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The White Owl (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: In which the reader turns into an owl and Newt is absolutely oblivious.  Also includes a sassy!Frank.

Word Count: 3111

A/N: I wrote this entirely to spite my sister who is taking forever on writing her Newt x reader.

I first met him when the Goldstein sisters invited him over.  Now, I was his assistant.  He took me in when he started writing his book and became so busy with it that he needed help with his creatures.

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Imagine Newt Scamander rescuing Borrowers from both Wizard and human homes; both species generally view them as pests (wizards) or think they’re some kind of pest, mistaking them for rodents or bugs due to food being taken (humans). Newt poses as an “exterminator” so that he can gain access to these homes and gather up Borrowers who are willing to leave, so that they have a safe home in his case.

Newt Scamander X Reader - Only Friend Part 3 of 3

Description – The reader has to deal with Newt’s expulsion.

A/N – Tis done and now I can’t help but think of a possible series of one-shots… I have problems with this nerdy little cupcake, please send help.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

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Originally posted by hardyness

You pelted through the empty hallways of Hogwarts at full speed, barely aware of the tears that stung your cheeks; all you were aware of was your need to find Newt. Fortunately, most other students were in classes and the ones that weren’t seemed to be elsewhere, leaving the hallways clear for your search. You had been heading to class when you’d heard the ghosts talking of what could be Newt’s expulsion, and although you didn’t know what had caused it, you were resolute in your need to stop it from happening.

“Ooooooh. Lookie what we have here, a student out of class, my, my, that is naughty now isn’t it.” The puckish voice of Peeves the Poltergeist resounded around you. “It would be a shame if a teacher found you.”

“Peeves!” You exclaimed agitatedly. “I don’t have time for you right now, I have to find-”

“That ickle snot Newt-y.” Peeves flew through a disgruntled painting, hovering in front of you.

“Do you know where he is?”

Peeves laughed derisively at your request for help, “Ickle Newt is getting the boot.”

Anger flared inside you, “Ugh, enough of this, where is he?”

“I could tell you or I could call the teachers because a certain student is skipping classes.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can do anything I want and no little snot nose is going to stop me.” Peeves cupped his hands over his mouth, ready to holler until a teacher came.


The poltergeist inspected you maliciously, waiting for your last words before making good on his promise.

“I know where the caretaker hid an entire supply of dung bombs and Filibuster fireworks, if you tell me where Newt is, I’ll tell you where those are, deal?”

Peeves flashed a wicked grin, “Troublesome Newt-y boy is in your common room, your turn.”

“Caretaker hid the stuff in the staff room coat cupboard, I saw when I was last there.”

Peeves didn’t bother with you any further, he flew away through the walls, clearly eager to cause further mayhem. You meanwhile, headed straight for the common room, hoping that Peeves had kept his end of the bargain and told the truth.

Much to your relief, Newt was indeed in the common room, he had taken to wearing his everyday robes, and his suitcase was at his feet as he whispered comforting words to the Augurey’s inside; the two of you had taken to hiding the bird’s in the case when you found that they wailed before rainfall.

“Now, now babies, it’s okay, mummies right here, no need to worry.” Newt whispered soothingly into the case.

“Newt.” You approached, he jolted in shock, turning to face you with doleful eyes.


“Tell me it isn’t true Newt, tell me the ghosts are wrong and you haven’t been expelled.”

“I… I can’t.”

“Why? What happened? I don’t under-”

“(Y/N), please don’t make this harder. I- I don’t really want to say how this happened… it was more of an unfortunate event really and, well, now I have to face the consequences.”

“No. Look, I can go to the headmaster, I can tell him you didn’t do anything, I can-”

“Dumbledore already tried that and he’s a teacher, I don’t think there’s anything else to do now.”

Frustration gnawed at you due to the helpless situation, “We can’t just accept this.”

“What else is there to do?”

