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“This has to be the perfect riddle” – Ed, as he writes rap riddles and makes a Penguin murder board fan collage.

My once friend Oswald, now my foe – It’s me, Ed, just so you know,
It’s time we meet – I think you’ll agree,
You’ll find me where the earth meets the sky – the water flows and birds fly by,
At dusk we’ll meet – I’ll see you there,
We’ll settle things – unless you’re scared!

Imagine you and Loki can’t stand each other, you think he’s pompous and arrogant and he thinks you are weepy because you are too emotional. You start to write in a newspaper giving advice but under a pseudonym. Loki, who wouldn’t admit it, likes to read them and it’s captured by the kindness yet honest advices that the writer offers. One day he decides to send a personal letter to the mysterious writer, under another name, and you two start to exchange letters, falling in love with one another.

After a while you decide to meet in person, imagine your faces when you see each other, the arrogant and the weepy. 

P.S. I Never Told You

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written by: Lexi | @goldenheadfreckledheart

prompt: A piece of paper attached to the pillar. It reads, ‘p.s. I was falling in love with you.’ @oftheskyepeople

word count: 5315

“You left her a note? How old are you?”

“I can’t tell if you’re implying I’m immature or old and out of touch.”

On the other end of the call, Octavia sighs. “Both, probably.”

“Your support is always appreciated.”


“I know it’s stupid.” He admits with a sigh of his own, rubbing a hand over his eyes. “But when have I ever not been stupid about her?”

His sister is silent for a moment, a confirmation.

“You said she went there all the time right?” she finally asks.

“Yeah, even before we were friends.”

“So she’ll probably go back. And she was friends with you, so who knows? Maybe she’s into that kind of inept flirtation.”

He wants to argue—but, “That’s really the only kind I’ve got.”

“Good luck, Bell.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Bellamy became friends with Clarke Griffin in the way that feels like a whirlwind but was actually a fairly basic, linear series of events, starting two years ago:

He moves to the city, fresh out of undergrad, to work as a glorified assistant at the city library archives. Which isn’t to say that the library isn’t great, but Jaha doesn’t trust him with doing any original research yet, so Bellamy spends most of his time filing or verifying details on the other archivists’ research.

It’s a start, is what he keeps telling himself. Octavia’s got an amazing scholarship to a school in California; she’s having the time of her life. Which means Bellamy can stop worrying about her and work towards having a career he actually loves, instead of working as many jobs as possible, on top of balancing classes.

He’s still getting used to it.

It’s raining when he meets Clarke, the first rain of the fall, and he obviously didn’t think to check the weather that morning, so his walk home from the library is decidedly dreary.

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Better This Way (Chapter Eight)

Trigger Warning– Another mention of suicide. Nothing graphic, just be careful.
This is another rough chapter, even though it’s not as bad as Seven was,  and I fully expect you guys to be screaming at me by the end. I am prepared lol

The upside- or downside, depending on who you asked– to being basically immortal was that time didn’t really have a whole lot of influence on you.

Wade didn’t necessarily think he was immortal, but knowing that there might only be one or two things in the world that he couldn’t survive or regenerate from— well that was pretty damn close right?

He never really paid attention to the dates anymore, it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, or what month or anything really. Birthdays went unnoticed because he was almost positive he had stopped aging when his mutation was triggered, and holidays didn’t matter because he didn’t have any family or friends to spend them with.

So time– time was sort of irrelevant to the mercenary.

That being said, the days and weeks following his last talk with Peter had been the longest, loneliest, most painful days of his life.

Wade wasn’t even sure how many days it had been, to be honest. He just sort of sat on his bed and stared at the wall, or sat on a rooftop and stared down at the street, or sat in a restaurant and– well anyway.

He certainly wasn’t sleeping, or he at least he hadn’t been sleeping until he started drinking and taking prescription pain pills mixed with sleeping aids. And then he wasn’t sure if he passed out and slept or overdosed and died. It didn’t matter either way, he woke up or came back to life just as miserable as he had been before so…so who cares, right?

