newt the small mother

Imagine Newt and Tina baby-sitting little Toby Kowalski when Jacob and Queenie have a night to themselves though.

Like, they’re newly-weds and sort of new with everything and so they haven’t even discussed having their own children yet - at first they’re both somewhat awkward because neither of them have any idea how to look after a baby. Newt manages to keep level-headed because he’s used to mothering small creatures (and big ones too) but Tina worries because she thinks she’s going to be awful with babies/children, she has no experience really.

Newt suggests they bring him into the case for a walk to soothe him and Tina agrees (on the condition they never tell Queenie they brought her beloved son down into a case full of creatures); they walk around together quietly talking whilst Tina cradles Toby and it doesn’t take long for him to fall asleep.

They start to near the shed again and Newt looks over at Tina to see how she’s doing with the baby, perhaps even offering to carry him - and his breath catches because, Merlin, his wife looks so beautiful in the golden light inside the case, so ethereal with their nephew cradled against her. It’s a wonderfully natural image that strikes him and makes him feel warm all over.

And that’s the moment Newt decides that, someday, he would very much like to have children of his own with Tina because he knows, deep down, she’d be a wonderful mother - even if she doesn’t quite know it herself yet.

Long ago, before the start of the Earth’s Kaiju project, Newt had dragged Hermann into watching Japanese animation with him and one of things that always stuck with him were the mehve from Nausicaa. Light and swift, the mehve utilized mainly the pilot’s upper body strength to maneuver. It was beautiful and elegant and he often fantasized about building one, though with the kaiju rampaging across the world, time was precious, and his own idle fantasies were the least of his priorities.

He didn’t think about it again until Newt announced the creation of Amelia, and suddenly there was reason for him to pursue his long ago dream.

It took Hermann nearly two years to fully develop, and it’s become one of his proudest achievements once he personally piloted it and flew through the skies with Amelia by his side.

Hans remembers the Anteverse kaiju, REALLY remembers them, when he’s a little under a year old.

Hans had already done his fair share of digging around in both Newt and Hermann’s memories at that point, poking around when he was curious about something, or just simply for curiosity’s sake. It’s one day though that he finds the memory of Newt and Hermann’s drift and starts to follow a strange blue trail of memories that seems to go on and on and on. And as he goes, the colors change from the bright neon blue to a swirl of fiery reds and yellows and pinks and Hans has never felt so angry and scared in all his life!

Newt, meanwhile, was quite unaware of the depths the Anteverse kaiju had latched onto his mind from the drift (he had often had nightmares of the alien realm and of massive shadows that would prowl on the edges of his mind, but that’s just remnants of trauma from the war, right?) so when he feels Hans sniffing around in his mind, he pays it little mind. That is, until the explosion of fear and anger and rapid flickers of memories that weren’t his own or Hermann’s bombard him, and Hans’ terrifying screeching roar too.

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hahh i accidentally pacific rim fic in feriowind’s au


Lancelot is two when Hermann decides he’s going to get his first tattoo. He calls the three kaiju over, sits up against Hans’ leg as he massages at his own, lets his cane slide to the floor where Amelia swats at it a little, playful like when she was small. He lets them snuffle at him, thanks Amelia [warmth relief a slow wave of what it feels like to be smiled at] when she carefully curls her tail over his aching thigh.

They all chatter at the first image he sends them, Newt’s [mother love fierce small loud] colorful arms and chest. He shows them what he can remember of watching Vanessa get her second and last tattoo, the soft grimace on her face and the all consuming buzz of the equipment, adds in the feeling of being scratched by a cat and the ache of a sunburn.

Hans huffs, curls over to nose at the top of Hermann’s head gently, [newt rubbing at a bruise on his chest hermann clutching at his leg mako’s incredulous expression] and he sighs a little, settles himself further against the leg at his back, rubs a soothing hand along Amelia’s tail and onto Lancelot’s head. He sends them an image of Newt’s back, [cherno alpha stricker eureka gipsy danger friends family love loss honor]. They give mournful little sounds and he hums, closes his eyes because that feeling will never leave him, the shudder of pain along his sternum.

He shows them, when it’s done, lets his slacks slip down to his knees, bares old scars and new ink on opposite sides. A large tank, all ammonia and kaiju blue, the vague impression of the lab around it and two smears on its surface that could be his and Newt’s hands.

Settled on a name for Baby, who is now Hans! Though Newt still calls him Baby.

Newt, Hans, and Hermann are all connected through the hivemind, though the connection Newt has with all his kaiju is much stronger than the one Hermann has with them.

I have yet to decide how the hivemind is actually implemented though. Does it already exist because Newt and Hermann drifted with the kaiju brain? But how would it work with newly born kaiju who weren’t even conceived in the Anteverse? Is it a naturally existing thing they have, or is there some sort of catalyst needed in order to induct new members into the hivemind….? Drifting seems like a possibility, but that seems like it would be fatal to infant kaiju. IDK still having thinky thoughts about this!

The overall goal of this project though is to create kaiju to become giant guard dogs for Earth, so at some point the idea is introduced that future people will drift with kaiju and be partnered up with them. Said idea is developed because of observers documenting the fierce loyalty all of Newt’s kaiju have for him! 8V


Yet again I have found myself making up ideas for other peoples AU’s.