Fresh tears blurred your vision, you closed the gap between yourself and Newt, gripping him in a tight hug as your tears soaked his shirt. Newt was left speechless, he had seen you cry before but never at his expense. He fought his own tears, all the while stroking your hair and kissing the top of your head for what could be the last time; he had already settled on the fact that once he left Hogwarts you would forget the childish romance you had shared and move on to somebody else… somebody better.

After your hideous sobs subsided into minor weeping, you managed to speak through shaky breaths, “Are they going to destroy your wand?”

“No, Dumbledore convinced the ministry to apprentice me for two years; so long as I do everything they say, I’ll be free to keep my wand.”

“So, you’re stuck here… What about travelling though? It’s your dream.”

“I will travel… just after my apprenticeship. For now, I suppose I should lay low and follow orders… It could be worse.”

You pulled away slightly to look at Newt, “Promise me something.”

Newt searched your face, his brow creasing, “Anything.”

“Promise… Promise you’ll wait for me.”

“What?! No. (Y/N), that’s mad. Y-Y-You’ll have m-moved on with your life by th-then. F-found someone else to be with.”

You shook your head, “No… not after everything we’ve been through. Newt, I- I love you.”

Newt really did want to cry now, he had fantasised so often of you saying those words in dreams of dates, meeting parents, and marriage; they all rotated around those three words. Yet now you were saying them, he felt selfish for stealing them, as if you were only saying them because he had prevented you from meeting someone else.

He let go of you, pushing you away gently, “N-no (Y/N), there are m-millions of other p-people for y-you-”

“Millions of people but only one you. You’re all I want Newt… please wait for me.”

“I- I’m sor-”

“Newton Artemis Fido Scamander,” Your voice still cracked when speaking, “I love you.”

Newt quivered at hearing his name in full. While he would’ve argued further he was incapable of doing so as your lips crashed against his. Newt still held no hope of retaining your love, however, with your soft lips against his, he couldn’t resist the idea that you could want him, even if it would fade after he left.

“I love you too.” He murmured, after pulling away from you once more.

“So, you’ll wait?”


“Thank you.”

The two of you stood for a while, content in the silence until disturbed by the clearing of a throat behind you. You turned to see Professor Dumbledore at the barrel entrance, it was the first time you’d ever seen him in black robes and without his usual smile; it was disconcerting knowing he was there to escort Newt out of Hogwarts.

“Excuse my interruption,” Dumbledore spoke solemnly, “but alas the time has come for Mr Scamander to leave Hogwarts. However, seeing as nobody else is here to notice my arrival, I will give to two of you five more minutes to say your goodbye’s. Mr Scamander, I will wait outside the common room, I’m sorry it has come to this.”

Dumbledore left as swiftly as he had entered, giving the two of you a final moment as promised.

Newt faced you once more, “I suppose this is-”

“Wait- Before you speak, I have to give you Steve and Lucy.” You referred to the Augureys that had marked you as their mother on the night of the Christmas ball.

“What? (Y/N) no, they’re your-”

“I know but we can’t split up a family Newt, besides, they’re old enough to be away from me and they know you. I don’t want to do this but I just know they’ll be found here without your case and then what’ll happen? They’ll be thrown out of the castle where they won’t survive because they’re hand reared.”

Newt thought through your reasoning, it was true that his case hid their mournful wails that announced the arrival of rain, “Are you sure?”

“I trust you to take care of our children Newt. Give it two years and I’ll be back for them, then we can travel the world and learn about everything else, just like we planned. Wait a sec and I’ll get them from my room.”

Newt nodded, hoping silently that you would take forever so he could delay saying goodbye. While he waited, he examined the common room that he used to be so uncomfortable with, now it held memories of the two of you after all the other students went to bed. There was the desk that you always treated his injuries at, the fireplace where the two of you would complete homework on cold nights, the sofa where you often rested on him, and the dormitory doors where you would kiss him goodnight before returning to your own room. A bittersweet blush crept to his cheeks, although you hadn’t accepted that it was goodbye for good, he had; a lot could change in two years and while he would wait for you as promised, he still held no hope that you would be there at the end.

