

“Y/n…I-I’m sorry-”

“Don’t!” You snapped, making him wince. “Do not even try apologizing to me, you bastard! You were lying to me this whole time, and I actually thought I misjudged you. But, it’s my own fault for opening up to someone like you, you are all the same.” You hissed, slamming your locker shut, picking up your bag from the floor. 

Panic started to fill Peter, as he needed to act quick. “Y/n, please, love! I’m begging you, just l-let me explain-!”

“I have NOTHING to say to you, anymore. I’ve wasted words on you. How do I even know it wasn’t you who drugged me at the party, huh? And you just decided to play innocent the whole time!”


“Stop saying my name!” You yelled out in frustration. “I don’t want to hear my name come out of your mouth ever again! I hate you, Pan.” 

That hit him harder than it should have. You, the only person that he liked saying his real name, say that you hated him. Ouch. 

Tears, actual tears started to well up in his eyes, as he dropped the rose that was in his hand. With that said, you walked away, Henry following close behind after he shot one last glare at the Brit. 

It was an awkward silence that filled the hallway, and by now Mr. Holmes heard commotion, and was making the crowd disperse. “What is going on out here? Get to class, the ‘lot of you, right now!” He shouted.

While he dismissed the students from the hallway, Thomas slowly made his way over to the hunched over Pan, hesitantly about to put his hand on his friend’s shoulder in sympathy. Thomas didn’t think it would go this far. 

“Pan, buddy, I-” Before he had time to react, Pan had whipped around and landed a hard punch to Thomas’s jaw, sending him backwards onto the floor.

He would have done much more, if it wasn’t for Newt quick to step in, and hold Pan back.

“You fucking piece of shit! Why would you do this to me, huh?! WHY?! What the bloody hell did I ever do to you?!” Pan shouted, hot tears running down his now rosy cheeks, teeth clenched together as he spoke. 

Thomas groaned in pain as he laid on the floor, spitting out a little blood. By now, Pan tired himself out from trying to fight against Newt’s hold on him. He broke down onto his shoulder, Newt looking at both of his friends, both in pain. But, separate kinds of pain. 

“Why would you do this to me…?” Pan sobbed, “I loved her…”

“This was for your own good, Pan. She was no good, you just met her. We didn’t want you getting-”

“Bullshit!” He pushed Newt away from him, anger starting to replace the sadness. “You planned this from the start, and you let something beautiful in my life slip away, and for what? Some stupid title?!”

“Pan…it was for y-your own good,” Thomas finally picked himself up, wiping his blood off his mouth as he did so.

“And how would you know what’s good for me, hm? Guys who fuck random girls because it’s fun, they have the better judgement, is that what you’re saying?” Pan sarcastically asked, as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. “I was moving on to a better future, and instead of doing the same or trusting my decision, you crushed it. What kind of friends do that?” 

Silence overcame the three of them, as neither one of them looked at Pan. “We didn’t mean for it to end this way. We didn’t know that she would overreact like this.”

“Oh? So someone you thought you could trust betrays you, is an overreaction to you? Wow…then we have very different definitions of the word.”

“Pan-” Newt started, but was cut off by him laughing dryly.

“You know what? Forget it. It’s over, you got what you wanted. Y/n won’t talk to me ever again, I’ll probably never love anymore because if I do, I know YOU guys will just ruin it. So, I guess you’re stuck with me.” His smile in a thin line as he chuckled darkly, to where it kinda freaked out the two boys. 


“But know this, you bloody cunts.” He glared, eyes darkening, the anger clouding his mind. “As of now and for the rest of your pathetic lives…we are no longer friends.”  

With widen eyes from both of them, Pan stomped the rose he got for you, smashing it beneath his foot. He turned, heading for the exit, not feeling school anymore today. 

What was probably going to be the best day ever for him, turned into the worst day in history for the both of you. 

Are we going to stay here all night, or are we going to kiss? (requested)

The Maze Runner Imagine – Requested by anon

Title: Are we going to stay here all night, or are we going to kiss?

Pairing: Newt x Reader;

Reader Insert: Yes.

Raiting: T;

Categories: Fluffy;

Warnings: N/D;

Prompt: I forgot the request. It was an imagine with reader insert, the maze runner fandom, character: Newt, fluff, F/M relationship, rated T, in which they play truth or dare with the gladers in a bonfire?

A/N: Since I’m lately obsessed with the new south london street accent (or I think this is that. If it’s wrong, please correct me), I’ve decided to give Newt a friend, i.e. Y/N, who has this accent. I hope I’m not to disappoint you with my choice.

“Okay, fine, who’s next?”

Minho grins stupidly from his place, searching his next target among the Gladers sitting in a circle around the plastic bottle on the ground. They are all at least tipsy, so it’s no wonder when Thomas smiles like a loon and nudges Y/N, who returns the act with a light giggle.

“Shank, you gotta bloody hurry, we don’t have the whole night”, Newt rolls his eyes to enphatize his words, and Y/N giggles again from her place, making everybody smile (even that sour soul of Gally).

“You scared, bruv?” she asks, licking her lips. “Worried Minho got somefing in ‘is brain tonight and ’s gonna make yers a shucking hell?”

Newt scoffs. “'F course not, love. Just bored here, that shuckface is bloody slow.”

It’s Minho’s turn to react, and an offended expression covers his grin. “I’m not slow. I’m just choosing wisely.”

“You’ll never be wise enough, deal with it” Thomas punches his shoulder. “Just say it!”

