newspaper: lat

Loki on her walk! Gosh, training anything with this dog is challenging, especially when she’s on leash! We worked on LLW, eye contact and some LAT with neighbors dogs, but she couldn’t give a crap about treats while on a walk (there may have been once or twice while I tried shoving treats into her mouth, and she would just spit them out, lol). This is us practicing some basic obedience at the park, just so she’d respond to me a little better when walking. She didn’t lol. Still a fun walk!

My question is does anyone have any advice on how to work on LAT (or any other treat based training) when your dog doesn’t even want to take treats? It honestly doesn’t even matter what value the treats are. It’s just a little frustrating.

Soooo it was finally not too freakin cold to do some stuff outdoors.
Just some attention and LAT with other dogs (also birds, not shown here)
I don’t think I’ll ever be the type to have my dog heel at all times. It’s her walk and I want her to sniff things and look around.. But also still be able to heel and pay attention when asked.. And not lunge at nearby dogs -.-
I can tell she’s anxious here- but she’s still taking treats nicely, so I hope with practice she’ll get more confident.

A devastated and furious Sirius Black. Admitted to Azkaban a short time after losing his James Potter, his best friend for ten years, and Lily Potter, a girl he had grown to adore as his best friend’s wife. 

RIP James, Lily and Sirius (and Remus, of course) (even Peter had some good in him)


Lies and Truthにてお世話になります双子の姉。





[Image 1: A long-haired, black-and-white border collie wearing a bright pink leash sits in the snow and looks off screen to the left. Image 2: The same dog sits in the same position and looks directly ahead and upwards towards his handler.]

We took Maulkin for some solo training on the NB trail today. Here is he doing some LAT as a dog on a Flexi passed us. He’s rusty after living in the middle of nowhere for a year, but I’m impressed with how quickly he remembered his training.