It’s the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities || All my essentials.
L to R (clockwise):
Green tea, 1L water, headphones to focus on the dream, banana (I’m always hungry), cacao and cashew clusters, natio coconut hand cream, paw paw ointment and sunnies. #newstartnewday #healthismostimportant #keepcalmandgettoned #vegan #healthy #vegansofig #sydney #australia


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1. What is the first thing that comes to your head when I say ‘POP’:

2.If you were a single musical genre, what would you be, and why?
A bit of all… Umm, umm, most likely Pop though, Dance-Pop… Wow… Gay.

3.Put your music player on shuffle, what are the first 5 songs that play?
Americano- Lady GaGa, Domino- Jessie J, Fix You- Cold play, Let the Flames Begin - Paramore and Do It Like a Dude- Jessie J. 

4.What is Debz (laibsenlove) to you?
The bestestest most amazingest GayBestFriendForLife INNIT! :D <3

5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Fingers crossed, in Bristol or somewhere nice, living with James, whilst Debz is crashed on the sofa. Either at Uni or rehearsing for a play or TV show or something, and just being happy with my fiancé and best friend :3  

6.What is your dream location?
Australia :P 

7.What attracted you to Tumblr?
Debz told me about it, thought it was interesting haha. 

8.How long does it take you to get ready before you go out? Why?
About an hour, shower, iron clothes, get dressed, sort out hair, final checks. However depending on who I’m with it changes. With Deborah it could take 3 hours… 2 of them waiting for her to do my hair. With James, 5 mins because he’s a typical man and wants us out the door super fast xD 

9.Tell me 5 things you love about yourself:
… Okay, I don’t love anything about myself.
I LIKE my eyes, my teeth, eyebrows, butt and legs I guess… I dunno I just picked 5 things :L 

10.KITTIES. What?

My Questions:
1. What is your favourite time of the day and why?
2. If you could be any animal, which animal would you like to be?
3. Which song describes you?
4. If you could go to dinner with any 3 people in the world, who would they be?
5. Favourite pizza topping?
6. You have 1 more day to live, what do you do and why?
7. What memories come to mind when you see the colour purple?
8. Do you have a dream pet?
9. Favourite film of like, all time?
10. 3 people you couldn’t live without?