“Fine! You’re an ugly shank, you are.” Minho points the plastic bottle to Alby. “I choose you. Truth or Dare?”

Alby, completely unimpressed, shrugs and says, “Truth.”

“Did you ever think to get laid with some of us here?”

Gally groans, and Chuck seems confused. “What does 'get laid’ means?”

Y/N covers his little ears immediately. “Nofing, Chuckie, forget it”, and then she manages to kick Minho’s right knee from the opposite side of the circle, making him yelp in pain.

“What? It’s fair, shut up.”

Alby just blinks. “I did. But none of you is enough attractive, you shucking slinthead. Thought you could compare at least with Y/N, but nope, the only one worth it is taken”, Alby pretends to sigh in resignation, but he gained the attention of the rest of the Gladers with that answer.

Frypan and Jeff exchange a glance, then the latter speaks first. “Taken? By who?”

Y/N frowns. “’m not taken, you shank. Slim it.”

“No, but seriously, by who?” Thomas leans forward as he’s about to listen to a secret, but Alby keeps his mouth shut until Minho throws him his shoes. The others immediately start speaking over each other to clear this new detail.

“Oi, stop it!” Y/N yells, trying to calm them down. “I’m not taken, it’s me choice whenever I am, and I’m not.”

Newt speaks for the first time after Alby’s words. “Then what did this bloody shank here mean?”

“Newt! Not ya too!”

Alby smirks a chesire-cat grin. “Let’s find out immediately.” He takes the plastic bottle from Minho’s hands and points it at Newt. “Truth or Dare?”

Newt tenses under his gaze, and slowly every glader in the circle turns to eye him suspiciously. He blushes, but keeps silent. Even Y/N doesn’t have words for that.

After what seems like ages, he finally speaks outloud. “Dare.”

“Tell Y/N what are your feeling for her.”


The dare is a ice cold shower thrown on everybody present there. Newt is completely frozen, and Y/N slowly turns to look at him with her Y/E/C wide. Okay, fine, maybe Newt has a little crush on her. Maybe every time he has lunch with Alby he can’t stop talking about her, but it’s just fair. Y/N is a great worker; she doesn’t stop until she’s satisfied, and she’s got every glader at her feet for how strong and charming she is. Y/N and Newt has spent a lot of free days together, playing, maybe flirting, or just sorting out with Alby some of the problems of the Glade. She’s also caring and kind, and that’s really helpful with the newbies.

So, maybe Newt’s head over heels in love with her.

Someone punches his shoulder and snaps him out of his thoughts, and the second in command finds the situation basically worst than before. Everyone is looking at him, especially Y/N. She looks like Newt could jump on someone and act like a Griever at every moment. She’s basically terrified, then. But that’s something else, something never seen in her eyes that makes Newt wonder what does she think about everything happening there.

Is she disappointed? Is she… reluctant?

Newt swallows and looks down, but Alby calls his attention back. “So? Are you going to or should I prepare another dare for ya, shuck face?”

None of the Gladers around them can understand the real meaning under that threat, but Newt knows better than that. He can feel the menace of those words, can feel the challenge and he knows Alby did it because he doesn’t usually back down from them.

“Why would ya? It’s not like I’ve something worth to hide, or confess.” Newt snorts, sarcasm dripping from his voice. He’s about to lighten up the mood with some witty comeback, when he eyes Y/N’s eyes darkening in disappointment. So, she was expecting something. She was… She was hopeful for something. Newt recovers immediately from it.

“It’s not that I bloody like her”, he goes on. Y/N looks away. She’s just about to stand and… “I just love her. ’s not big deal.”

Y/N’s face snaps up and her eyes lock with his. “What?”, she gasps. Her breath itches in her throat, and that’s probably the best sound Newt’s ever heard. “Ya what?”

Newt shrugs, then shows a sheepish smile. Nobody else dares to talk, but their expression do that for them: they are almost all shocked, everyone except Alby, who knew exactly what Newt was going to do. Finally, is the last thought he concedes before standing up.

“That’s it, the night is over!” he exclaims. “I believe everyone here has something to do now. For example, sleep”, he looks over Newt and Y/N, “or talk.”

The Gladers groan in sync. “What? But… But-” Thomas tries to say something, but Minho interrupts him. “Are we going to leave them here without doing anything? Fucking shuck, Newt just confessed his shucking feeling! I want to see what she’s–”

Alby grabs Minho’s shirt and puts him up, cutting off his voice to call Gally and force him to move Thomas. Chuck goes away on his own, and after a few minutes Y/N and Newt are alone. Completely alone.

Y/N is silent, and Newt is bloody embarassed. Why did she not say anything yet? Oh, god, has he misunderstood her look? But then, when her voice calls him after he looked down, he can feel his bloody heartbeat race in his chest.

“Did ya mean it?” Y/N seems… cautious. Like she doesn’t believe Newt; not completely, at least.

Newt narrows his eyes. “I do.”

Y/N lets a shuddering breath, but her expression changes. Newt knows it was the right thing to say then, because the wonderful smile that splits her lips is worth it. Oh, if it’s worth it. She comes closer to sit in front of him, so close he can feel her breath on his lips, and she’s still smiling after a few minutes of silence.

“I think I love you too”, the words make his heart race after losing a beat, as if he’s trying to make up for that. Her eyes are shining like starts in the dark night, lightened just by the soft light of the bonfire far away from them.

Newt wants to cry, and yell, and laughs, and kiss her, but he just snorts amused, pressing their forehead together. “You just think? That’s bloody rude, love.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is. I told ya I’m sure.”

