newspaper yarn


This is a great video on How to Make Newspaper Yarn.

I’m seriously considering getting a drop spindle solely for this purpose! If anyone tries or has tried this, let me know how it worked for you!

Invisible corner = unfucked! \o/

Yesterday I finally made myself clean my invisible corner in the front room.  I have a wicker chest there, that I would like to keep the couch cover and blankets in, but the lid ends up being a catch all.


Under the cover and blankets were a lot of papers: paid bills that needed to be filed, old ads from the newspaper, yarn(!), really old magazines, and other little crap.

It only took me a couple 20s to get it cleared off and everything sorted.  The bills got put away, other stuff got shredded or recycled, and - full disclosure - some stuff just got shoved into the craft closet (which is my next project).

Once I got the top cleared and opened the trunk, there actually wasn’t anything inside, because all the stuff on top prevented me from opening the lid and actually using it, lol.


The couch cover and the blankets are now inside, and I hope that by making the top look pretty I’ll be able to keep it clear.