Two years later, true to his word, Newt stood awkwardly outside the Leaky Cauldron waiting for you. He had never been surrounded by so many muggles before but he remained in the uncomfortable situation in-case you couldn’t find him in the unusually crowded pub; apparently, some team or other had won the Quidditch world cup and wizards all over the country were celebrating as a result.

In the time since his expulsion Newt had avoided seeing you so he wouldn’t accidentally let slip how much he hated his job in the ministry. Besides, although he thought of you daily, he worried that if he saw you again he would find himself in the same place he had been on the day he had to say goodbye; despite the fact that he was ready to be done with love, it certainly wasn’t done with him.

You waded through the London crowds, eager to get to the Leaky Cauldron where you could finally reunite with Newt. During your time at Hogwarts, you often sent him letters to tell him how things were going and ask how he and the Augureys were doing; you rarely got responses which led you to wonder if he had received any of the letters. The pub’s front was only a few feet in front of you, you broke into a huge grin when you saw the unmistakable form of Newt, he had grown much since leaving, but there was still no mistaking his wavy, honey hair and cumbersome posture; what really made you smile was that he still sported the black bow-tie you had given him.

As if he felt himself being watched, Newt turned his gaze to you before shaking his head, looking away, and doing a double take. He tilted his head to the side, searching your face as you made your way over; he had never seen you in muggle clothes before, they made you look different… amazing even.

No Newt.” He reprimanded himself wordlessly, “(S)he’s here out of courtesy to say how foolish we were and that we’re not going to travel together anymore. I’m going to be alone… again. That’s okay though right? People find me annoying anyway, I wouldn’t want to drag (Y/N) down; it’s not like we’re kids in Hogwarts anymore.

“Newt,” You ran over excitedly, pulling him into an all too familiar hug, “Man, I missed you.”

Newt remained ridged in your arms, his hands hovered uncertainly behind your back, clearly unsure of whether to return the hug. “(Y-Y/N).” He stuttered, suddenly feeling unprepared; he hadn’t expected the same warm reception that you had always given him at school.

You let go, realising how strange it must have felt for him, after all it had been a long time for you to be apart. “Wanna go somewhere? We can go wherever you want, I know you don’t care for people too much.”

“R-right um, I have a r-room in the L-leaky Cauldron, can we t-talk up there?”

“Sure, so long as I get to see my Augureys, you better have taken good care of them.” You winked, proceeding to follow him in.

The room that Newt had acquired was shabbier than expected, fitting in completely with the image the Leaky Cauldron upheld; from the looks of it you wondered if Newt had even slept in it at all, it appeared unused.

“I um, was going to w-wait till later to s-show you this but the Augureys- yes, the A-Augureys are this way.”

Newt opened his case on the floor, stepping inside and motioning for you to follow before disappearing. You complied, keen to see the creatures you had so sorely missed. Upon reaching the bottom of the case’s ladder your eyes were agog at the work Newt had done inside the case. There was now a wooden room with a cot, desk, and shelf which was empty except for a few common potion ingredients.

You examined the cot, “Is this where-”

“I’ve been staying? Y-yes, I um didn’t want the Augureys to get too lonely so…”

“Did you build all of this?”

At your apparent enthusiasm, Newt felt able to speak with more confidence just like he used to. It was like he was slipping into an old routine, “Yes, I also added a room for the Augureys so they can fly in the rain.”

“That’s incredible, and your desk, that’s where-”

“Where I can write my book, and do my research.”

“Excuse you, I think you mean our research.”


“Okay sure, I’ll admit that you’re the brains behind this but I didn’t forget what you’ve taught me and I expect that I’ll be doing a fair bit of research too when we leave.”

“I don’t- um, we?”

“Yeah, you remember right? I said wait for me, I presumed since you’re here today that you wanted to travel together like we always said… unless you don’t and I’m in the way right now.”

“N-no, it’s just- I mean it’s- Why haven’t you moved on?”