Y/N isn’t even looking in his eyes anymore, she’s looking at his lips as their noses brushes together, their faces coming closer. “Then why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“Thought you didn’t want me back. I mean, you wouldn’t surprise me if you said no to every kind of relationship just because we’re in an awful situation and we coud die in every moment.” Newt sighs, his breath warming up her lips.

Y/N hums quietly and thinks about his words, but she laughs after that, finding the excuse almost funny. “I can’t say no to you, Newt. You know that.”

“Well, I know now.”

She laughs again, lips closed in an amused smirk. “So?”

Newt blinks, almost drawing back to look better at her. “So what?”

“Are we gonna stay here all night, or are we gonna kiss?” A blush creeps up in Newt’s face, but he fights it down, playing it cool with a smirk.

“And here I thought you were not sure whether or not you loved me.”

“Maybe I need a kiss to find out”, she shrugs with a playful expression, and Newt lets her win, brushing his lips against her in a chaste kiss. Y/N sighs again, but it’s with relief. Newt doesn’t have time to ask her what she’s thinking that she’s kissing him thoroughly, biting his bottom lip to make him gasp and gain access to the inside of his mouth. And then, here she is, exploring it with her tongue, making the glader flush down to his neck, and they’re about to deepen the kiss even more, if it wasn’t for the screams coming from the homestead. Both of them startle, and they see as Minho, Thomas, Jeff and Frypan are celebrating their union dancing in front of the door. Y/N rolls her eyes.

“Me room or yours?” she asks, her eyes blinking innocently.

Newt doesn’t have to hear that twice. “Yours.”

Maybe Alby wasn’t such a slinthead with that dare.

Imagine Newt introducing you to his creatures

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Newt:”Come on (Y/N) They don’t bite… most of the time”

(Y/N): “Why did I let you talk me into this”

Newt: “This is Niffler, and he has stolen your necklace. I’ll get it back don’t worry”

(Y/N): “Newt your Bowtruckle is on me” 

Newt:”Relax, he is just making sure you’re okay. Just wait till you see the rest of them”

(Y/N):”There is more!, okay let’s just do this slowly so I don’t have a heart attack”

Maze Runner: Newt

Here’s my first fanfic on Tumblr, hope you enjoy.

Warning(s): Glader Slang (only a warning since I have lots of trouble using their slang in any story, along with British words because I’m American and don’t get to hear a lot of British words ever), fluff (if that is how you write fluff, since I’m clueless).

Fandom(s): Scorch Trials

Requested: No

Paring(s): Newt x F! Reader (Y/N)

Summary: Short (blurb? possibly) of slight loneliness (me every day) and some love of sorts from both characters.


All of the Gladers, including Aris, bunker down for the night, a small fire in the middle of the circle the created.

Teresa sits by Aris while Newt is a few feet in front of them, with Minho, Frypan and Thomas sit on the other side of the fire. 

Y/N sits in between Aris and Newt, keeping to herself as usual. Ever since the Maze, Y/N hasn’t talked much. Mostly just to Thomas and Minho. She did talk to Newt a lot in the Maze, but after developing a huge crush on the Brit after a week of being brought up a few months after Newt went up, she decided to just ignore the feelings; even if that meant ignoring the blonde boy as well.

Small chatter was filling the silence of the desert, while others gathered around the fire to keep warm, Y/N kept away slightly, shivering like crazy under the jacket she found in the compound WICKED had them in.

Leaning against the old crate of sorts, she closes her eyes, ready to sleep for energy for the trek tomorrow.

“You alright, Y/N?” A voice asks softly, their accent thick. Y/N opens her eyes, her gaze falling upon Newt. His expression is one of concern, while the blanket draped over his shoulders hangs off loosely.

She nods, closing her eyes again to not have to look at him, trying to hide the blush rushing to her cheeks under his stare.

“I don’t think you are. You’re trembling,” The blonde points out, and he shuffles toward her, putting an arm around her shoulders. 

She jumps, not expecting the contact, and especially from the more closed-off boy who was second-in-charge back in the Glade. Her eyes fly open, finding a pair of warm eyes with slight nervousness hidden to their depths stare back at hers, the bags under his eyes showing just how stressed and tired he really is. His lips are upturned in a soft smile, while his features are glowing with the light of the fire.

“Just because we’re more focusing on getting through this bloody dry land doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed that you’re avoiding me more,” He mumbles toward her ear, before distracting himself by fixing the blanket over both of their shoulders to keep warmth.

“Not avoiding your shuck face,” She mutters with a slight smile, while her head leans down onto his shoulder with the help of the Brit pushing her head gently to rest comfortably. “trying to avoid feelings that seem stupid and irrelevant out here in the shucking Scorch as they called it. Besides, I doubt the feeling is mutual.”

“Oh really? How could you even think that I couldn’t think of you like that? You’re beautiful, smart, and you can stand up for yourself. How could I not like you?” He murmurs, making her lift her head up and open her eyes to stare wide-eyed at Newt.

“What?” She whispers, though she heard every word.

“I like you back. The only reason I got the bloody courage to tell you is because Minho, the shuck face, doesn’t stop buggin’ teasing me about how I feel while telling me you feel the same.” Newt smiles, shaking his head at his friend. “Besides, why let a friend freeze? I don’t want to lose any more friends, and especially not one I’ve liked since I met her.”

Y/N smiles shyly as she leans her head back on his shoulder, curling into his side for heat as well as to hide the blush from his comment. She wraps her arms around Newt’s arm, snuggling further into his side as he places a soft, lingering kiss to the crown of her head.