After the first week he had stopped going to their rooftop, and after the second week he had stopped chasing the sirens hoping to catch a glimpse of the familiar red and blue suit.

Spidey hadn’t been around.

Three weeks in, and Wade hadn’t even left his apartment in three days, couldn’t say the last time he ate, and was all out of alcohol so he just stretched out on the living room floor, staring blankly at the television and whatever shitty sit com was on.

Four weeks in, and Wade’s eyes snapped open one morning, a growl working it’s way from his throat, his Alpha shifting and anxious inside him. Wade swallowed hard, trying to force it back down, stumbling to the bathroom to wash his face, staring in horror as the Alpha red took over the usual brown of his eyes.

“Goddamnit.” he whispered, and rested his forehead against the cool porcelain sink. “Fucking Omega, don’t do this to me. I can’t do this, don’t do this to me.”

He knew what was going on, had been avoiding thinking about it weeks.

Peter had told him they had imprinted on each other, and Wade had been too nervous about sharing his heat, too amped on the scent of omega to really think about it right then. But after the heat, after their awful conversation, after Wade had spent a few days laying on his bed and hurting to his core because somewhere out there Peter’s heart was breaking, he remembered.

They had imprinted on each other. Which meant that their Alpha/ Omega sides had already claimed each other as mate, even if physically they weren’t mated yet. 

So Wade’s depression over losing Peter had been compounded by Peter’s sadness, their bond affecting each other even without being in the same room. And Wade felt awful, because he knew if he had in fact overdosed on all those pills and died for a short period of time— Peter would have felt it. Not as strongly as if they were completely mated, but still enough to probably put him in bed sobbing until Wade’s heart started beating again.

So now, with the Alpha red taking over Wade’s eyes, with the way every inch of his body was tense, the way he couldn’t stop growling– well that could only mean one thing.

Peter was in heat again, which meant Wade was going to be stuck in a rut for the next twenty four hours. Hopefully only twenty four hours.  

Please god, let it only be twenty four hours.


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I Need My Family (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of harrassment, assault and swearing

Request: Soooo, the day isn’t over yet, huh? May I have a Reader x Avengers Team, where the reader is part time university student - part time Avenger (super abilities are left up to you), and reader somehow gets into some trouble that involves the police, and they try to keep it secret from the others, but Steve finds out and tells Wanda, then they tell the others? Have a good day. (Well, night) xx

Your ability was released near the end of your time in High school because of stress factors.  It caught the eye of SHIELD since your ability was to create magnetic shields that could even shift gravity. Your stress made your new ability overwhelming and you sent a shock wave through the school on accident that shattered windows, blasted open unlocked doors and forced students and teachers against walls like in a paranormal movie.

You’d gain control of your ability, though that came at a cost. You were took away from your parents that night of the incident, and your name was changed and you were moved into the SHIELD base for your own protection. You were given extreme training so you could get control over your power before another accident could take place, and when you were able to do this, you were put onto the Avenger initiative.

From there, you met all the Avengers and you were quickly welcomed onto the team. They’d heard about your accident but never held it against you. Tony once joked about it but never did it again and apologised when you got upset at the memory. Despite this, you ended up being close. You also grew close with everyone else.

You were the youngest, and despite having a strong, stable job as a hero, you wanted to have a backup plan in case you got injured or couldn’t be an Avenger anymore for some reason. So after some begging and asking the Avengers to talk to Fury, you were allowed to go to University.

It wasn’t easy being a University student and an Avenger at the side. You’d have people realise who you were from being fans and asked for pictures and autographs which you didn’t mind, but there was some people who’d try to get to you to meet the other Avengers or there was the people who didn’t like the Avengers and would try to piss you off or would pick on you to try to get you in trouble. Despite this, you managed to find a group of friends in university that didn’t want to use you and treated you like a human, not a super human. They’d even lie to people about your identity so you’d not be swamped and if they saw press they’d help hide you or sneak around, which was sometimes hilarious when they’d hum the James Bond theme as they did so or they’d pretend to be body guards, putting on glasses and pretending to have ear pieces and surrounding you even when it was raining.