A poignant smile reached your face at Newt’s clear distress, you placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Look, I get that you’ve probably moved on from me and I get that we can’t be in the same place we were but… Well, it doesn’t change the fact that I still believe in you and in your work. Back in school, you inspired me Newt, I’ll never forget the night we spent in a storm protecting my- our children, or the passion in your eyes when you spoke about where you would go first. I want to be a part of that, if you’ll let me.”

“…I want that too.” He murmured. “Can you really live your life camping and never knowing what’s coming next though?”

“That’s what’ll make life an adventure.”

You reached up to caress Newt’s cheek, he had come intimately close to you without noticing. At your touch, he didn’t freeze or pull away, instead he gazed down at you with the dawning realisation that he most definitely still loved you and from the way you were standing there was a chance that you felt the same. While he wasn’t ready to be as forward as before, he now held the hope that your work together would bring you close again; it would certainly provide plenty of opportunities, so long as he could work up the courage once again.

“Right then, when shall we go?”

“Whenever you’re ready Mr Scamander.”

Submission from thebloggerknownasgeeknip:

I’ve noticed something that is perhaps unintentional in the three most iconic fics of yours I’ve enjoyed. In terms of archetypes, I feel like:

Aziraphale -> Hermann -> Oswald (stuffier, more into rules, more stable)

Crowley -> Newt G. -> Ed (more recent trauma, more anarchic, more flair, less stable, wants more attention, louder, varying degrees of subby)

Pippa -> Lu -> Olga (maternal figures to main pair)

Mandy -> Ming -> Caroline (closer to Crowley -> Newt -> Ed)

Sophia -> Ming (she fits both slots) -> Vee (closer to A -> H -> O, though not by much)

Raphael -> Hannibal -> Zsasz (annoying, powerful Alpha types, but with their hearts in the right place)

Does that make sense? If true, it’s pretty cool. If not, this graduated English major needs to go play outside a bit. 

First of all, wow.  Thank you, @thebloggerknownasgeeknip, for taking the time to do something that I had earmarked as an exercise I should undertake for fun myself ever since AshamedOfReadingAboutVillains!Anon made that Gotham/PR parallel-passages submission a couple weeks ago.  I have such kind, engaging readers!

It makes a lot of sense, especially if you take into account that I frequently deal in families of circumstance and found families (to me, the two aren’t always the same thing, and I work with a mix of the two).  The hugest revelation in here is the Raphael (CoT ‘Verse) -> Hannibal Chau (Anthology) -> Victor Zsasz (WYFIR) parallel, because it is the one set through which I would never have connected the dots.  That Raphael is the same archetype as the other two guys blows my mind, but you’re 100% correct!  Maybe it’s that he’s one of my OCs; I’m less likely to consciously assign archetypes to them than I am to pre-existing characters in the various media I work with.

Crucio pt. 2 || Newt Scamander x Reader

Originally posted by dailyfantasticbeastsgifs

A sharp ringing filled your ears as you opened your eyes slowly, your vision slightly blurry as you looked around in confusion.

You seemed to be in some sort of cell underground, as you could see what looked like a dimly lit carver, that had cells on the surrounding walls. 

Your body screamed in pain as you sat up gingerly, and when you tried to stand, you realised you were chained up to the wall behind you. 

“Damn it…” you groaned, tugging at the chains, but wincing as your body protested. Your vision began to clear.

Panic started to fill you as you looked around again, eyes sweeping the cells and fear flooded you as you realised you were the only one down here for as far as the eye can see. 

‘How long have i been down here?’ you wondered, slumping back against the wall in defeat.

“HELLO?!” You yelled, before listening to see if there was a reply. There wasn’t. You closed your eyes as you felt your heart sink as you realised nobody would hear you from where you were. But you were wrong. 

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[FIC RECS] Pacific Rim (Newt/Hermann) 30 recs

Previous Pacific Rim recs can be found here (50 recs + awesome artists) and here (28 more recs), or check out my rec tag masterlist.

Everything recced is complete unless otherwise noted.