“Get some sleep, love. I’ll be here when you wake up,” He mumbles, and she hums quietly in response while a small smile never leaves her lips as she falls into the first peaceful dream state in a long time.

Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: YES,  Omg, i’ve loved the doll imagine, have you thought about a second part?,  Omg doll was so good!! Part 2!?!?,  Plzz do a part 2 of Doll it was so amazing😍,  Please do a part two of doll, I KNOW YOUR REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BUT I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF THERE WOULD BE A PART 2 To the peter pan doll imagine?? It was really good!

Warnings: LONG,  Greaser!Peter, Soc!Reader, swearing, ooc!peter, kind mention of rape, but not too far sweeties!

By now, you and your friends parted ways after the little mishap at the drive in. They weren’t exactly ready for the night to end, and were going to head off to a party. You, on the other hand, just wanted to go home at this point, and relax. You’ve had enough excitement and aggravation for one night. Or did you?

Walking down the sidewalk toward your house, you didn’t notice the blue mustang that was slowly cruising by your side. Right away, you recognized the car. It belonged to your current ex boyfriend, Thomas. Thomas was just like you, a soc in a high place, living the life of luxury. Well…that’s the only thing you two have in common, where you live. After that, if it weren’t for his money, he would be considered a no good greaser. 

He stopped the car, him and his buddies getting out, with alcohol in their systems. Thomas stumbled his way over to you, while Newton and Minho came from behind you, trapping you from walking the other direction. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” He slurred, playing with strands of your hair. “Saw you at the drive-in earlier…the greaser trash giving you a hard time?” 

“Get away from me, and it’s none of your business.” You snapped, trying to push him out of your way, only for him to push back. Almost tripping over your feet, you were lucky enough that his friends each grabbed your arms, holding you steady. 

“Whoa whoa, why so snappy tonight? I thought I told you to fix that attitude. It’s not very lady like, doll-” 

You spit in his face as soon as the pet name escaped his mouth. You hated them to begin with, you weren’t a dog. But ‘doll’ just made your blood boil the most, ever since 7th grade. Especially coming from someone who cheated like his life depended on it. 

That gesture didn’t go unnoticed, as anger started to cloud Thomas’s drunk mind. With one hand he wiped the spit off his face, then used that same one to strike you across your right cheek. You yelped at the contact, hissing at the pain. Tears started forming in your eyes, but you refused to let them out as you stared at Thomas in pure shock. Shaking his head, he motioned for his friends to shove you into the wall, holding you up high to where your feet no longer touched the ground. 

He stood in front of you, Newt on your left and Minho on your right. Thomas’s hands started at your knees, and slowly made their way up your legs and into your skirt, while still making intense eye contact with you. Noticing that you were about to scream, he raised his hand again, making you flinch and whimper. 

“You want to act like a bitch, that’s fine. Make a single noise, and I’ll treat you like one. Understand?” He growled, his hands getting closer and closer to your private area, to where you couldn’t hold the tears in anymore. His buddies smirked at you, while Thomas slowly groped your area. It didn’t feel pleasing at all, as the tears continued to cascade down your cheeks, while little whimpers escaped your mouth. You wanted to scream bloody murder so bad, but was afraid of what he would do to you if you did. But, you were terrified with what might happen if you don’t. 

While being pressed against the wall, no one noticed the group of greasers coming down the street, just coming back from the drive-in. Getting kicked out for sneaking in led them to a shortened evening, so now it was off to the streets to mess shit up. But, the sight that quickly killed the leader’s buzz of excitement, was the sight of his girl…yes, his girl, being held against her will and…

Peter ran at full speed at the four of you, his gang following without question, sensing that something was wrong. He started shouting toward the guys, alarming them that trouble was coming their way. Thomas quickly pulled away from you, his friends letting you drop to the concrete as they saw how out numbered they were, practically shitting their pants. Before they could even comprehend, and because of the alcohol in their systems, they were trampled to the ground. Peter beating the shit out of Thomas, while Felix and a few older boys took care of Newt and Minho, who failed at trying to run away. 

The younger boys that were apart of Pan’s gang helped you off the ground, as gently as they could, knowing if they accidentally so much as made you uncomfortable, Pan would have their heads.  Once you stood up straight, you fanned them away with your hand, signaling them not to touch you and that you were fine. You watched as Peter had Thomas practically bleeding on the pavement, going over to the two and hearing what he was shouting at the almost unconscious asshole. 

“Touch,” Punch, “Her,” Punch, “Again,” Punch. “And I,” Punch, “Will cut,” Punch, “You’re bloody dick off,” Kick to the stomach, “Myself!” Another punch sent Thomas into a daze, as he tried crawling away, but Peter was quick to nudge his shoulder back down to where he laid flat on the ground. He leaned downward, breathing heavily as he slapped Thomas’s cheek a few times, making sure he was still alive. Once he opened his eyes giving Peter his answer, he added. “And I will make you eat it, white trash.” 

What no one else expected to happen was for you to walk even closer, to where you stood right next to Peter, staring down at Thomas with pure hatred. Breathing hard and fast through your nose, you spoke with venom clear in your voice. 

“Don’t ever call me ‘doll’,” And with that, you gave him a hard ass kick to the crotch, making him groan loudly with pain. Thomas looked up at the both of you, slyly Peter had wrapped his arm around your waist as you leaned into his hold.   

What you couldn’t see was the shit-eating grin Peter wore on his face, as he glared at Thomas along with you. With a snap of his fingers, Felix and the couple of boys that helped, dragged an unconscious Minho and fucked up Newt back to the blue mustang. 

