This is a short film about autism made by Rosie King when she was much younger (she did a TED talk on autism more recently aged 16) for CBBC’s Newsround which is a children’s news show in the UK. 
I think it’s quite a nice film so I’d thought I’d share it. 
(Uses phrases ‘mild/severe autism’ and Aspergers/classic autism but that’s because it’s quite old so they were a separate diagnosis at the time)

Conversations with my Kid

Me: “So…a new president was elected.  It was the big bully I didn’t want to get in.”

Kiddo: “Yeah I know. I watch Newsround at school.”

Me: “Yeah…basically what happened is Voldemort got elected because some people thought Dumbledore was just as bad.”

Kiddo: “That’s dumb. We’ll call the lady who lost ‘The Nice One’ from now on and the big Jerk Lord Voldemort…no wait. Tom Riddle.  To remind us that we can be more powerful then him no matter what.”

Me: *stunned*

Now that’s cute and all but I want you to understand how brave my 7 year old is with that.  I’ll say it here because Kiddo has given me permission.  Kiddo is non-binary.  They have been saying things to suggest it since they were 3 but at the beginning of this year they told me they were a ‘boygirl’ and that they ‘felt like a boy and a girl smooshed together’ we have since settled on the technical term of ‘bi-gender’ but use ‘boygirl’ at home. 

They are in the process of coming out at school and as I said have given me consent to talk about it here.  They are aware that people are closed minded, mean and bullies..and they have said they ‘will not lose to bullies’

To be honest I would probably never have come out as Genderfluid if my kid hadn’t come out to me first. Their bravery gave me to the courage to do so.

But there’s more to it then that.  

You come into that as well. 

Tumblr is a place where I learned about terms like bi-gender and gender fluid.  It’s a place where I was about to find pictures of people breaking gender barriers and expressing their non-binary identity and share it with my child.

You made my child feel like they weren’t alone.  I’ve seen them grow and open up as they expressed sides of themselves that they admitted they had kept hidden for fear of teasing and become happier more whole. 

Now kiddo understand that the president elect (at the moment) of the country one of their parents is from…is a the type of bully that would hate them. Who would be one of the people trying to get them to be a boy even though it causes my child great distress to be labelled as such. Kiddo understands that…and kiddo is saying “I can be more powerful then him”

I am learning bravery from my 7 year old…and I’m learning it from all of you.  I’m incredibly privileged in that I don’t currently live in the United States. I have permanent residency in England. I will do what little I can to help but I am removed from the worst of it.  Many of you are living in it and are far more vulnerable than I am but I see you saying “We’re not giving up, we’re not disappearing, we’re going to keep fighting” and I am blown away by how strong and powerful you all are.

In spite of all the darkness at the moment in the world you guys give me hope for the future. I will support you in any way I can as you take back the world from the idiots, bullies and liars.

Because you guys are amazing.

Forgotten British Memes

Everybody is so obsessed with their cheeky Nandos, their fork handles, and the ever rising price of Freddos they forget some other key British memes.

  • Chicken shops with red, blue and white signage and suspicious names- Chicken Base, Perfect Fried Chicken, Chicken Cottage. Only ever found in the scummy areas of towns and cities. Nobody ever goes there. Getting hepatitis is certainly not top banter.
  • Despite it being on every day you do not know a single person who has ever followed Doctors on TV.
  • Although, you probably know a lot of people who’s summer holidays are based almost entirely around watching Bargain Hunt, Homes Under The Hammer, and Wanted Down Under.
  • The tragic death of Woolies. You don’t even remember what it sold, you just know it was tragic.
  • The retail parks that consist solely of PC World, Hobbycraft, Carpet Right and a random nondescript- but expensive- sofa shop
  • When E4 stopped showing Friends.
  • Lizo from Newsround.
  • That’s Asda price !
  • The warm earthy tones of the legend that is Brian Cox. Sadly, he is neither your teacher or your lover.
  • Calling anywhere furhter north than Oxford “the north”.
  • The facebook group that revealed the fact Pippin from Come Outside had died.
  • Saturday Kitchen. Who is that guy? Why is Craig Revel-Hallwood eating the fish his friend has prepared?
  • SEVEN !
  • Knowing a friend of a friend of a friend who somehow got a Blue Peter badge
  • Sitting in your pyjamas on a Saturday watching some historical celebration or marathon you didn’t realise was going on that day.
  • Knowing that Terry Wogan should have stepped down from Eurovision long before he did.
  • Having that emphasised by Graham Norton.
  • Being confused as to why the rest of the world cares more about Royal Babies than anybody here does.
  • Umbro trackies.

Maddie on CBBC’s Newsround 16 Dec 2016

Maddie is doing so many promotion I am so proud


Newsround’s coverage of the Cardiff launch of Doctor Who.