newspaper publicity

“people look at their phones 2 much in public places!” 

  • u have no idea what that person is looking at it may very well be their dissertation, the last letter they got from their grandma, or a book that’s too big to carry. who care that they wanna look at insta more than at u
  • people used to be bored/self-isolating in public w/newspapers + books don’t act like we were all chatty + friendly before the internet
  • ppl w/anxiety find it comforting and this generation has the highest rate of anxiety on record
  • on that note, phones are transitional objects, which means that they function as a comfort device (a piece of “home” in an unfamiliar place)
  • go touch a soft animal and calm down 

Portrait of actress Carolle Drake. Label on back: “Carolle Drake, soon to be seen in "Band of angels,’ a Warner Bros. production.” Stamped on back: “Photo by Bert Six, Warner Bros. License to reproduce with copyright notice granted to newspapers, magazines and other publications.” Handwritten on back: “Drake, Carolle, actress.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library
Day Four- (Therapy)- Synergy Would be Nice

Wooo-hoo! Only one more day, ya’ll. Told you I’d get them done eventually. Now if only I’d finish those gif sets

Steven mentions it one night. It’s near midnight, and Garnet and Pearl are busy with some mission. Steven’s eyes are a bit puffy, but Amethyst pretends not to notice. She knows he doesn’t want her to.

Therapy is a weird topic, to a gem. She’s seen it evolve. Not firsthand or anything, but she’s read newspaper articles, watched the public opinion sway. Amethyst doesn’t really know much about it as a whole, though.

“It’s just… sunk in, I guess,” He mumbles into her arm. The squishy blue blanket feels a smidge to warm as they lay close, but not too close, on his bed. This is supposed to be comfort time, not creepy space hogging time. “That things will never change. I’m never going to change.”

That undertone to his voice is familiar to her, perhaps moreso than most. It’s a little bit deeper than normal. Much more subdued. Soft, self-blaming. “You change all the time, Steve-o. Maybe not as much as normal humans, but it still happens.”

“That’s not what I meant,” He responded, and Amethyst’s mouth closes with an awkward expression. “My emotions will never change. I always thought… I dunno, that eventually everything I felt would evaporate, or something. The moment I proved myself, I wouldn’t feel this way anymore. This useless.”

Steven’s jaw ticked. Amethyst knew better than to interrupt him when he went off like this. It was rare he allowed his composure to drop this far.

“It’s not going to go away. It’s never going to go away. How I feel about mom- that’ll never change. How you all feel about mom- that’ll never change. Those days where I have to force myself to get out of bed ‘cause I just don’t have the energy- they aren’t going away. I think… I need help, Amethyst. I’m… starting to think all of us do.”

Amethyst closes her eyes and remembers years of nights she couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move. It was… only once or twice. A year. But when you’ve lived for five thousand years, that’s a lot of nights spent staring out of the Temple blankly.

It didn’t start out this way, you know. She remembered when she had even energy- not just too much one day and not enough another.

“Maybe,” She admits, carding pudgy fingers through his hair supportively. “But I don’t think we’re ready for that, either.”

“Yeah,” Steven says. “Me too.”


2016 is over with and although it was painful in a couple of different aspects collectively, I believe as individuals the majority of us did well. I accomplished quite a bit for myself and am moving forward with some of this list:

- I got published for the first time in a public newspaper

-became the Arts & Entertainment Editor and Editor of an Online Magazine publication

-became acquainted with Photoshop and InDesign which allowed me to layout and design my own pages

-won 2 awards at a writing competition for the SoCal region

-finished my last math class

-got all A’s despite working and going to school with only a 2 hour break a day and 4-5 hours of sleep

-applied for transfer to a university

-got back into writing my own music

-started writing creatively again

-got back into running and working out

So I’m pretty ready for this year. Tomorrow I start as the senior editor of literary journal and I’m a little nervous but I know I can do it. Plus, I believe I’m going to have a solid team if everything goes accordingly.

I know I couldn’t have done this without the help of my family, the small but close circle of friends that I have and of course Cheyenne who has been incredibly supportive of every step I took even if I stumbled along the way. She is truly an amazing partner and I could not dream of anyone more complimentary to have by my side. Much love to each and every one of you and I wish anyone who is still finding their path a safe and successful one.


Broadway in NYC in 1860, Just Before The Civil War

(1861–1865) was a bustling city that provided a major source of troops, supplies, equipment and financing for the Union Army. Powerful New York politicians and newspaper editors helped shape public opinion toward the war effort and the policies of Lincoln. The port of New York, a major entry point for immigrants, served as recruiting grounds for the Army. Irish and Germans participated in the war at a high rate.