“I suggest you hop into your pretty car there, and drive your drunk ass back to your side of town. If you so much as look in my doll’s direction, I will make it a promise that if I ever go back to jail, it’ll be for murdering you.” 

With a curt nod, Peter had Felix lift him up, and shove him into the front seat of the car, slamming the door shut. Even in his condition, Thomas didn’t hesitate to turn on the engine, and speed down the road. Once they were out of sight, you quickly pulled away from Peter, speed walking in the direction of your house. 

With a shocked and confused look, Peter dismissed his gang to their own things for the rest of the night, while he chased after you. When he caught up, he gripped your shoulder, turning you around to face him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Put the breaks on it, sweetheart, where do you think you’re going?” 

“Leave me alone, hood, I’ve had enough tonight. I just want to go home,” You go to walk away again, only for him to step in front of you, making you sigh in aggravation.

“What about moments ago? You-”

“I only let you put your hands on me to show Thomas that you were around to protect me, so he would leave me alone. Something I’ve done to you a couple of times, and yet you still keep coming back.”

The look on his face almost made you regret telling him that. He looked hurt, like a kicked puppy on the street. Well, basically he is one. And you’ve kicked him so many times, he does’t know why he keeps coming back for more. He can’t explain it. He looked around for a short moment, then down at his feet as his hands went into his jacket pockets.

“You know…I could have just kept walking, like I normally do when some chick is being pushed around, or in a situation like you were in. You could have been raped, Y/n, do you not understand that? That if I hadn’t have recognized you on the spot…” He seethed, his green eyes blazing from the adrenaline still running through his veins. “And I practically saved your prissy ass, and I don’t even get a simple ‘Thank You’? Am I really just too much of a poor loser, you can’t be nice enough to thank me?” 

His words cut you like knives. He had a strong point that no matter what sarcastic comeback you could pull, what roll of your eyes could change, he could not be more right. You two used to be friends, and now you couldn’t even be grateful that he was there for you, even when you didn’t need him to be, he was there. And the hurt, an emotion you didn’t know he could feel anymore, that was in his eyes shattered you from the inside. 

“And you know what I hate the most about you, about this?” He asked, you looking down at your shoes, too ashamed to make eye contact. “That no matter how bitchy, how mean, how awful you treat me and the greaser side…I still love you, doll. And I don’t care if you beat the living daylights out of me for calling you that, but it’s the truth. And you want to know why you hate that nickname so badly?” He raised an eyebrow, continuing, even if you were going to answer or not. “You remember those love letters you got in the 7th grade? That always called you that nickname in them, and you would be teased because of it?”

Your head shot up fast, as you finally made eye contact again. No…no.

“Yeah. Those were from me. A poor, pathetic greaser, in love with the pretty, rich girl. Cliche, isn’t it? Surprised you didn’t see it was me, but instead you chose Thomas. But, hey! What does it matter, huh? You already made it perfectly clear you want nothing to do with me, no matter whatever the hell I do for you. So fine! You want your space, then I will let you have it.”

“Peter..I-I never-”

“But just know this, love,” He turned away from you, already walking the other direction. He popped his collar upward, lighting up a weed.  Inhaling the toxic chemicals, he raised his eyebrow as he looked you up and down. “He’ll be back. And this time…he can have you.” 

Almost running over the new flatmate (requested)

Maze Runner Imagine – requested by anon

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Prompt: Aye can you please do a Newt x Reader AU where Newt is the new kid and the reader is a popular girl who likes him or vice versa? I dunno how it’ll end but I think it’s a fun idea to explore!

A/N:That was really funny to write. You said it right, anon, it’s a funny idea to explore! Actually, I was thinking about making a part 2, or even a long-short story about this plot, what do you think? Read this, and then tell me your opinions, mate!

-Tommy, wake Minho up, we’re late.

Thomas groaned with his face on the table, trying to wake himself up enough to prepare his breakfast. Unfortunately, the three of them stayed up at night till 3 a.m. The night before like almost every night, thing that seemed to tire both Minho and Thomas, but not Newt. The blond was always ready before they could even make an effort to climb off bed. Especially Minho, who tried to sleep more time possible, risking to be very late for his classes. When Newt arrived late at school, it was always Minho’s fault.

Most of time, though, when the boys weren’t ready, the blond would have left driving his motorbike, knowing that Minho would drive for the two of them. Anyway, that morning he didn’t want to wait.

-C'mon, shank- Newt said. -I allow you to use music to wake him up. I want to hear every song from down here, good that?

Thomas immediately sat up, searching for something that could say it was a joke. But it’s wasn’t. -Be right back!- he exclaimed storming away through the stairs to go in Minho’s room. The shank was still sleeping, wrapped in his blanket, looking way more innocent than in real life, awake and mischievous. Thomas silenty stepped until he reached the stereo, then he turned the volume of the song up and climbed to jump on the bed. Minho immediately growled, turning on his stomach and hiding his head under the pillow.

-Wake up!- Thomas yelled, jumping on his knee and shaking Minho. -Wake up, Min! We’re late for school, you slinthead!

-Thomas, leave me the shuck alone!- yelled angrily the boy, trying to sleep anyway despite the loud music. Newt made a face in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for Tommy and Minho while he was eating his own. The blong was mentally complaining on the volume.

-Bloody hell, Tommy!- he yelled whispered. -I didn’t tell you to turn it so loud.

