newspaper wood

I’ve been feeling very hot and gross lately, so it’s been hard to sit down and make traditional art. Instead, I made a little newspaper coupon for Donut Wolf, a donut shop from Night In The Woods. What secrets does this shop hold? Is their coffee any good? Is there such thing as a “Donut wolf?”

Find out in Night In The Woods. When I first saw the trailer for this game I flipped. This game clicks with me so much. oh man.


The Gaster paper mache saga continues…

Design based off @kaleidraws ‘s “Seems Very Interesting” web comic pre-core Gaster. Check out their amazing comic here:

Making this for the Sydney Supernova con in mid June and halloween.

Fun fact: This newspaper + wood glue mask is scale to scale with “attachable” movable jaw, it’s pretty lightweight/durable. God knows what will happen when the spray/painting goes on. (*Panic ensues*)

Robert Rauschenberg
Charlene, 1954
oil, charcoal, paper, fabric, newspaper, wood, plastic, mirror, and metal on four Homasote panels, mounted on wood with electric light
89 x 112 x 3-½ inches

Lost dog

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Word Count: 1,696

A/N: In honor of Dylan birthday I wrote this, it sucks to the max tho. It’s full of fluff and he’s just super sweet and adorable. Hope you guys like it:)

The lid to the dumpster made a loud bang as you closed it after throwing the trash out.

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I can provide a scientific rationale for everything I do in the garden: be it building raised beds out of rotting logs to encourage drainage and mycelium; putting a seaweed mulch over my gardens to organically build humus; sheet mulching with newspaper and wood chips to put the worms to work in eating up a grass plane, so I don’t have to dig; or using bricks to build an herb spiral, and thus a series of microclimates.

However, when I’m out there actually working with the materials, it doesn’t feel like science and calculations: it feels like art. It feels like organic sculpture. It feels like I am in a pottery class, but this time my clay has worms, roots, seasons, and needs. Gardening is a processual art form that never achieves completion, and that’s part of the maddening beauty of it.


Aesthetics for the Signs

Aries: Ripped jeans, dark colors, dirty dip dyed hair, journals with slips of paper glued in, blanket forts

Taurus: Checkered shirts, the beach, empty parking lots, dimmly lit bars, tattoo, big pots

Gemini: New hair cut, band tees, ramen noodles, the woods, old newspapers, raspberries

Cancer: Gun smoke, Spree candy, out of date maps, the sun, tree less plains, all you can eat buffets

Leo: The smell of old library books, sweet tea, rain on your face, sitting around a fire

Virgo: Ice cream, old dogs, Carharts, country side, bird watching, the color mint green, band stickers

Libra: Tall buildings, playing in the mud, feeding animals at the zoo, hot coffee on a cold day

Scorpio: Plastic nails, the smell of laundry detergent, candles throughout a house, sleeping with dogs

Sagittarius: White bed sheets, the smell of violets, being surrounded by pillows, loud music, late night bars

Capricorn: Chipped nail polish, wool throws, CD players, colorful flowers, lilacs, empty glass bottles

Aquarius: Blue sweaters, chunky rings, beach sand in your shoes

Pisces: Blanket burrito, black lab puppies, fog covering the town, sparklers in the dark