But seriously. How funny would it be to have Newt and Herman doing a “Kaiju and You” video to explain to people how the new kaiju are Friendly and for the Protection and Defense of Humanity and are Government Approved. Between Herman’s total awkwardness and kaiju not hitting their marks and Newt rambling and having laughing fits. And the occasional video frame filled with nothing but inquisitive kaiju noses investigating the camera. Because of course they would use a younger kaiju because A) it needs to fit on the screen and B) it would be less threatening to the populace who had once suffered at the hands of the Badverse version of the creatures. And the poor poor increasingly frustrated director who keeps having to yell cut. Oh the possibilities.

I’m so sorry Feriowind


Created 3 years after Amelia and Lancelot.

Nemo is Newt’s first aquatic kaiju and also his first attempt at creating kaiju with special properties. Nemo’s whiplike stingers hold a paralyzing toxin that’s meant stun his victims, though the vicious injections are more than capable of mortally wounding whomever they pierce.

Nemo can also stay submerged for up to 12 hours, and can dive down to deep sea levels. 

[This was drawn during the livstream! I was also recommended the name Aspidochelone for this guy, but I figured I’d save that when I create a sea turtle or whale kaiju…. Also I guess this guy is also stealthy….]

omg I’ve been thinking nonstop today about a storyline where Newt creates his own kaiju after the end of the movie and they call him their “small mother” (à la Ohma and Nausicaa) and they’re all connected through the hivemind and the first thing each kaiju experiences when they’re born into the world is love and joy because Newt loves each kaiju with all his heart and they are all his children aaaaand I’ve just been giving myself massive amounts of feels 8V

More babble involving the world of momma Newt, which has grown a lot more in-depth haha.

So the entire thing is gov’t (or maybe PPDC idk) sponsored research (somehow it was discovered that the Kaiju were basically tools of destruction used by the Precursors, and now countries are interested in adding Kaiju to their defenses, though research is all secret because society would not be ready for it so soon after the war!!).

Though Newt was hesitant to go through with this research at first, ‘cause he knows how much backlash something like this would receive, he is kinda guilted/bribed into it since the people recruited him basically said “you either help us and head this entire project, or we’ll find someone else to do it. Either way, this project will be realized, and we’ll confiscate all your current research if need be”. So Newt, who was already incredibly excited by the prospect of a massive backing to recreate a kaiju (though only held back by vague morals), agrees, because if he’s heading the project, then he’ll at least have the power to redirect the project or even sabotage it if need be.

Baby (haven’t thought of a proper name yet) is Newt’s first successfully grown kaiju. He’s much smaller than any of the Precursor’s kaiju, even compared to the Category I’s. He stands at around ~50 feet in his prime, and is nearly 100 feet long from nose to tail.

Also I’ll be tagging everything related to this universe “Newt the small mother”!

This mech turned out a lot better than I thought it would haha.

Anyways! In response to the difficulty of raising infant kaiju, Hermann programs/develops a much smaller line of single-pilot jaegers whose sole purpose is to mimic human movement to the most delicate of actions, and thus are also not outfitted with any weapons. 

Beyond aiding in kaiju rearing, this jaeger was eventually open to civilian use in any jobs that required more precise heavy lifting (ie construction, transport, manual labor, etc.).

[will have more story-driven stuff later, for now just some background stuff]

sailoreuterpe  asked:

Aw, Small Mother Newt is such an amazing, cute concept! And even if he's making them for the government, they're HIS babies! Do you have any ideas for how the remaining Rangers feel? Like, how Mako or Raleigh feel about them?

qwq Awoo thank you!!

I think they’d have a hard time accepting it at first, given their own traumatic experiences with kaiju, but once they actually meet Newt’s, they’d understand that these kaiju aren’t bad at all. I think they’d be the first pilots called in to start working alongside the new kaiju too (personally requested by both Hermann and Newt), when actual battle training is called for.

kerosenesteve replied to your post: porrimistheclassiestlesbi…

So they’d essentially be dinosaurs?? INTERESTING HM. I think that, if Newt were to get rid of all the toxicity he’d have to make them more reptilian?? The Precursors’ kaiju were silicon-based or something, right? (whiiich gives me lots of ideas oh)

I guess so? Though later generations of Newt’s kaiju start taking on much more diverse traits like the Anteverse kaiju, but don’t look quite as alien.

:0 I really have no idea, I don’t know how the kaiju’s structure is affected by the fact that their silicon based. If you know, do share!! I’d like to know haha.

I was also thinking that Newt might rely on manipulating both Earth DNA and the DNA of the Anteverse kaiju to create the new breed of Earth kaiju, but really I have no idea how that would work 8V

buddhistmamaduck  asked:

Brain development is a tricky thing. It's possible that a baby kaiju with no access to a hivemind would just die, like a baby human without touch. Or its higher processing capabilities would be stunted without exposure to models. A hivemind would allow a baby kaiju to model its thought patterns after the community's, like a human baby models expressions and behaviour. Which would explain how sweet and gentle Baby is compared to the soldiers in the movie.

:000 ooooh interesting!! I really like the idea of Hans modeling his way of thinking after Newt and Hermann! I hadn’t thought of the hivemind working like that before. This is really cool, thanks for telling me!