But in the room, Tommy started to punch Minho with his pillow, making the dark-haired guy roar like a lion before he tried to catch the other one. Thomas ran down the stairs to the kitchen, but in the mid of his was Minho caught him and pushed him against the floor, starting to hit him with his pillow. Newt sighed and went to control them, snorting silently at that scene.

-Minho, can you at least put on some bloody pants?- Newt complained.

-I’m in my home!- Minho replied, hitting Thomas who was begging for him to stop. -I do whatever I want!

-Yeah, tell that to our new flatmate!- Thomas tried still to defend himself grabbing Minho’s forearms, but it was Newt that convinced the asian to give up his revenge to eat the bloody breakfast. They were bloody late, so the blond just explained them what to do, took his backpack and his helmet, then he went to the parking and sat on his motorbike.

Newt turned on the motorbike, ready to go to school.

Y/N searched again for her favorite notebook in her backpack, walking fast on sidewalk. The music in her ears was loud, at least relaxing her nerves. It was her first day at the new high school. That day she would also meet her new flatmates, but only after classes. Her anxiety was about to make her puke, but she tried to distract herself. She would have drawn something, but she couldn’t find the notebook on which she drew every little sketch.

With a loud huff, she crossed the road closing her backpack. She was already late because she had to pass before at the secretery to retire the list of her classes and book, the map of the school and everything she needed to settle in. But half way she saw something with her sidelong, and turned quickly. Y/N screamt, stepping back faster than ever, when a motorbike almost ran over her. The girl immediately took off her headphones; the driver probably called her before, but she didn’t hear anything because of them.

-Bloody hell!- she heard the driver yell. -What the shuck were you doing, trying to kill yourself?

Y/N felt herself blushing, but she stepped away to reach the sidewalk. -I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice!- she tried to apologize. The driver took off his helmet, revealing the face of a blond handsome guy with brown eyes.

-What do you bloody mean with “I didn’t even notice”?- he replied. -I was right in front of you. Almost killing you. Are you bloody insane?

Y/N frowned. -Hey, listen up, I said I’m sorry- she said, grumpy. -Now fuck off. I’m fucking late and I won’t waste my time with you!

Without adding anything else, she turned on her heels and stepped firmly in the school’s direction, living the blondie on his motorbike with an annoyed expression on his face. She entered in the hallway and went in the secretary, retiring everything she needed to. A senior, a dark-skinned guy, grumpy and taciturn, showed her the school after while everyone was going in class, then explained her where she should go for her first class. The senior, who she found out was called Alby, left her right after the end of the explainations. Y/N huffed, searching for the classroom Alby told her to go in, and she knocked on the door before entering. Oh, Chemistry lab! How lucky she was, she thought ironically. Fortunately, the teacher just had started the appeal when she went in there.

-Oh, miss Y/L/N!- he said, standing up from his desk. -Glad you’re here! The principal told me you’d be a bit late, but you arrived sooner than I expected.

He turned to his class and she did the same, smiling a bit. -She’s Y/L/N Y/N, and she will be with us from now on. She came yesterday, so be gentle with her and help her settle in.

Y/N smiled a bit, knowing that it wasn’t necessary so much kindness from the teacher. She waited until the presentation was done, then searched for a free place, hoping to find a desk without anyone. Unfortunately, the only free place was next a boy, and going closer to him, she regretted to have chosen that subject. The blondie of that morning was standing in front of her, hesitant to let her take that place just like her.

So, there she was, the girl who he almost ran over on that morning. Y/N, nothing less than his new classmate, and probably lab partner. They both looked all around the class, reluctant to sit down next to each other, but that seemed to be the only free place in the whole class.

Minho and Tommy behind him were analyzing the new girl and they seemed to like her a lot since they started arguing on who had to move next to Newt to let her sit down with him.

-She’s hot, and I’m fabulous, so fuck off, shank- Minho ordered whispering to Thomas, who elbowed him and cut his next words. Y/N was still hesitating, but the teacher called her and told her to sit next to the blond, who just shook his head in disappointment.

-Bloody hell…- mumbled Newt in the end, taking off his backpack from the chair next to him. Y/N plopped down hers and took place next to him, mumbling something under her breath. Behind the two of them, Minho and Thomas stopped arguing for the place, but Newt still heard them arguing. The lesson started, and both Newt and Y/N ignored each other.

Newt than find out that she was in most of his classes, and the few ones not in common with him were in common with Tommy or Minho. The last shank pretty much wanted to ask her out just after a few hours, but she never spoke to the three of them. Newt actually waited for apologies by her, but she never told anything. At the end of the day, the trio went to their lockers to take the few books they needed to study at home. -So, when will the new flatmate come at home?- asked Tommy, checking out his phone.

Minho shrugged. -I sent a message to the one who was interest to come and check us out today. Probably he, or she, is at school, so we could meet now.

-That’s a bloody good idea- nodded Newt, closing his locker. -Try to call the number now, maybe he, or she, will answer.

Minho did as told, calling the new flatmate of the guys. They were waiting, when someone’s phone rang. They looked concurrently in front of them, glaring at a girl so hurried to answer at the call. In the same instant she spoke, a female voce said “Hello?” in Minho ear. -Turn behind you- he simply said, frowning.

The girl turned around, and the trio had three different reactions seeing Y/N as the new “flatmate”. -Do you know that sentence sounded pretty creepy, don’t you?- she commented, raising an eyebrow. Thomas was literally surprised by that coincidence, while Minho was amused and smug because that way he did have more chances to ask her out. On the contrary, Newt huffed annoyed, looking up in frustration.

-Yes, baby girl- Minho smirked. -We know. So, you’re the one who’s gonna live with us?

