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As a candidate for the next President of the United States, Donald Trump would be expected to rise in times of crisis, like the murder of two Virginia journalists live on air. But while other candidates came forward with words of condolence for those affected, Trump was too busy trolling Megyn Kelly to notice.

It is hard to believe, given Trump’s twitter profligacy, that he did not issue a single tweet yesterday honoring the victims of the shooting, but, he had time to crow about his TV appearances and how popular he is in Iowa:

He spent the rest of the day cuddling up to non-Fox media figures who had soft-balled him in interviews  – part of his extended plan to make Fox and Kelly pay for daring to ask him legitimate questions about his candidacy.

But nowhere will you find Trump taking a moment to consider the grief of the WDBJ7 newsroom in Virginia and the loved ones of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, or the ripple effects of upset, anger and racial animus kicked up by such a traumatic event.

In fact, some of his Republican competitors were silent too, like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Others, meanwhile ,spared the time to send a message of support.

In the Democrat camp, there was a flurry of response. From President Obama to Hillary Clinton, who issued a tweet almost immediately and later released a video in which she called on politicians to come together to deal with gun control.

The fact is, Donald Trump was given his first real test as President-in-Waiting on Wednesday, and he failed it, big time. That Trump prioritized a schoolboy tantrum with a female news pundit, rather than mourning the killing of another live on air, speaks to the hollowness of the man and the platform on which he stands. Who knows what challenges and trials America will face in the years after 2016, we cannot afford to have a President who fails us then.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore (Flickr)/WDBJ7  screen capture

Donald Trump Too Busy Trolling Megyn Kelly To Notice The Virginia TV Shootings (TWEETS) As a candidate for the next President of the United States, Donald Trump would be expected to rise in times of crisis, like the…

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Okay, I think you’re on the wrong blog.

But listen, I f*cking love Larry, if they were actually together and came out, I’d cry and buy tickets to where Syl is so we could cry together and get very inebriated.

That being said, life is so much easier being a multi-shipper. Much less angsty and less disappointing altogether. I literally only want all five boys to be happy with people that help bring out the best in them.

The Best Auto-Reply

Via Elan Morgan:

When we give so much of our media space over to discussion about the irritation that is listening to women’s voices, we miss the underlying truth and strengthen an already powerful and ugly cultural bias. This ongoing, superficial public discussion about women’s speech habits is really about our resistance to listening to or featuring women in public discussion. It is not about how women need to be taught how to speak.

The bias against women in public dialog, from the complaints about the way they speak to our reticence to see them in positions of power, limits their participation in the culture and the politics that affect change not only in their own lives but also in their communities and the larger world. This imbalance has deep and broad social, political, and economic impacts for all of us, both women and men.

That is what we really need to be talking about.

Image: Screenshot of an auto-reply email created by Katie Mingle of the design — and design thinking — 99% Invisible podcast.

Lack of female sources in NY Times front-page stories highlights need for change

In an analysis of 352 front-page stories from the Times in January and February 2013, we found that Times reporters quoted 3.4 times as many male sources as female sources.

Read more at Poynter

Why Not Occupy Newsrooms?

Almost two weeks ago, USA Today put its finger on why the Occupy Wall Street protests continued to gain traction.

“The bonus system has gone beyond a means of rewarding talent and is now Wall Street’s primary business,” the newspaper editorial stated, adding: “Institutions take huge gambles because the short-term returns are a rationale for their rich payouts. But even when the consequences of their risky behavior come back to haunt them, they still pay huge bonuses.”

Well thought and well put, but for one thing: If you were looking for bonus excess despite miserable operations, the best recent example I can think of is Gannett, which owns USA Today.

The week before the editorial ran, Craig A. Dubow resigned as Gannett’s chief executive. His short six-year tenure was, by most accounts, a disaster. Gannett’s stock price declined to about $10 a share from a high of $75 the day after he took over; the number of employees at Gannett plummeted to 32,000 from about 52,000, resulting in a remarkable diminution in journalistic boots on the ground at the 82 newspapers the company owns.

The de-newspaperization of America is finally catching up with the de-industrialization of America. Newsroom jobs, especially decent paying ones, are vanishing everywhere—thanks to the shrinking number of print readers and the fact that digital advertising can’t fully support digital journalism. But the job losses seem to be coming faster—and the effect on the fabric of already struggling communities is far greater—in the rusty, rotting-factory cities of older America.
—  Philadelphia Daily News columnist Will Bunch, discussing the ongoing cuts facing the newspaper industry. Today’s ground zero? The Cleveland Plain Dealer, where as many as 50 people lost their jobs, finding out via phone if they were the ones. The Plain Dealer recently helped surface a major national story—the rediscovery of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who went missing for nearly a decade—and Bunch expresses concern that the next story like that might stay under the radar.
I spent four days [in June] trying to get comments on Gannett [executive] bonuses and on Sunday night they said, ‘We’re not going to comment on these bonuses.’ And I just said, 'Really? You’re a newspaper company? You’re a publicly held company. These bonuses are a matter of public record, and you have nothing to say about them?’ And I just found that appalling and I think some of that was reflected in the piece [this week.]

RBI editorial director Karl Schneider on newsroom management (by TheMediaBriefing)


Cable on Climate Science

Via the Union of Concerned Scientists:

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are the most widely watched cable news networks in the U.S. Their coverage of climate change is an influential source of information for the public and policy makers alike.

To gauge how accurately these networks inform their audiences about climate change, UCS analyzed the networks’ climate science coverage in 2013 and found that each network treated climate science very differently.

Fox News was the least accurate; 72 percent of its 2013 climate science-related segments contained misleading statements. CNN was in the middle, with about a third of segments featuring misleading statements. MSNBC was the most accurate, with only eight percent of segments containing misleading statements.

Read the overview here, or jump to the study here (PDF).

Images: Science or Spin?: Assessing the Accuracy of Cable News Coverage of Climate Science, via Union of Concerned Scientists
Obama, Romney agree to Univision forums

As we have previously noted, Univision wanted to host a Latino-themed US Presidential debate this fall but the proposal was soon declined by the Debate Commission. Now, it looks like they kept flexing their muscle hard enough and finally got away with it (in a way).

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have accepted Univision’s invitation to attend forums focusing on Latino issues, albeit on separate nights.

The “Meet The Candidate” events, hosted by Univision anchors Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas in front of live audiences, will “directly address topics of importance to the Hispanic community in Spanish and English,” according to a press release. The events are being co-sponsored by Facebook; the dates have not been determined.

Right after the announcement, Jorge Ramos tweeted:

It’s official. President Obama and Governor Romney agree to talk to Univision, on 2 different events, about Hispanic issues. Gracias!!!

FJP: Both Facebook and Univision are well established throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Expect an extensive coverage of these events in most Spanish-language media and social networks.