FIC RECS: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Hermann Gottlieb/Newt Geiszler

Rating: G

Today Your Barista Is: Hella Fucking Gay by unnecessary
Newt/Hermann | G | 2971 words
Hermann is a professor. The barista at the coffee shop across the street is cute and very, very single.
It is inevitable, really.
Tagged as: Coffee Shop AU

Newton Geiszler and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Interns by cambion and casdere
Newt/Hermann | G | 8488 words
“I know, it’s all a bit silly,” he admits.
“You always get a bit silly about your crushes, yeah?” She teases easily, and Hermann nearly spits out his mouthful of soup. Jasmine gives him another concerned look, but he waves her away.
“Vanessa, can you please not,” he hisses under his breath, and she laughs with the phone pulled away from her face, sounding like distant bells, and he feels taken back to high school, and remembers the fumbling idiocy of his crush on her, and knows immediately she is right, and he ought to give up the fight. He has a crush, an honest to God crush, and at his age! He knows, surely, it started with his fascination of the man’s intellect, but he also knows how quickly and easily he was drawn into his off-kilter charisma, as well.
or: hermann and newt are college professors, newt is working on his sixth doctorate, hermann is nursing a nasty crush, and i fit way too much into one chapter
Tagged as: Professor AU

Check Outs by AxolotlQueen
Newt/Hermann | G | 18,039 words
Hermann Gottlieb is living a peaceful, slightly boring life as the only librarian in a small town full of strange characters, when one day a new resident moves into a town - a slightly familiar, slightly cute, short guy calling himself Newt…who seems to be flirting with him?
Basically, my friends, if you want to see Hermann wearing lots of cardigans, this is the story for you
Tagged as: Librarian AU
My notes: Not a whole lot actually happens in this story, but it’s the first in a series and librarian Hermann is perfect.

Dummkopf by bilbobagginshield
Newt/Hermann | G | 1907 words
Newt’s mom has been hounding her about being single, like it’s an actual thing to be worried about what with the apocalypse really fucking nigh. Seriously, mom? Grandkids? The only thing that will be spawning anytime soon is another kaiju from the Breach. Anyway, Newt sort of tells her that she’s dating Hermann, for some reason. Just to get her off her back or whatever. But it doesn’t matter, because Hermann totally hates her. And she totally hates Hermann, too…right? Well if Hermann didn’t hate her before, she must now after seeing Newt tell her mom they were a thing in the Drift. Newt has never seen Hermann so mad and–oh.
Tagged as: Female Newt, Female Hermann

Chalk It Up To Love by patster223
Newt/Hermann | G | 4085 words
Newt replaced all of Hermann’s white pieces of chalk with pink ones. Or: the one in which chalk is a form of courtship, Hermann is head-over-heels, and somehow the entire Shatterdome gets involved.

Roses are red, and if that’s kaiju blue so help me Newton by unnecessary
Newt/Hermann | G | 6321 words
In which Hermann receives an e-card from Newton on Valentine’s Day. It is supposed to be a generous gesture. It is not interpreted as such.

Rating: PG-13

Best/Worst by Trill
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 12,435 words
Being bitten by a werewolf was the best worst thing to ever happen to Newton Geiszler.
Tagged as: Werewolf AU

Too Much by tessalyn
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 22,546 words
Hermann does not and will not find the ex-neuroscientist-now-barista attractive. That’s not a thing he’s going to do, he’s going to go back to his office and deal with whatever woes his grad students have concocted today.
Tagged as: Coffee Shop AU

We’re Revolutionaries Now by AxolotlQueen
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 4240 words
One really shouldn’t attempt to cut one’s own hair.
(Or, Hermione Gottlieb gives herself a bad haircut and Newton Geiszler helps out.)
Tagged as: Female Newt, Female Hermann

It’s All in the Hands of a Lazy Projector by patster223
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 10,589 words
Hermann is cursed as a child so that he may never remember anyone he meets. Theoretically, this should make falling in love impossible, but then he meets (and meets and meets and meets) Newton Geiszler.
Tagged as: Magical Realism AU
My notes: So. Good.

