newt the small mother

Long ago, before the start of the Earth’s Kaiju project, Newt had dragged Hermann into watching Japanese animation with him and one of things that always stuck with him were the mehve from Nausicaa. Light and swift, the mehve utilized mainly the pilot’s upper body strength to maneuver. It was beautiful and elegant and he often fantasized about building one, though with the kaiju rampaging across the world, time was precious, and his own idle fantasies were the least of his priorities.

He didn’t think about it again until Newt announced the creation of Amelia, and suddenly there was reason for him to pursue his long ago dream.

It took Hermann nearly two years to fully develop, and it’s become one of his proudest achievements once he personally piloted it and flew through the skies with Amelia by his side.


(Headcanons based off a conversation between myself and my wonderful cousin @red-f-smith)

Newt would have a small hippogriff (because his mother raised them) that can travel all over his skin but usually nestles right below his collarbone, on his shoulder. Tina is the only one who sees it (when he takes off his shirt) and she knows he’s flustered because the hippogriff squirms around on Newt’s skin. When he kisses Tina, he can feel the wings flapping with joy; if dark days are coming, the hippogriff curls up and Newt can feel it.

Tina would have a little bracelet tattoo on her left wrist- something delicate but clear and pretty. It can change inked charms, often spelling out the person she needs to talk to at that moment be it Newt, Queenie or anyone else. Sometimes there are no names at all, but little pictures as if she has a locket on her skin. These pictures can range from mountain veiws to childhood photographs- depending on Tina’s mood.

Queenie would have a little message on her forearm, where she can easily hide it with long sleeves or by clutching her arm. The writing can change, ranging from Tina’s scrawl to Jacob’s curvy scribbles to Queenie’s own swirling, loopy cursive. The message itself changes as well- every day holding a different inspiring thing to make Queenie smile. Sometimes it’s a real quote, something a person close to her heart has said; in those cases, Queenie giggles because it feels as though she knows a little secret.

Jacob would have a heart inked over his heart. Something simple, not magical- but inside that outline a single flower… that looks suspiciously like the flowers Queenie decorates her strudel with (and she jokes that he got that tattoo because of the food). He didn’t want it enchanted, but Queenie cast a little spell- sometimes, when Jacob is lonely, the flower in his heart gives off a faint smell of Queenie’s baking. It’s very comforting and Jacob likes it.

Hans remembers the Anteverse kaiju, REALLY remembers them, when he’s a little under a year old.

Hans had already done his fair share of digging around in both Newt and Hermann’s memories at that point, poking around when he was curious about something, or just simply for curiosity’s sake. It’s one day though that he finds the memory of Newt and Hermann’s drift and starts to follow a strange blue trail of memories that seems to go on and on and on. And as he goes, the colors change from the bright neon blue to a swirl of fiery reds and yellows and pinks and Hans has never felt so angry and scared in all his life!

Newt, meanwhile, was quite unaware of the depths the Anteverse kaiju had latched onto his mind from the drift (he had often had nightmares of the alien realm and of massive shadows that would prowl on the edges of his mind, but that’s just remnants of trauma from the war, right?) so when he feels Hans sniffing around in his mind, he pays it little mind. That is, until the explosion of fear and anger and rapid flickers of memories that weren’t his own or Hermann’s bombard him, and Hans’ terrifying screeching roar too.

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mutual understandings | 1,560 words | gen
Hermann’s got a notorious reputation for telling someone to do something for their own benefit and never doing it himself. Like resting.

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a little gift for feriowind because her au is absolutely incredible >w< 

hahh i accidentally pacific rim fic in feriowind’s au


Lancelot is two when Hermann decides he’s going to get his first tattoo. He calls the three kaiju over, sits up against Hans’ leg as he massages at his own, lets his cane slide to the floor where Amelia swats at it a little, playful like when she was small. He lets them snuffle at him, thanks Amelia [warmth relief a slow wave of what it feels like to be smiled at] when she carefully curls her tail over his aching thigh.

They all chatter at the first image he sends them, Newt’s [mother love fierce small loud] colorful arms and chest. He shows them what he can remember of watching Vanessa get her second and last tattoo, the soft grimace on her face and the all consuming buzz of the equipment, adds in the feeling of being scratched by a cat and the ache of a sunburn.

Hans huffs, curls over to nose at the top of Hermann’s head gently, [newt rubbing at a bruise on his chest hermann clutching at his leg mako’s incredulous expression] and he sighs a little, settles himself further against the leg at his back, rubs a soothing hand along Amelia’s tail and onto Lancelot’s head. He sends them an image of Newt’s back, [cherno alpha stricker eureka gipsy danger friends family love loss honor]. They give mournful little sounds and he hums, closes his eyes because that feeling will never leave him, the shudder of pain along his sternum.

He shows them, when it’s done, lets his slacks slip down to his knees, bares old scars and new ink on opposite sides. A large tank, all ammonia and kaiju blue, the vague impression of the lab around it and two smears on its surface that could be his and Newt’s hands.


Yet again I have found myself making up ideas for other peoples AU’s.

But seriously. How funny would it be to have Newt and Herman doing a “Kaiju and You” video to explain to people how the new kaiju are Friendly and for the Protection and Defense of Humanity and are Government Approved. Between Herman’s total awkwardness and kaiju not hitting their marks and Newt rambling and having laughing fits. And the occasional video frame filled with nothing but inquisitive kaiju noses investigating the camera. Because of course they would use a younger kaiju because A) it needs to fit on the screen and B) it would be less threatening to the populace who had once suffered at the hands of the Badverse version of the creatures. And the poor poor increasingly frustrated director who keeps having to yell cut. Oh the possibilities.

I’m so sorry Feriowind