newt geisler

(IGNORE THE LAST SUBMISSION I TOUCHED THIS ONE UP A BIT ITS BETTER) i couldnt draw them dancing cause i suck but i hOPE THIS IS OK… happy belated b day baa-chan!!!!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 8 I didn’t expect to be included in this but I’m laughing cuz it looks like a weird dating sim were all the options are hyper monster experts omg Do you think giants are cool? > yes. >YES QUIT PLAYIN’ (Thanks, and happy holidays, Sam :y )
Fictional Boys I love

When I was in highschool, my friends and I would construct ‘harems’ of our favorite characters from things.  It’s funny to think what my list looked like then and what it looks like now. Someone write a fanfiction where all of these guys go antiquing together or something, please. For my own amusement, here would be my current list:

Walter Kovacs/Rorschach (Watchmen)
From the moment I first read Watchmen I was enamored with this angry little ginger. To the point I made a replica of his grappling gun that could actually fire. I have no tattoos, but have onion layers of reasons why I am seriously considering getting his insignia etched onto my body somewhere once I decide where.

Nux (Mad Max Fury Road)
This madness is only just begining but I can feel it in my gizzard this guy will join Ror in my heart forever. Anyone who knows me probably understands why I love him so. I mean look at him.

Newt Geisler (Pacific Rim)
I don’t think an explanation is needed. This gif about sums it up.

Doug Rattmann (Portal)
To the point I cosplayed him, beard and life-sized companion cube and all. I love this man and his artistic madness. Portal 2 is the only video game I have not just beaten once but played through over a dozen times since. It is my zen place. 

Sam Vimes (Discworld)
My #1 hardboiled crush since 7th grade. Man lights cigars with dragons.

Herbert Alfred (Mary Poppins)
My very very first ‘celebrity crush’ when I was like 6 years old. I’d stay up late to watch The Dick Van Dyke show as a kid and felt like the huge rebel. Has the record of staying on my list for the longest.

There’s probably a mess more I could add but these fellas are my top. 

Who’s your favorite fictional boys?