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That Day - Deadpool x Reader

Wade Wilson x Reader

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Again, imaginary scars and baldness

“(Y/n)! Sweet cheeks, sugar bum, liquor lips!” Wade called, stumbling into your shared house with his mask and suit on.

“Honey?” He called again, searching clumsily around for you with his arms filled with newspaper and other paper flowers.

“Wifeyyyy!” He called, walking into your bedroom and throwing all the flowers on the bed on top of you. 

“Happy… That Day!” He called jumping on the bed beside you and pulling you into his arms and hugging you tightly.

“Valentine’s day?” You laughed, pulling his mask up to press a kiss to his cheek.

“If that was it then I’d be getting more than a kiss on the cheek.” He wiggled his eyebrows and you laughed again, lying back down on the bed and pulling his lips to yours.

“Better?” You smirked and he nodded, nestling into your neck.

“Much better.”

He lay his head on your chest, apparently exhausted from his mission.

“Kill any bad guys?” You asked, fiddling with his fingers, lacing them with yours, plaiting them together, wrapping paper flowers around his fingers.

“Oh yes.” Wade nodded, reaching a hand up to tap you on the nose, “All to protect you of course.”

You laughed, pressing his fingers to your lips gently. “My hero.”

He made a face, “I prefer the term ‘anti-hero’ personally but whatever you prefer.”

“My Knight in Shining armour.” You suggested, leaning down to kiss his forehead.

“Eh. That’ll do if it means you’re the princess. Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? That fish one?” He listed, “Ariel!”

You smirked, rolling over to lie on his chest, “Let’s not make our life into a fairytale?”

“Why not? Our marriage is a fairytale.” 

“Is it?” You teased and he quickly pulled you into his arms, “I got you lots of flowers! Is that not a fairytale. I mean, sure. Half of them are made of toilet paper and the rest from old newspapers and porn magazines but they’re flowers.”

“I love them.” You smiled, tucking a flower with a folded naked man on it behind his ear.

“Good.” Wade smiled, pressing a kiss to your lips and then moving to your neck, “Because I love you.” 

Things to include in collages

-receipts, movie tickets
-dried leaves or flowers
-newspaper (headlines, bits of text, ads for products you like/want, movie ads, obituaries, etc, etc)
-magazine clippings
-embroidery floss (glue on or use needle, lots of color options, can make thick or thin)
-washi tape
-glitter (I like to mix a bit of acrylic paint into a clear paint with silver glitter I have)
-paper (mix and match to create dimension: lined, colored, graph)


“What comes after “Happily ever after”?…” - ORNB 18

(Honestly Sekaii this kiss icon is still giving me the creeps).



On an newspaper assignment I additionally had the job to shoot an special photo for their category ‘picture of the day’. So between two assignments I drew by all sorts of blooming and sprouting fields when all of a sudden there was that large red spot of poppies popping out of a field of rapeseeds – poppies galore indeed!