How to Train Your Kaiju by psikeval
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 21,754 words
“You don’t wanna hurt me,” he repeats, and steps forward, holding out his hand.
My notes: Love the worldbuilding and spot-on characterization, this is so fucking fantastic, seriously. Perfectly balanced between plot & interesting things & focus on the Newt/Hermann relationship. Loved the architect and Newt’s interactions with EVERYONE. SO GOOD. Will reread many times.

Lorenz Attractor by beastofthesky
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 5983 words
It takes two more days for you to finally throw in the fucking towel because you hate the silence and in the past year, between two Shatterdomes and too many kaiju attacks, you’ve started to love the pointless bickering.
My notes: I liked how Vanessa’s relationship with Hermann was handled/explained in this.

Portrait. by VictoryCandescence
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 6732 words
We all know about Becket and Mori, the Last Rangers of Hong Kong and the late Marshall Stacker Pentecost. But Doctors Hermann Gottlieb and Newton Geiszler might be two you haven’t heard about until now. And when you hear their story, you’ll wonder how it ever stayed a secret for so long.
My notes: Loved the format and pitch perfect characterization.

Feels Like Reckless Driving by lakehymn
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 5299 words
“Did you just say I’m right about something?” Newton asks, feigning shock. Then he lightheartedly elbows Hermann in the ribs and adds, “I always knew you loved me.”

The thing between us by Signe_chan
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 2543 words
Hermann was ill. Not, like, the feeling kind of terrible after a hard night partying but you can work through it kind of ill but the sitting at his computer for thirty minutes with his head in his hand, not moving kind of ill.

Your Fingerprints Inside My Head by mithrel
Newt/Hermann | PG-13 | 4489 words
After the Shatterdome shuts down Newt is lonely, so he takes to emailing a certain crotchety mathematician, who doesn’t mind so much.
My notes: Oh, Hermann.

Rating: R

King of the Night by Skull_Bearer
Newt/Hermann | R | 25,675 words
Hermann Gottlieb is the most promising dancer in L'Opera de Paris, until a tragic accident robs him of his career. Now he must remake himself as a singer within the Opera, aided only be a mysterious presence known only as ‘the Ghost’, who seems to have his own reasons for seeing Hermann succeed. A Pacific Rim/Phantom of the Opera fusion.
Tagged as: Phantom of the Opera AU
My notes: Part of me wishes this was 20k longer.

This Is Not Your Skin by SG1SamFan
Newt/Hermann | R | 2150 words
Five-year-old Newt blinks at his reflection in the mirror, tracing the backwards letters over his heart with the tip of his right index finger. H-E-R-M-A-N-N.
A strong German name, his father says with approval. Newt doesn’t fully understand until later what the mark means.
Tagged as: Soulmate/Magical Realism AU
My notes: I love the way Newt’s tattoos fit into this verse.

Self-Destruct by pinkmoon
Newt/Hermann | R | 6576 words
“He learns how to never be wrong. He learns how to be indispensable. He realizes it makes him unstoppable.
Newton Geiszler is one tick away from self-destructing for the rest of his life.”
A character study of Newt’s lifetime of risky behavior and predilection for taking risks of the “rock star” sort, and the one relationship that kept him from falling apart. (Spanning many years, continents, arguments, and accidents, but landing, unexpectedly, in a happy ending.)

Multivariable Metonymy by jjtaylor
Newt/Hermann | R | 4717 words
Newt really thinks a post-Drift neural link should bypass all this messy talking stuff.
My notes: Love the language in this.

Rating: NC-17

This Sun Can’t Set Just Yet by priellan
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 18,453 words
Hermann Gottlieb doesn’t want the world to end just yet - he’s only two hundred years old, after all. But being an immortal in a finite world is more difficult than he thought it would be, especially when a certain Dr. Geiszler decides to step into his life.
Tagged as: Vampire AU
My notes: I want to say a thing but I don’t want to spoil anything so argh.

