Newsround’s coverage of the Cardiff launch of Doctor Who.


One Direction Interview at BBC Music Awards - CBBC Newsround

remember that, often, one good way to learn your target language is just by watching TV how great is that

watching the news in your target language daily is a good practice to get into

e.g. for German you can watch tagesschau on youtube about an hour after it’s broadcast, you can watch zdf heute with subtitles if you have a hearing impairment or can’t quite keep up with the speed, and if you’re just getting to grips with vocab you can even watch zdf logo which is news for kids (think Newsround) so it’s a little slower, with simpler vocab, more concrete concepts, simple explanations, and more visual aid

admittedly it’s a lot harder to find news programmes in languages with fewer native speakers (a lot harder if you’re trying to learn Ancient Greek), but the point is that, for many languages, there are so many free online resources once you look for media made for native speakers


This is a short film about autism made by Rosie King when she was much younger (she did a TED talk on autism more recently aged 16) for CBBC’s Newsround which is a children’s news show in the UK. 
I think it’s quite a nice film so I’d thought I’d share it. 
(Uses phrases ‘mild/severe autism’ and Aspergers/classic autism but that’s because it’s quite old so they were a separate diagnosis at the time)