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Headlines: VJ Day

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the capitulation and surrender of the Japanese Empire.  The front pages of Allied newspapers tell the news of the announcement of the Japanese surrender and the signing of the surrender document aboard USS Missouri a week later.  Six years and one day after the war began in Europe the worst conflict mankind had ever engaged in ended in the Pacific.  

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The Spokane Press, Washington, September 5, 1907

Queen of hearts is the girl of 1907. You can see by the look of haughty languor in her eye that she knows and fully appreciates her high position and glories in her security therein.

Even the winds of heaven, as Shakespeare said, dare not visit her face too roughly. Observe with what circumspection they blow her skirts out - not too much - just enough to show a pair of the trimmest ankles that ever chased a golf ball or twinkled over the surface of a tennis court.

The bag which she carries so nonchalantly at her side is not filled with gold or jewels, as might be surmised, but with hearts - the trophies of her summer campaign. 

One Year of War

28 July 1915 marked the anniversary of the declaration of war following the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The image above is taken from the front page of The Winnipeg Tribune on that day.

On the same day, the President of Haiti was assassinated, precipitating the United States’ occupation of Haiti:
Paris of the Plains
Baseball and Hemingway in Kansas City.A Kansas City postcard, date unknownNinety-eight years and twenty-one days ago—October 15, 1917—a kid moved into a boarding house in Kansas City. He was a nobody, then, but his uncle, Alfred Tyler Hemingway, had gone to school with the Kansas City Star’s main editorial writer, and, through the magic of... Read More »
By Ben Pfeiffer

Baseball and Hemingway in Kansas City.