Our Breath Will Still / A Short Distance Ahead by irisbleufic
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 30,745 words
This story is a study in monster-hunting and risk-taking, professional and otherwise.
Tagged as: AU

Progressing to Flight by patster223
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 21,906 words
Newt was beginning to realize that there were certain intricacies to navigate when you’re a wizard suddenly out of a job and experiencing an existential crisis. Luckily, these were things that could be solved by: traveling the world with his Muggle boyfriend, letting his tattoos finally roam where they pleased, eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, showing off his dragons, thinking about flight, and maybe even falling a bit more in love with one Hermann Gottlieb.
Tagged as: AU
My notes: A sequel to Magic and Progress Do Not Speak As Loud As My Heart, where Newt is a wizard.

Among Mountains by cypress_tree
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 27,244 words
As a symbol of peace between their warring lands, Hermann’s father, king of the sea kingdom, marries him off to Newt, prince of the mountain kingdom. Hermann learns to ride a dragon, enchants a suit of armor, and falls a little in love with his husband. (Inspired by Iraya’s arranged royal marriage AU)
Tagged as: Dragon AU

Striker Eureka Cafe by AxolotlQueen
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 168,952 words
Herc runs a cafe with a weird name. Chuck is tiny and bratty. Hermann works there. Newt flirts with him a lot and makes questionable choices. Tendo is sassy and not Newt’s sidekick. Mako is tiny and not to be fucked with. Stacker wears suits and is the only exception to Herc’s distrust of anyone in suits. Raleigh and Yancy might show up eventually.
Axolotl jokes and flirting ensues.
Tagged as: Coffee Shop AU, University AU
My notes: When reading, plan on going straight from Some Things Just Make Sense to Your Heart Inside My Chest unless you want to be sad about life for a while.

One-Week Rule by irisbleufic
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 5250 words
Somebody’s got a stick up his theoretical vortex. Starting this off with a bang?

A Propensity for Sleep by JPWard
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 6346 words
A progression of Hermann and Newt’s relationship presented through vignettes featuring sleep.
My notes: Slight warning for this one, I guess - normally I rec things with 100% happy OTP endings, but the end of this one is kinda open to interpretation. My personal interpretation is… not optimistic. But it’s very well written and I do like it very much so: reccing it.

Parallax / Perihelion by irisbleufic
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 9720 words
Parallax—the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer; from the Greek, παράλλαξις (“alteration”). / Perihelion—the point in the orbit of an asteroid, comet, planet, or other celestial body where it is nearest to the sun (again from the Greek, περιήλιο).
My notes: In case it wasn’t already apparent, just read everything irisbleufic writes. Seriously. Do it. You will not regret it.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way by patster223
Newt/Hermann | NC-17 | 4014 words
Newt liked to purposefully annoy Hermann in order to get rough sex. Which worked out great, until Hermann found out about it and decided to punish Newt by giving him excruciatingly nice sex.

Anthology by irisbleufic
Newt/Hermann, others | NC-17 | 153,240 words
And there is a phone number scrawled along the bottom of the photograph in Hermann’s erratic handwriting, followed by the parenthetical (IN CASE). In case the world ends? Newton wonders, and it’s then that he realizes he hasn’t been breathing for several seconds and oh my God his hands are shaking. In case I never make it through the Academy and in case we never make it to that stupid conference two years from now, which, by the way, I will not let you back out of, dude, not on your life? In case of break-ups and snow and all other manner of inclement weather?
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Behind the Scenes // Selfies of G Squad Meetup Day 4!!

PJO, Maze Runner, and Mauraders~

Will Solace | Newt | Remus Lupin : Me // Saber
Nico di Angelo | Ciel Phantomhive | Sirius Black : tinygayitalian
Annabeth Chase | Teresa | James Potter : Julia
Minho : tsukkumi
Thomas : wyvernwolf
Photographer : yuuidflourite

Full photosets of the shoots will be uploaded by yuuidflourite // her photography blog, dork-with-a-camera, so be sure to check her out!!

Big thank you to tsukkumi for recording videos!!~