Newspaper nails.

Went to Mitsuwa in Edgewater with the man on Sunday and picked up the 週刊NY生活, which is a free newspaper in Japanese about daily (Japanese) life in NY, published weekly. 

I found that pouring some rubbing alcohol in the cap and dabbing it onto your finger, instead of dipping, was less messy and more controlled.  Also, if you push too hard, the little paper shreds will stick on the nail and create non-consensual texture.  It’s good to push a little firmly, though, cause then the ink transfers more precisely and darker. 

I also tried to capture every part of the Japanese writing system on the span of these nails. Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, numbers, punctuation and quotations all on my nails! Just no Romaji, oh well…

Over Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas


Today we experimented with something we’ve wanted to do for a while; newspaper nails!
They are so fun, and easy to do and they look SUPER CUTE!

1. Apply a base coat & wait to dry.
2. Paint with a light colour of your choice & wait to dry!
3. Tear out 10 pieces of newspaper to fit each of your nails. 
4. In a small bowl pour a little vodka/ rubbing alcohol.
5. Soak a piece of newspaper in the alcohol for a couple of seconds.
6. Wrap the wet newspaper around your nail and press firmly for a few seconds. Be careful not to move it whilst on your nail as it will smudge!
7. Remove the newspaper carefully and voila! 
8. Repeat on each nail!
9. Once dry, apply a top coat!

Products used:

Barry M Nail Paint - Strawberry Ice Cream (309)

Nailene Acrylic Strong Protecting Base & Top Coat.

Smirnoff Vodka ;)

Old newspapers.

Have fun guys! 

Love Amie & Katy xo

Music note mani! I looooved this one.

How to recreate:

1) Choose any printed paper to use as a decal (will be mirror-imaged).

2) Cut paper into nail-sized pieces.

3) Paint basecoat and underwear color.

4) Dip nail in Rubbing alcohol/vodka for ~10 seconds

5) Press paper onto nail, pat a little more solvent onto paper to make sure it is soaked through.

6) Peel up slowly like a temporary tattoo.

7) Top coat!

I’ve been in this nail art mood lately, ironic, I cant ever keep nailpolish on my fingers. But anyways, I attempted the ombré nail art and failed, tremendously. (If anyone has pointers for that, I’d love to hear them!)

So, since the ombré looked so horrific, I tried the newspaper technique. I just found a video on YouTube, and it was as easy as it looks! Not even kidding!