However your friends couldn’t be around you all the time, and one day you were walking around campus when some of those people who’d want to see your powers started to bother you. “Please leave me alone.” You repeated, but for some reason they didn’t listen, and they wouldn’t even let you walk away, getting in your way. When they realised that begging you wouldn’t get a response, they decided to bring it out in you by force. You felt someone push you, before laughter ensued, and you continued to be pushed, now begging for them to stop till you tripped and fell to the ground, and that was the last straw.

“I said stop!” You yelled, releasing a shield that blasted them away, some landing a few feet away. You’d realised what had happened and you took off running to your dorm.

About half an hour later, police were knocking at your door. You answered the door even more upset than your first accident. You admitted to you’re attack, but after explaining what led to the attack and knowing you as an Avenger, as well as several people who witnessed the attack, you were let go as it was self-defence. But this wasn’t the end, and you knew it.

The press heard, and blew it out of proportion, saying you’d “Brutally attacked several innocent civilians in a fit of rage”, and it wasn’t long till Steve saw the newspaper at a stand. He knew you well enough to know this was out of character and to know that this was in correct, and so made an appearance at the news agency to either report it correctly or get rid of it completely. Of course when an Avenger, superhero and super human shows up at your job, you’re gonna do as they say, and soon all the reports were sent back and edited so get rid of the story.

It annoyed him to the point of Wanda noticing when he returned to work. “Steve what happened?” She had asked him, seeing the usually calm man clearly annoyed.

“The press.” He answered, and Wanda knew something bad was coming. “Y/N had an altercation while in University and they blew it out of proportion and made them look like a villain.” He told her, and Wanda was quickly growing angry herself at the news.

“Should we tell the others?” She asked, and Steve nodded.

“It’s better they hear it from one of us than some other press company in an interview.”  Steve explained and she nodded in agreement.

Steve announced he needed to talk to everyone and soon they all met in the meeting room. “What happened Capsicle?” Tony asked.

“You might not have seen the newspaper this morning.” Steve commented, getting confused looks all around.

“Y/N got into an altercation with some other students yesterday which caused the police to be called on them. Luckily all charges were dropped as it turns out they used their powers in self-defence as they were harassing them and actually assaulted Y/N to have them lash out.” Wand explained further.

“You’re kidding!” Natasha exclaimed in disgust of the news.

“Wish I was. But that’s not the worse part. The press caught wind of the accident and blew it way out of proportion. They described the incident as them just randomly attacking innocent people in a fit of rage.” Steve explained.

“That’s just… come on, that’s just horrible. But that’s the press.” Bruce spoke, with some empathy in his voice.

“I’ll be having a word.” Tony said seriously.

“Already dealt with, they’ve retracted the report and removed it.” Steve explained. It was clear by now that every avenger was feeling that protectiveness over you, their friend and practically family.

“I think Y/N really needs us right now.” Thor mentioned, and everyone knew what he was proposing, and without a second word, everyone was on their way to your university.

You got worried when you heard the loud knocking on your door. Were you gonna be in trouble with the university, was it someone else wanting to hurt you? Was it your friends to say they didn’t want anything to do with you? You were so scared that you didn’t want to answer the door. You heard muffled talking before someone tried pick locking the door and you were quick to create a magnetic shield around yourself in fear and for protection.

But when the door swung open and you saw your family there, looking worried, the shield was quickly brought down and you were engulfed in a circle of hugs that felt like better protection than your shields. “It’s okay Y/N, we’re here.” Steve comforted. All you needed was your family and suddenly everyone was alright again.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please send them in!

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Thing I think was supposed to be in the game but the writers forgot about it: Piper’s crisis of morals and personal arc as she realizes the double-edged sword called truth she wields.

