newt geiszler


Charlie Day made a surprise video appearance and maaaaay or may not have sung a song about Newt and Hermann loving each other. I’m crying I’m so excited about this movie. Between this and that trailer… Idk if my heart could take any more lmao. 

i like how for Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro prepared the Jaeger pilots for their roles by making them go through an insanely intense workout so they would be able to lift the weighted equipment on set to make it seem like they were really piloting a giant mech, but to prepare Charlie Day for his role, he just

things i’m never going to be over: how GOOD Burn Gorman looks in the trailer for PR2

cause um WOW

Hermann Gottlieb is BACK, y’all, and he ditched the BOWL CUT and diversified his WARDROBE also possibly got punched in the MOUTH and I would just like to take a moment to thank whoever’s responsible for all that!

Well, not for the punching, maybe. Who hurt you, Herms? Whom do we have to kill??

Seriously though, he looks great. So does everybody, really. Newt Geiszler?

Dapper! Breathless! Crazy as ever! Looks great!!!

Mako Mori: regal, powerful, dignified, as usual looks absolutely GREAT

Jake we barely even know you yet buddy but GOLLY you sure do look great!!!

Given how dear Pacific Rim is to my heart, I’m still pretty nervous about Uprising living up to the original, but this trailer’s got me excited, and if nothing else, at least we can say that everybody & everything in it looks g r e a t!