-Live with… What…- Y/N was first confused, but then she understood why Minho had her number. They were the owners of the apartment she was interested about. That meant… -Oh, my god. You’re my new flatmates? Seriously?

-Why are you saying so? Are you shucking disappointed from us?- asked Thomas, curious about that behavior.

-Don’t misunderstand me- she defended herself. -I pretty much like you- she pointed to Thomas and Minho. -But I don’t like him- then, she pointed to Newt, who laughed and huffed at the same time.

-Oh, don’t be bloody ridiculous! It was your fault!- he bursted out, crossing his arms.

-No, it wasn’t!- she replied. -It was you who almost ran over me, not the opposite.

Thomas and Minho turned to face Newt. -You did what?!

Newt gulped. -Maybe, but you were in my bloody way!

-Oh, so, if someone is in your way, than you should bloody ran over him! You’re a serial killer, you bastard!- she exclaimed. Newt were about to answer with something even worse than a simple “bastard”, but Thomas cut them off. They needed to stop arguing, because that would definitely make their life together really awful. Better leave explainations for later.

-Listen, we have one more hour. Then, we go home, and you can scream how much you want- Tommy said, trying to calm down the both of them. -Good that?

Newt and Y/N exchanged a look, but nodded. -Good that.

After that hour, Y/N went with Minho and Thomas to the pick up of the asian, an awesome black Mitsubishi. They were about to get in and leave, when Newt called Minho, asking him to pick him up. It seems like the motorbike had some problems, so he was left on foot and needed his friends. Secretly, Y/N hid a few bolts in her pocket and a smug smirk, knowing that that was actually her fault. Newt and Y/N sat on the rear seats, both leaning with an elbow against the window, grumpy and frustrated by the other. For the first ten minutes, Minho drove in a awkward silence, during which Thomas glanced at the blondie and the girly. -So…- he tried to say. -Who wants to hang out this evening?
-Not with her- said Newt, and in the same moment, Y/N answered with: -Not with him.
-So, now you’re mad at me?! That doesn’t bloody make sense!- exclaimed Newt, unbeliever. -It was you who walked with headphones in the middle of the street looking at your backpack!
-You could just pass away, there was a lot of space for your fucking motorbike!- she replied, blushing. -And I said I’m sorry, but you never listen!
-Of shucking curse, I was too shocked by what I was about to do!- Newt was trying to keep his voice in a normal tone, but he couldn’t focus well on his own behavior in front of that girl. She was so… So… Ugh. -I was about to run over on you!
-Well, then it’s a good thing that your motorbike doesn’t work anymore, right?- Y/N took off her poker the bolts taken from his motorbike. Newt opened his mouth, speechless, and blushed in anger whilst Minho and Thomas were giggling in the front seats trying to not laugh more. Newt nearly jumped on Y/N, trying in any way to take the bolts from her, but the girl kept him away with a hand on his chest, pulling him away. Newt grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer, but again she stopped him with her knee. The girl was lying down on the seats, Newt on her while she was trying to keep her first right away from the blond. Suddenly, Minho decided to interrupt.
-Children, slim it!- he yelled. -No one fights in my car! So fuck off! Y/N, give Thomas the bolts- Y/N did as ordered, pouting. Newt was angry with his friend, but he was right, he better had to stop fighting with a girl.
They arrived at home in complete silence, both Newt and Y/N sometimes sending at each other a death glare. When they entered home, Newt was the one who opened the door, and he turned to face Y/N. With an exaggerated bow and a smug grin, he pointed her the entrace. -Ladies first- he taunted her.

But Y/N stopped in front of him, waiting for him to stand up again. -So, wanna join?- she said, smiling innocently, blinking with the cute puppy eyes she learned to do since she was ten. Newt raised an eyebrow, confused and bothered.

-What you talkin’ ‘bout, baby girl?- asked Minho instead of him, glancing to her, then to Newt, and to her again. She pretended to be very surprised and confused.

-What do you mean with this question?- she replied. -Isn’t Newtie a girl too? Since she said “Ladies first”, we have to go together, don’t we?

Thomas bursted out laughing in that exact moment, making Newt violently blush and Y/N’s lips curve in a smug grin. -Oh, really? Maybe it’s you that’s a boy- he mocked her angrily.

Y/N’s grin widened. -Still hotter than you, Skinny.

Newt, Minho and Thomas gawked at her, speechless. Newt offended, Minho amused, and Thomas impressed. All of this because usually Newt had the last word during discussions, but that time, Y/N cut him off literally easily, like that was not a big deal. Minho was the first one to recover. -I have to agree- he said, clapping his hands slowly. -She’s fucking hot, and you’re fucking speechless.

-Get the fuck off, Minho- Newt growled, sending him a death glare. After that, the Asian just entered in the house with the girl, immediately followed by the other two.

-Come on, don’t be mad at her- Thomas tried to comfort him, but Newt huffes and shoved him off. Minho showed Y/N her new room, trying to flirt with her in vain, and she told him that her dad would bring her baggage aroung 5 pm, so she could place her things.

After a few hours, Thomas kept comforting a Newt complaining, and Minho kept flirting with Y/N who wasn’t even listening to him. Then, the two guys left to do the shopping, leaving the blond and the girl at home alone.

-Do you think they will get along some days?- asked Thomas, frowning.

Minho huffed, skeptical. -I think they’re gonna have sex soon, actually. Haven’t you seen the amount of sexual tension between those two?

-Slim it, Min, I’m serious.