Let’s look at some of the first things that happen when the player character reaches Diamond City. Piper & Mayor McDonough are in an argument where the Mayor makes some pretty hefty accusations towards Piper. The player is expected to take Piper’s side (or at least stay neutral) in this argument. What happens when they enter the city? Well, not right away, but on second time loading the market place, the player is treated to a cutscene of a man pulling a gun on his brother before being gunned down by security, all over accusations of the brother being a synth. The guard even states that it’s “damn paranoia” causing this. Suddenly, the Mayor’s anger looks justified. Has Piper incited witchhunts? Is she going too far? What’s another thing a player is almost immediately exposed to – Myrna, the shopkeeper, and her extreme paranoia that anyone who approaches her might be a synth, and therefore inherently dangerous. She implies that she turns away people she thinks are synths, discriminating and playing in to this fear that anyone “abnormal” is the enemy.

I was all ready for the Railroad to turn their nose up at Piper, blame her for synth witchhunts and lynchings. We know they happen, the player can encounter a group of travelers who have turned on one another when one confides to the others that he’s a synth. He pleads that he’s not with the Institute, but to the others there’s no difference between a synth and the enemy. This isn’t directly tied to Piper, but my point is that the Commonwealth has a hugely anti-synth culture, and Piper’s newspaper is almost certainly influencing that. It’s widely read enough that some have tried to set up Old World newspaper stands selling it outside of Diamond City.

I wanted Piper to have a personal quest. I want her to have a crisis of conviction, wonder if maybe it really is better to print a comforting lie, if the truth is too dangerous or complicated. And that’s where the player character can help steer her right, show her that it’s not the truth that’s dangerous but her own personal biases, the way she presents it, etc. She’s definitely guilty of rumormongering, a hypocrisy I’m sure she’s unaware of.

But instead, we get absolutely nothing. I love Piper, I love her so much, and I think she’s a good character. But I think good characters who have gone astray, or accidentally caused harm, are still good characters, and they get even better when they get to learn from their mistakes. Like I said, I feel like there was supposed to be something there. The scene in the marketplace is very memorable, and impossible to miss, but it doesn’t seem to lead into anything. It would’ve been a perfect leaping off point for Piper realizing the consequences of her personal crusade, and learning how to actually help the people around her, without lying, without compromising.

my perfect A.D. reveal

One year after Mona went down for Charlotte’s murder, the liars are united by Ezria’s wedding.

Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer await like everyone in the church for Aria. After she walks down the aisle, everyone sits and the doors close. Suddenly, before the priest says any word, the doors open and a person walks in.

The liars turn to see it’s a woman. She’s wearing the iconic black widow dress and veil. The girls do notice this. No one sees her face.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone leaves except for the girls who still cleaning their tears and hugging Aria. As they turn to the door, they realize the black widow has been there all the time without moving. The BW gets up and, before leaving, look to the liars.

They, following their instinct, go after her before the party begins. Without being aware of it, they end up in Spencer’s barn. The place were it al started. 

The girls walk in. Something is different. All A.D. stuff is there. Computers, screens, photos, newspapers… and there stands the Black Widow, giving her back to the liars.

As they approach her, the Black Widow lifts her veil and turns around. Face to face, it’s her. Spencer. The girls realize it’s impossible. She is standing beside them. Spencer staggers. The other Spencer comes close enough to touch her face and says don’t be so dramatic, sis. Twins do run in the family.

Rehabilitating A Broken Heart (5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an arrogant asshole. He loves parties, girls, and having everything revolve around him. After a horrific car accident that causes him to lose his arm, he’s sent to physical rehabilitation where he meets Y/n, a spunky, takes no shit, physical therapist that has Cerebral Palsy. There, a strong connection forms and she shows him the ropes of living a normal life with a disability.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: asshole bucky, swearing, brother & sister fighting, uh i think that’s it


Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

Chapter 5: Sour Moods

Another few days pass since I started rehab and I’ve made little to no progress. I know I shouldn’t get frustrated so early in my physical therapy sessions, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to be dependent on my sister or on my therapist for anything, and I still am. I still haven’t been able to tie my shoes.

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Children should absolutely be required to apply for lemonade stand permits, newspaper delivery certificates, and lawn mowing licenses. They should pay tax on these earnings. Damn freeloaders. If you want to benefit from society, you have to contribute to society.

