newspaper today

BTS as people I met at the party
  • Jin : Honestly speaking I just came here for food.
  • Namjoon : Hey have you heard about the latest news headlines in newspaper today?
  • Yoongi : When can I leave?
  • Hoseok : *Dancing on the floor alone*
  • Jimin : Ugh can you please shift? I'm not able to see my friend because of your height!
  • Jungkook : Excuse me. Have you seen my parents?

Step away occasionally to give your mental health time to recuperate, but when you feel ready, jump back in.  RESIST.

If you’ve ever held back before, now’s the time to get involved.  You don’t have to be a part of every march, but choose the issues that are closest to you and fight.  Believe me, The Great Orange Menace and his Gestapo are trying to take them all, so we need to spread out to be a constant source of irritation for them.

Also, this is a great time to continue supporting or RE-support the media.  You know, the actual journalists, not the propaganda baloney the extremists enjoy.  Print media especially needs everyone’s support, so go subscribe to a newspaper and/or magazine today!


Track 10, Interview, translated by Kaga. Previously uploaded by @popipoyan. I’m posting this up because I’ve got quite a few friends who were interested.

Ekubo: Oh? Isn’t that Shigeo’s crush, Tsubomi-chan over there? Hmm… And next to her is Mezato? You don’t see that every day.
Mezato: Mezato from the Newspaper Club here. Today, I have the honor of interviewing Takane Tsubomi-san from the Tennis Club. Good to have you today, Takane-san.
Tsubomi: Thank you for having me.
Mezato: First, let’s talk about that practice match you just had! Good work out there! That was a wonderful victory!
Tsubomi: Thank you very much!
Mezato: If you took one look at all the people in the audience, you’d find it hard to believe it was just a practice match.
Tsubomi: Really? I didn’t pay much attention to them.
Mezato: Getting right to the point - are you a fan of doubles? Or are you more into singles?
Tsubomi: If I had to choose, I would say doubles.
Mezato: Would you say the same about your love life?
Tsubomi: Huh? Um… well, to tell the truth, I–
Musashi: Body improvement! Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Mezato: What a shocking statement! Well then, let me move on and ask you about how you spend your weekends.
Tsubomi: I usually spend my time out with friends. We like to go shopping, have tea, and watch movies.
Mezato: What sort of movies do you typically enjoy?
Tsubomi: When I go with my friends, it usually ends up being a romance film.
Mezato: So you could say that you’re at a sensitive point in your life, correct?
Tsubomi: Uh… That’s not really what I meant, but…
Mezato: Exactly what sort of qualities would you like to see in a man, Takane-san?
Tsubomi: Huh? Ah… I’m not too sure! I used to like people that were fast runners, but now I…
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Mezato: Oh-hoh! That’s quite surprising to hear! Moving on to our last question, please tell me your feelings on next month’s district preliminaries!
Tsubomi: I’m focusing on getting past the first round.
Mezato: Your first round opponent seems to be good at slice serves.
Tsubomi: Quite the twist off course.
Mezato: Are you weak against players that can twist off course?
Tsubomi: If I had to say yes or no… then yes.
Mezato: Then what about your feelings towards espers that can twist spoons?
Tsubomi: Oh, if we’re talking about espers, a long time ago I…
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Musashi: Fight!
All: On!
Mezato: I see! W-well then, I’m looking forward to your next match! Thank you very much!
Tsubomi: Thank you very much.
Tsubomi: …What was that interview for?



no, they’re not the same, the storage crates are arranged differently in each one

A little piece in my newspaper today that is worthy to be framed (I wouldn’t have known unless my mom told me):
“Twenty One Pilots, zero pants.
Twenty One Pilots won best pop duo/group performance for the hit “Stressed Out”. They removed their pants when accepting the award in homage to their earlier days when they watched the Grammys at home in their boxers.“

"Your friends are in the newspaper today. I've cut out the article for you."

My father died three months ago from a sudden heart attack. For six days I’ve been by his side, hoping he’d pull through. He didn’t.
No one cuts out any articles for me anymore.

I read an interview of Eiji Aonuma in a french newspaper today, and here are some interesting things I’ve come across

Some of you might already know this but Eiji Aonuma wrote all King of Red Lions’ lines, well in this interview he added that they were secretly adressed to his newborn son

He also said that he wrote all the Old Man’s lines in BotW because he’s the first character we’ll meet and he wanted to be the first one to speak to the player