The city’s strong commercial ties to the South, its growing immigrant population, and anger about conscription led to divided sympathies, with some business men favoring the Confederacy  and other opinion in favor of the Union. The Draft Riots of 1863, provoked by fears of labor competition and resentment of wealthy men being able to buy their way out of the draft, was one of the worst incidents of civil unrest in American history and featured widespread ethnic Irish violence against blacks in the city. The neighboring and more populous city of Brooklyn in contrast was more pro-war.

Why Traditional Media in Canada is Unreliable

Have You Ever Heard of Postmedia? Paul Godfrey?

If you don’t, well then buckle up and listen closely to a somewhat biased explanation of traditional media in Canada.

What is Traditional Media?

Simply put, traditional media is comprised of news networks, newspapers, mail, ads, and radio stations to a lesser degree. 

This is the news media of the Baby Boomer and earlier generations.

What the Hell is Postmedia?

The Postmedia Network Corporation is a corporation which owned many of Canada’s English newspapers before their . Recently they bought out Sun Media for $316 million which included 175 newspapers and digital publications, another media organisation. Sun Media was once owned by Quebecor Media, which owns the majority of French media in Canada.

Therefore, Postmedia owns almost exclusively every newspaper in English Canada. 

Paul Godfrey

As the CEO of Postmedia Network Corporation, Godfrey is a very influential man in Canadian life, though most people cannot name him or recognise who he is when he identified. 

Godfrey entered Canadian politics in 1964 as an alderman for New York until 1973. During the same year, he was appointed the Chairman of Metropolitan Toronto until 1984.

Godfrey entered provincial politics in 1985 when he joined Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Frank Miller’s “kitchen cabinet,” a group of influential businessmen in Ontario whom advised Premier Miller on issues of the day.

Following his time in the kitchen cabinet, he joined the Toronto Sun as Publisher and CEO in 1984. In 1991 he took over as Chief Operation Officer and President. In 1998 the almost $1 billion dollar takeover deal by Quebecor Media for the Toronto Sun occurred. Feeling uncomfortable in Quebecor, Godfrey resigned.

Later he joined the board of directors of CanWest Global Communications Corporation, which later sold their newspapers to Postmedia. Qubecor then sold its Sun Media assets to Postmedia, and in 2010 Godfrey became CEO.

So, who Cares?


These monopoly building transactions occurred by the discretion of the Competition Bureau, who are charged with ensuring monopolies do form. It is clear there has been a misjudgement during the Conservative years in Canada.

In Short, When You Read a Newspaper in Canada, Take it With a Large Grain of Salt

BBC presenter calls boxer Tyson Fury ‘dickhead’ on live TV

A BBC presenter used the word “dickhead” to describe the boxer Tyson Fury during a live TV newspaper review, as a public petition grew for Tyson’s removal from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards list

Clive Myrie was hosting the late-night paper review on Monday on the BBC News Channel and discussing with journalists the selection of Fury – the new heavyweight world champion who has previously caused outrage over his comments about homosexuality, women and religion – as a Sports Personality of the Year nominee.

Myrie, after glancing at his wristwatch and telling viewers “it’s after the watershed”, said that Fury:

“cannot be a dickhead and win the Sports Personality of the Year.”

Miranda Green, a journalist, responded: “Thank you, Clive. That is exactly the view I was struggling towards.” (x)



-Dipper’s birthmark showed an awful lot. And he lost his hat which he usually hangs on to no matter what
-McGucket is gone. He left, we don’t know where or FOR HOW LONG. Also, I found it odd that he left without going to find his son. Knowing it was the end of the world, I feel he could’ve at least tried to get him to come with
-The news clipping said that ‘foul play was involved’ in the car crash. Hmm…
-The news clipping ALSO was from a more public newspaper, not the Gravity Falls gossiper. It also mentioned ‘highway 618.’
-What’s happened to the rest of the town? The Shack looked a bit busted up, but I’m left wondering what other parts of the town look like
-I wonder if the destruction of the town will lead to some problems with old antagonists later. *cough cough* Gideon’s escape.
-There is a book in Stan’s office that talks about parent issues. This tags along with thefact that his dad used to say that he, “Was weak, a loser, and I just want to get rid of him.” This is a bit sad when you think about it.
-There is a referance to “The Final Countdown.”
-Only Dipper’s pupils stretched at the end
-The picture breaking is supposedly a symbol of the Twins’ relationship breaking.