Test Of Time

A late birthday gift for @bluesfanfiction . Since I procrastinated and got started late I decided to write about time travel. It’s Usuk. Hope you enjoy! //

Alfred bounced on his heels, fidgeting with excitement as scientists relayed instructions to him. He was trying to stay as still as possible, so that his colleagues could fit his gear onto him properly. It was the latest in time travel technology, nicknamed JumpGear. Alfred would be jumping further in time than anyone else ever had, a whopping fifty years. While others might be nervous about the gear malfunctioning, Alfred had nothing but faith in the tech he’d helped create.

 His coworker, Matthew, fitted his vest, zipping up the front, looking at him and breathing a sigh. “Remember, Alfred, under no circumstances are you to make contact with your future self, nor anyone who might recognize you. Your mission is to get in and get out, grabbing a newspaper in between so we can be sure you really went as far as we planned. If you don’t come back on your own within six hours, we’ll bring you back from here. So there’s nothing to worry about. Kirkland is going to instruct you on how to operate the gear. We were going to send him but..well, you know. Try not to embarrass yourself in front of him, yeah?” Alfred’s eyes widened.

 "Kirkland? Wait, Mattie, you know I can’t-“

 Matthew clapped him on the shoulder, and then started to walk away. "You’ll be fine!”

 Alfred felt a tap on his shoulder almost immediately after Matthew left his sight, and he jumped, wheeling around to face Arthur. Or, Kirkland, as the uptight scientist preferred to be called.

 Arthur seemed impatient, and he tapped his foot. His arm was in a sling, which was the only reason he himself wasn’t making the jump. Time travel required great physical health, and to send Arthur away with an injury surely wouldn’t be good.

 "Right, then,“ Arthur breathed, looking him over. "To come back, just use the touchscreen on your left glove and input the correct date. There’s a spare power core on your belt, though the one currently powering your suit is brand new so I doubt you’ll need it. The orange button on your vest will disguise the JumpGear as a plain set of clothes. You may look a bit weird in the time period but at least it won’t be obvious you’re a traveler. Savvy?”

 Alfred’s mouth was dry. He’d been focusing on Arthur’s features, the smattering of freckles on his nose, his pink, pursed lips, and his pale yellow hair, soft and feathery. His eyes were a bright green, sharp and calculating. Still, somehow, Alfred had managed to retain the instructions Arthur had given to him, so he nodded.

 "Good. Get ready, we’re sending you off in two minutes.“ Arthur put on a pair of goggles, and then walked towards the control booth, calling out to their colleagues. "Have any of you lot seen my planner? I’ve got some important documents in there, I can’t lose them..” He received a resounding no,  and he sighed, walking behind the control booth. He spoke to the group of scientists around him in a hushed voice. Alfred got into position, and closed his eyes, hearing a crackle. His hair stood up due to the static building around him, and then there was a loud snap.

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Of Dates And Misunderstandings

Happy Birthday Sarah ( @lifeinahole27 ) <3

Here’s a little something for you. I am so glad that this time I got something out for your birthday. And I didn’t forget to tag you. It should have been up at your midnight but I will assume there is still somewhere when it’s just the beginning of your birthday.

Special thanks to @ladyciaramiggles and @space-whales for beta reading. Thank you so much. <3

Of Dates & Misunderstandings (T-rated) AO3

Emma’s leg started jittering as she waited for her laptop to power on. She missed the comfort of her bed but with the wine she had already drank she was reluctant to get too relaxed, lest her mind wandered to less than innocent territories that she wasn’t ready for yet. She still believed that online dating sites were a farce, especially ones with the cliched names like - Happy Endings. But, drunk Emma made questionable decisions and signing up to an online dating site at Ruby’s prodding was one of them. She signed in and carefully made her visibility selective. She didn’t want the entire world to know she was online and having to fend off sleazy come-ons that would put her perps to shame.

No, Emma was interested in only one - therealkillianjones.