-I am too!- Minho raised an eyebrow. -I think they kind of like each other. Just give them time, and you’ll find out I’m “bloody” right.

Y/N was doing her homework in the kitchen, also cooking dinner for the three of them. She was trying to focus, but she couldn’t help but think about the hurt and angry expression on Newt’s face when she taunted him outdoor. Maybe she spoke too much? She should apologize to him.

The girl shook her head and focused on the book again, when Newt entered in the kitchen. He was smelling the air, clearly enjoying it. -Tommy, when did you…- when he found out that the cook was actually Y/N and that probably Minho and Thomas weren’t back yet, he hardened his expression. The blond was drying his fluffy hair with a towel on his head, a situation that looked incredibly cute at Y/N’s eyes.

-I am… I am cooking something Italian- Y/N said, a bit shy in that moment. -Just to thank the three of you for letting me stay here.

-If it was for me, you wouldn’t- Newt blurted, frowning and going to check out the pots on the cookers. Y/N sighed, standing up. Yeah, she should definitely apologize.

-Listen, Newt, I’m sorry- she said, sounding sincere. -Can we start again, since we aren’t exactly behaving like flatmates?

Newt looked at her up and down. -I don’t know…- he whispered. -You tried to sabotate my motorbike.

-I’m sorry for that too. My dad once had a motorbike and he taught me something… Something that I used against you- she explained, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. -But I’m really really sorry, I promise. I’ll try to be kind and sweet, and stuff.

-Don’t- Newt cut her off, but without sounding rough. -Just… You’ve got fire. I like fire. You can be sweet too, but… You’re tough. I like that.

Y/N felt herself blush. -Good that- she whispered. -I’ll try to be a sweet fire, then.

They both giggled, and they shook hand as a sign to restart everything. Newt asked Y/N recipe, and while she was explaining, they tried to be gentle with each other. After all, Newt thought that Y/N wasn’t so bad, and so did Y/N.

When Minho and Thomas returned home, they found the two of them cooking together and studying, smiling and still friendly arguing, but things had changed. That was obvious. In which way? They didn’t know. -They made out- Minho whispered. -They at least had an awesome make out session. I can’t explain this change otherwise.

-Maybe they’re just trying to make this new condition liveable for everyone?- replied Thomas, raising an eyebrow. Minho looked at him with an expression that said: -No way.

But Y/N and Newt were definitely smiling at each other. They were still not friends, not either just simply flatmates, but they were something. And in that moment, that “something” was enough.

THANK YOU (Newt X Reader)

Newt & Y/N lay side by side on the grass, under their favorite tree.  Y/N loves that tree.  She’ll climb it, read under it, nap under it…it’s her favorite spot.  Newt looks over & sees Y/N fast asleep, the most serene expression on her face.  The slightest smile tugging at her mouth.

Adorable.  Bloody adorable. Newt thinks to himself.  

Newt loves Y/N more than he can fathom (& everyone knows it too).  She’s what keeps him sane, hopeful even.  He cherishes every moment he spends with her.

He turns to lay on his side, body facing Y/N’s. He reaches over & ever so gently strokes her hair.  

Newt feels his eyes growing heavy…

The next thing he knows, it’s nighttime.  His eyes flutter open & the first thing he notices is the star-spangled night sky.  He then notices Y/N.  She’s in his arms, her body cuddled against his, her head atop his chest.  

I’m bloody dreaming. I must be.

Newt wants to pinch himself, but he doesn’t dare move even an inch.  The feeling of Y/N’s body against his…it’s beyond blissful.  It’s enough to make Newt’s heart nearly beat out of his chest. It’s the most comforting thing he’s ever experienced…


Oh no. Newt thinks to himself as he sees Minho & Thomas jogging over. “Bloody hell, shhh!” Newt whispers.  Minho & Thomas just giggle. 

“If you wake her up, so help me–”

“What I wouldn’t give for a camera right now.” Minho teases.  Thomas almost keels over laughing.

Y/N begins to stir & Minho & Thomas take off.  To Newt’s utmost relief, Y/N doesn’t wake up.  She simply repositions herself, unconsciously nuzzling her face further into Newt’s chest.  The second-in-command feels like he’s on cloud nine.  

Newt can hear his fellow gladers cheering & dancing, but no bonfire could ever compare to this moment with Y/N.  

Newt notices Y/N’s brow furrow, her once serene face contorting with…worry? Fear? What?  Newt’s heart aches when he hears her whimper.  

She’s having a nightmare…

Newt instinctively pulls her closer.  He gently rubs up & down her arm with one hand, & with the other he strokes her hair, all the while whispering sweet nothings.  


“Shhh, you’re ok.”

“I’ve got you, love.”

Newt feels Y/N relax in his embrace.  Her features soften & her breathing evens out.  

Newt’s heart swells with pride.  Y/N’s helped him through so many nightmares, & now it’s his turn to comfort her.  

Newt musters up every ounce of courage in his body & presses his lips to Y/N’s forehead. “Thank you, Y/N.” he whispers against her skin.

Newt can’t help but thank the girl.  She’s become his reason to get up in the morning…his reason to try, to fight, to hope, to breathe…to love.  

Her smile invades his nightmares, turning them into sweet dreams.  Her laugh is pure & infectious enough to silence his demons.

Though Newt’s trapped in the maze, his time with Y/N feels liberating…

Thank you, angel.  

Thank you, love.

Thank you, Y/N.

“Thank you, Newt.” Y/N whispers against Newt’s chest, her sweet voice beyond blissful to Newt’s ears.

“Thank you, Y/N.”