Emma was intimately aware of the nitty gritty of an online dating website, she had used them too many times to lure in her perps. Men were predictable that way. Act a little coy, laugh, or in this case, send a winky emoji on their crass pick up line and -boom- you had a date. She had fake profiles set up on many of these platforms but Ruby raved about the advantages of finding dates through them, gushing about the men and women she had met. So one day, Emma sat with her friend after sharing a bottle of wine between them and proceeded to set up her profile. Though drunk, they had  created  her profile including as much information as they could without revealing  too much. It was fun while it lasted. Together they had vetted potential suitors and fended off some sleazy ones - a nice way to blow off some steam. So, she was surprised to get a direct message from someone named therealkillianjones.

therealkillianjones - Oh My God! I love that quote and the book. It’s one of my favorites.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Cap! I was watching a spy movie the other day and got this idea for a prompt. Can you maybe write a Sanvers Spy AU where both of them are spies and fall for each other on a mission?

Maggie makes the way-too-attractive-for-her-own-good woman three blocks back.

She makes her because the woman is cocky, the woman is confident. Too confident.

Confident that Maggie won’t notice that she’s been following her, that she’s been stopping to look at her phone, leaning too-casually on lampposts, whenever Maggie stops to chat with the guys running the halal stands and newspaper stands.

So Maggie turns a block. She turns and she doesn’t keep walking. She waits.

She waits until the redhead – is her hair actually red? Maggie can’t quite tell – turns the corner, too.

And then Maggie deliberately bumps into her, spilling the contents of the purse that she hates carrying, but hey, burdens of the gig, of playing her part.

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” she says, scrambling to pick up her things, her voice an octave higher than it would normally be, playing every bit the clumsy, innocent personal trainer on her way home from work.

“No, hey, you’re okay. Here,” the redhead offers, and sure enough, Maggie watches the woman’s eyes memorize everything on her splayed-open wallet.

Everything about her cover-story, that is.

“Maggie,” the woman smiles as she hands Maggie back her things. 

Her first name. The one thing that’s the same. That’s hers.

She blushes, and her stomach lurches when she realizes it’s not an act. That it’s not because she’s trying to keep this woman who’s been following her off her guard; it’s not because she’s trying to throw this woman off track.

It’s because this woman’s eyes are the most beautiful she’s ever seen, and when she put her spilled wallet back into her hands, their fingers brushed, and Maggie suddenly wants to do more than brush fingers with this woman.

She swears internally. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to try to ascertain this woman’s motives, to get a better glimpse of her.

Because apparently, a better glimpse might be the death of her.

She locks her hair behind her ear and she giggles softly, irritated to find that the giggle, the blush, isn’t part of the job.

“My hero,” she grins.

“Hardly,” the woman answers, standing and offering a hand to pull Maggie back to her feet. Maggie accepts, and there’s that heat again. “I’m the one who barreled into you and made you drop everything.”

Maggie arches an eyebrow and tilts her head. She thinks the other woman is starting to blush, but she can’t be sure. 


“You think it’s your fault?” she asks with a small smile. “Okay then. Make it up to me. I know a fantastic bar around the corner. But me a drink…”

“Alex. The name’s Alex.”

Maggie licks her lips and lets her eyes trail up and down Alex’s body.

She takes in a wealth of information; Alex is standing with more weight on her right foot than the other. Could mean she’s right-side dominant, but she picked up Maggie’s things with her left hand, so it could also mean that she’s sporting some kind of soreness or injury on her left leg. She’s taller than Maggie, but not enough to make a huge difference in a fight. 

She’s gorgeous. She’d look incredible naked. Maggie would love to see her naked.

She chides herself.

Mission, mission, mission. 

Find out as much as you can about this woman who’s been following you. Don’t let her find out anything real about you.

But god, the things you’d like her to find out about you.

Mission. Mission. Mission.

“Well, Alex. Wanna make it up to me then?”

“It’d be my honor,” Alex half-bows, offering an arm out for Maggie to take. She gulps and she takes it and she swears she can handle this.

She swears she knows what she’s doing.

But then Alex grins down at her, and suddenly she’s not quite so sure.